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Wiggy's Mukluks

$180.00 (You save $55.00)

 Product Description

The Warmest Pair of Footwear Wiggy's Offers!

We Have Yet To Hear Of Anything To Rival Our MukLuks... Be It Competitors Or Nature!

Now with a rear entry design, like the Overboots.

Joe Reddington is the "Father of the Iditarod Race." In 1992, he asked me if I would produce his style of mukluk. I said yea, of course. Considering that Joe has lived in Alaska for about 50 years, I knew anything he used to keep warm would work. The primary improvement was the insulation, Lamilite. The end result is the warmest over-boot in the world. Thus far, not one pack-boot that I've seen, used, or heard of, performs at temperatures of -30 degrees Farenheit for very long. Using the JR mukluk over any insulated boot will keep your feet warm for hours, if otherwise proporly dressed, at a temperature of -70 degrees F and colder. The exterior fabric is waterproofed. The insulation is L-12, the same as we use in our parka. The sole consists of a 3/8" close cell foam between two layers of the Cordura, with a rubber gripper sole. They are excellent for running dogs when mushing, ice fishing, sitting in a deer stand or duck blind. If a job requires wearing steel-toed shoes in extreme cold conditions, those shoes can be dangerous to your feet. The mukluks will keep the steel from getting cold. The steel will remain the same temperature as your feet. They are 18 1/2" high, weigh 1.750 pounds per boot in the large size. They can also be laundered.

Many Of Our Dog Sledding Friends Have Found That The Mukluks Work Great Even When Wearing Tennis Shoes Inside Of Them!


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Amazing product, so lightweight!

    The design of these is perfection and it really compliments some of the other products like the Sun Walkers and Lamilite Socks. The three together are the ultimate solution to a dog sledding expedition in Greenland. Well worth the investment.


    I find aspects I would change or improve on nearly every product I purchase. Here, however, is a piece of outdoor gear with which I can find no fault. For me, Wiggy’s Mukluks are perfect.
    This deer season, hunting from treestands, I combined Lamilite socks, SunWalkers, and Wiggy’s Mukluks. I wore no regular boots. Now, you won’t want to try walking the woods with this combo, but, they are so easily compressed and light-to-carry it’s no problem packing them in. Tighten the laces when climbing the ladder, then once you’re seated loosen the laces for maximum loft.
    I was finally able to sit the entire day in comfort. Warm feet at last!

  3. Arctic Oklahoma 2021

    I always get cold feet, especially in the military.. hated it. I purchased these for static times. I was just out riding my 4 wheeler in the snow and is 3 degrees (windchill feels like -13 degrees) here in Oklahoma due to the winter storm we are experiencing. I put on regular socks and my uniform boots with these mukluks. My feet were toasting the whole time I was out. I love these things! I would make a suggestion for improvements. 1. Remove the plastic D rings, they add gaps when they tighten together preventing the laces from tightening like I believe they should. I would also replace the cordage with shock cord to provide some give/ flexibility. This would be especially appreciated around the top of the boot. Outstanding piece of gear especially if you have cold feet! I hate cold feet! Thank you Wiggys

  4. Remember the Northern Outfitters Boot?!

    Just got these in the mail and love them! I bought with a pair of Aegis insulated Fortress Hot-Soxs to fill the rest of the boot. These large overbooots remind me of what the northern outfitter extreme cold weather boot looked like, and given the description of the technology behind each boot, they both seem to remain warm when wet, and can dry quickly (the fortress hot sox are just like the northern outfitters liners my dad had 30 years ago. I slept in these the first night I had them because they are just so nice, I can't wait until winter here in Alaska now! Thank you Wiggy's

  5. It's all true!

    These are incredible with sunwalkers inside. Snowshoeing all day, stomping around the woods. My feet have never been cold, not even sljghtly! The loose fit takes some time to get use to, but just accept it. IT WORKS! I won't buy anything but these for the rest of my life. I have had the same pair for 10 years.

  6. There's a First Time for Everything

    This is the absolute first time my feet have been dry and warm in the treestand. 33 F with rain and wind (real feel 23) and my toes were toasty as can be. Can't recommend these enough to everyone at camp.
    Thanks Wiggy!

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  8. temps in the negative teens and I was fine for 3 days in these boots.


    I wanted to say thanks for the mukluks, they’re unbelievable. I wore them much of last winter, we got the worst blizzard in 100 years and they worked wonderfully. I took when camping up in the UP of MI in January, temps in the negative teens and I was fine for 3 days in these boots. Semper Fi!

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