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Insulated Window Covering

Minimum Purchase:
5 unit(s)

 Product Description

To purchase, enter in the amount of yards you need to the quantity.Many years ago I was contracted to produce a product known as Warm Window.I must have quilted 250,000 yards. The purpose of this fabric was/is to cover windows to keep heat in and cold out. It works well, however it can be improved upon.

Heat physically moves to cold. Heat also rises. That is the reason you put as much insulation in the ceiling of your house; to stifle the flow of heat through the ceiling. The reason the warm air outlets that heat your house are on or near the floor is because the heat is rising. The rising heated air will move vertical until it encounters the cold air near a cold window then it will move to the side, not sideways but angled. Once this starts the flow of heated air from a distance away from the window will be drawn to it. Essentially the same effect as flu in a fireplace. By covering the window with an insulated barrier the heated area will be less likely to lose any significant amount of heat. It is important that the length of the insulated covering be at least 12 inches below the lowest level of the window. This will ensure the greatest flow of warm air will not escape. If you were to seal the bottom of the covering, preventing any air movement between the window and the window covering, the better.

My insulated window covering has, as its core, Lamilite. The two exterior fabrics are cotton poly blend material. The product that has existed on the market for several years contain vapor barrier material; Mylar which has as far as I know no particular purpose.It is costly and unnecessary. When I did the combining for the company I inquired as to its purpose; to reflect heat back into the room since the Mylar has a silver colored metalized surface. It does not work in that manner. I believe the use of the metalized Mylar is to reflect radiant heat back into the room; as I said that does not happen.

The product I have fabricated has the advantage of being easily washed. When it gets dirty and it obviously will you can simply place it in your washing machine and wash it as easily as my sleeping bags. Then put it in your dryer for drying. This is an easily sew able material. Anyone with basic sewing knowledge can make these window coverings. Generally speaking all you are doing is sewing straight lines. However, if you were to buy the fabric and needed assistance we will happily guide you.

The fabric is 60 inches wide. The color is white so light will penetrate through during daylight hours.

NOTE: Minimum order is 5 yards


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Great material

    I bought 5 yards of this material from you a few years ago and got around to sewing roll up window covers for the windows in my converted cargo trailer last year. Very functional and really like them. I was not sure if my Singer "Heavy Duty" sewing machine would be able to handle the job and was happy that it never missed a beat. I covered the inward facing side with a material in a camo pattern and wrapped it around the edge to serve as a binding so many layers were sewn all together. Plenty of material left over so I also made a light weight quilt. Still some left so I am bound to think of another use. Was really happy that you are selling this top quality material. Thanks again and take care, John

  2. Best Comforters EVER

    I have used this product to make 5 comforters now. They are the best thing we have ever done for our sleep. They are quick to sew-- sewing a couple of panels together if a larger size is desired or just hemming the edges. They wash without the fill shifting and bunching up. I did buy a comforter made by Wiggy's, but the fabric was too stiff to be comfortable. We use it for a daybed slipcover now.

  3. Door drafts!

    We have a large enclosed, but not heated, porch on the north side of our house. Made a "door curtain" that hangs 8 inches above the door and extends 8 inches past both sides. There is a single step from the porch into the house, so the curtain goes just to floor level. It' hung on an old wooden closet pole from brackets. Looks a little strange to guests new to our home. You just pull the curtain to the side and open the door! The difference in the amount of cold air that comes into our house this past winter was huge! Even with a well insulated and weather striped door you could FEEL the wind. Now it 's blocked by the door curtain before it can even get in! I've used this product for several windows also. Keeps out winter cold AND summer heat! Enclosed the material in fabric that coordinates with the babies room - you don't even know it's there! Worth every penny! I'm placing another order now. Making a 'Fireplace cover" and another door cover for sliding doors out to the deck at my son's house. Thanks for such a great product!

  4. Worth the time

    I bought some of your window covering fabric in the fall, as my husband complained he was always cold and I noticed his side of the room was colder due to the draft...WOW what a difference they have made.

    I sewed them inside our curtains, they are heavy and they certainly keep out the draft. I wish i could put a dollar savings amount to these so people knew the value, but that is hard to track. All I can say is it is noticeable. I put them inside the kids curtains too, one room at a time, soon I imagine I will cut my heat bill in half.

  5. difference is phenomenal

    I now have several windows 'curtained' with your material and the difference is phenomenal !!

    ... a couple of my friends are looking to do the same as I ...

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