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Mens Fishnet Long Underwear Bottoms


 Product Description

The most important layer of clothing you wear in a cold climate is your first layer, your underwear. Fishnet long underwear made from nylon is the absolute best first layer. Wiggy fishnets are made from nylon yarn, knitted in a pattern that is a 3/8" mesh hole, 1/16" thick. The human body emits moisture through its pores continuously. If this moisture is stifled from getting away from the skin surface, the body loses heat to the moisture very quickly. When covering the body with fishnets, the moist vapor leaving the body is not inhibited in its movement from the body by the fabric. Cotton, wool, and silk underwear absorb the moisture, which in turn doubles the number of elements that will absorb your heat. If you wear a synthetic underwear that is traditionally knitted, regardless of the yarn, polyester or polypropylene, it stifles movement of the moisture. Hence, the moisture stays on the skin surface, which absorbs your heat.

Fishnets have additional qualities. Since the mesh has a very limited surface area, conductive heat loss is minimal. When you wear underwear that touches most of your body, it conducts heat from your skin surface. The feeling you have when wearing fishnets is that of a layer of warm air around your body. If the layers over the loose fitting fishnets are also loose fitting, as they should be, movements will cause a bellows effect. If you have an open neckline, the moisture-laden air will move freely out of the neck opening and not be forced through your clothing. Vapor will take the course of least resistance as liquid does.

As to the origin of fishnet or string garments (underwear), there are stories that fisherman would cover themselves with their nets, and also make garments from the nets.we do know that as early as the time around the First World War a Norwegian Army officer encouraged his men to wear string vests for marching and skiing. These were sleeveless undershirts, crocheted from a string like yarn. From these garments we developed the modern fishnet garments.

The fishnet garments are the most satisfactory articles of clothing. They satisfy all requirements for correct physiological clothing, both when the body is active and inactive, and for various climates and temperatures. They provide a static layer of air around the body. This causes the insulation and makes it possible for perspiration to evaporate.

The human skin becomes damp when the body is warm, and it must then lose its surplus heat. The function of perspiration is to draw heat from the skin and thereby cool the body. In order that perspiration shall function properly it must evaporate and not be absorbed by the clothes. If this evaporation process is hindered, the body will react with increased perspiration, which causes unnecessary stress on the human body.

When wearing fishnet underwear as a first layer to keep warm when it feels cold, button up and close openings in outer garments. The result is highly efficient insulation, mechanically much like wearing Lamilite outerwear. When the body is active and becomes warm and cooling off is needed, unbutton and open openings in the outer garment, allowing hot air to escape and it the moisture you have generated will escape as well, thereby allowing body to cool down. In mild or warm weather, wear under a lose fitting shirt or alone, and it will allow the body to ventilate properly.

Our well being increases when the body surface is open to the air. There should be little contact between clothing and skin, and in this connection the fishnet garments have great advantages. The fishnets are a barrier between the skin surface and the clothing, the mesh openings in the fishnet prevents contact between clothing and skin.

Sizing Note: Please note that Wiggy's fishnet fabric is not stretchy, like most long johns on the market these days. That means you may want to consider ordering a slightly larger size fishnet garment than you typically would for other long john's, especially for the top. So if you normally wear a large, you may feel more comfortable in an XL fishnet top instead. Please call if you have any questions and we can help determine the best size for you!

Plus Sizes Available: Call for pricing

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Why You Need Fishnet Long Johns
  • Why You Need Fishnet Long Johns

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