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The following article appeared on the SNEWS online web site.

I have chosen to reprint the article in its entirety since it is in my opinion very telling.

What is apparent is the simple fact that the Gore Company is showing the same non-functioning product for use in a variety of garments. Every product described uses Gore-Tex as we know it; an almost waterproof fabric that has almost no vapor permeability. When individuals are wearing any garment and are very active they sweat and that sweat does not get out of any Gore-Tex laminated garment. When you wear any footwear that has a lining of Gore-Tex film, 100 percent of the moisture that is sweated out of your feet stays within the footwear.

The people who are employed at Gore are so full of themselves, which I find incredible. They have become so brainwashed with the idea of a material that can do anything and everything is remarkable. As has been seen in previous commentary all footwear made with the Gore-Tex film inserted in it causes sever foot problems, but they matter of factly ignore those findings and advertise the hell out of footwear brands that also have no concern for the wellbeing of their customers.

This company apparently has enough sway over many manufacturers that all just keep trudging on in the big muddy as Pete Seeger sang years ago and they take millions of people with them.

In the 40 years that Gore has been promoting their non-functioning product has anyone ever written a review that they have published praising their material as I get regularly? Even this morning a guy from Colorado Springs stopped in to introduce himself to me and see the factory because he told me he has a super light sleep system and it is the best bag he has ever used. He is certainly not the first to tell me that and I do not ever take it for granted.

As for Gore and every other company that has followed them not one buyer of this stuff has published any glowing account of its performance but plenty have voice what I say, it does not work as advertised.

So for the uninformed there will in the near future be a host of new garments with glorious hangtags stating a lie about the garments ability to perform. While these garments will perform just like every other garment that has ever been made from these materials, which is to say they will not work as advertised.

One last bit of advice; wear chest waders and have a shovel when you read what is below!

A higher-intensity activities trend, Gore Fabrics leads with innovations in apparel, footwear performance

Gore unveils newest version of GORE-TEX® Active fabric, along with a new paradigm in weather-protective running shoes, GORE® Invisible Fit.

ELKTON, MD - July 12, 2017

As outdoor activities trend toward higher-energy, fitness-focused pursuits done in shorter periods of time, W.L. Gore & Associates, the company that created the category of waterproof/breathable, continues to lead the way forward in technical fabric and footwear innovation for demanding situations.

Adding to its arsenal of GORE-TEX® fabrics built for different kinds of athletic demands, Gore unveils the next generation of GORE-TEX® Active fabric, its most breathable 3-Layer product, blending excellent breathability with Gore’s renowned waterproof and durability standards. It is also introducing GORE® Invisible Fit, a new way to build a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® running shoe that results in unparalleled comfort, fit and performance in weather-protective running footwear.

Gore will highlight both technologies, along with other recent fabric and footwear innovations, at booth 33039 at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show, July 26-29, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

New Generation of GORE-TEX® Active fabrics

New GORE-TEX® Active fabric significantly improves comfort and durability over the current version of 3-Layer Active, while reducing weight by 20 percent – all while maintaining the Gore standard for waterproofness and breathability, the market’s leader.

Designed for the intense aerobic demands of athletes and ideal for done-in-a-day activities, GORE-TEX® Active offers a completely new combination of face fabrics, membrane construction, and backers, each assessed individually to improve collective performance. Active delivers the waterproof and windproof performance of a hard shell with the next-to-skin comfort of a soft shell.

“Making an already outstanding technology like GORE-TEX® Active fabric even better is not just about doing one thing. At this level, it’s really about the combination of materials, the properties of those materials, and how they interact together to make the fabric perform better as a whole,” said Johannes Ebert, Product Specialist at Gore who worked on the development of Active. “In this case, making the fabric and membrane combination lighter, softer and more supple also helps increase the overall performance in areas like breathability and durability. So you’re not only getting fabric that feels more comfortable to wear; the same thing that makes it feel better is also part of what helps it perform better and last longer.”

The result is a collection of fabrics weighing in between 65 and 130 g/m², with the 65-gram fabric being the lightest 3-Layer waterproof-breathable construction ever offered by Gore. Garments weigh potentially less than 200 grams with very small packed volume.

Garments using the newest version of GORE-TEX® Active fabric will be available from a number of manufacturers for Spring 2018.

New GORE® Invisible Fit in footwear

Available to consumers starting in Fall 2017, and expanding with additional manufacturer partners for Spring 2018, GORE® Invisible Fit technology is a new way for footwear manufacturers to integrate a protective GORE-TEX® fabric/lining/laminate in running shoes. Shoes that use GORE® Invisible Fit not only offer complete protection in inclement weather, they also offer the similar fit and feel of non-protective running shoes.

With GORE® Invisible Fit technology, the GORE-TEX® membrane is engineered to directly bond to a variety of athletic footwear uppers. By perfectly matching the GORE-TEX® membrane to the footwear upper material, wrinkles and folds are eliminated, reducing pressure points and creating a true to size forefoot area. Reduced weight, less water pick-up, and faster drying times are among the other benefits of Gore’s newest running shoe technology.

Based on Gore’s latest consumer surveys, 65 percent of runners run in wet, rain or snow conditions, while 75 percent of runners run in colder weather.

“We did our research, and runners want to pursue their passion for running, despite even the harshest conditions. We created GORE® Invisible Fit technology in response to consumer demand,” said Kirk Christensen, Global Product Specialist for the Outdoor Athlete for the Gore Fabrics Division. “The feedback we are getting from everyone who has used the product is incredible. Testers who put it on say, ‘Based on the fit I was surprised this was a waterproof, breathable shoe. I never thought a protective shoe could feel this good.’ “

Other new Gore technologies

Gore will also continue to focus on its other recent garment and footwear innovations at the Outdoor Retailer show. Those include expanding availability of GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™, a waterproof fabric built for runners and cyclists, and the lightest, most breathable GORE-TEX® fabric ever created. They also include expanding consumer availability of the newest iteration of GORE-TEX® SURROUND® footwear technology. This latest version of GORE-TEX® SURROUND® features openings in the side of the sole, visibly demonstrating the unique underfoot air-flow channels that enable waterproof shoes with true 360-degree breathability.

Fabrics Division

Gore Fabrics Division revolutionized the outerwear industry with waterproof, breathable

GORE-TEX® fabric 40 years ago and remains a leading innovator of performance apparel. Gore fabrics products provide comfort and protection in challenging environments and in everyday life, enabling wearers to safely and confidently achieve and experience more. From hiking in downpours to military operations and fighting fires, Gore’s deep understanding of consumer and industry needs drives development of products with meaningful performance advantages. www.goretex.com

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