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Special Weekend Sale

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This weekend, starting now, select color Ultra Light sleeping bags are $100.00, a savings of $20.00. Select color Super Lights sleeping bags are $110.00, also a savings of $20.00.

This sale will end midnight Sunday.

All colors and sizes are available at these prices except Multicam and black, which are extra. 

On the website it will show $20.00 off of each model.

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CAGOULESI was informed today we have the following cagoules;The following are all medium made with Supplex $100.00 each.1 - marpat4 - black2 – international orange8 – ACU [army digital]Call if you want one. they originally sold for $205.00WE STILL HAVE SOME OF THE OLD INVENTORY LEFT

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evolving heat?

Evolving heatI did not know heat could evolve as the title of this article states. The article is reprinted from Textile Technology Source. The article does nothing to explain “evolving heat” but offers information about what people are doing to control heat. As you will learn not one thing that has, is being done is capable of working to [...]

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SALE ITEMSHere is a list of the balance of the cut parts assembled.HOOTCHIt is a product that is primarily a shelter. It can also be configured as a poncho or bivi bag.4 color black1 acu [army camo]Was originally $225.00Now $125.001  Desert camo Desert bagsWas originally $175.00Now $100.006 Nomex pack-boots size 8 onlyCome with sun-walker insertsWas originally $175.00Now $75.00MUKLUKSTHESE [...]

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great article

The following article appeared in MENS JOURNAL in February 2024.Donnie Vincent on the Best Hunting Gear, Including the 'Most Underrated' Footwear That's 'Deadly Quiet'The best hunting gear gives you the biggest bang for your buck in more ways than one.Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag: Wiggy's Mummy Style Sleeping Bag and FTRSS OverbagThe unique insulation in Wiggy’s sleeping bags works in even [...]

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AN ARTICLE ABOUT DEVELOPING CHEMICAL SENSATIVITYThe following article should be read by all.My contention is we are not born with chemical sensitivity but acquire it because of all of the chemicals we are exposed too.I take great pride in knowing that I make a concerted effort to not purchase any materials that have chemicals added to them. [...]

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a good video and more

THE STEPS SOME PEOPLE WILL TAKE TO GET THEIR WIGGY’S BAGFound this video about breathable fabrics and it reminded me of some of the testing you did years ago.https://youtu.be/1r6rxWvZdho?feature=sharedCheers, TimAnother you tube video coming to me out of the woodwork so to speak. This video caused me to recall and ad on television many years ago and their slogan. The [...]

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FROM OUT OF THE WOODWORKAs all of my readers know I have tried my best to show via demonstration and scientific evidence that the idea of a material being both waterproof and breathable is ridiculous, a sham and fraudulent to say the least and it has always been referring to goretex as well as their imitators.Over the years a [...]

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still another chemical

ANOTHER CHEMICAL TO PUT ON CLOTHING MATERIAL AS IF THERE AREN’T ENOUGH!!!HeiQ is a primary producer of textile chemicals and take every opportunity to create one where “they” see a need.The following article is about another chemical that can be introduced into the body of the wearer of this type of garment. HeiQ introduces an innovative anti-odor product addition [...]

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Pertex® Shield® Air PanelPertex® Shield Air - The new, super-breathable technology from Pertex®. We strategically construct our new ES sleeping bags with a panel of Pertex® Shield Air on the top to allow more moisture to vent, while maintaining warmth and minimizing excess humidity.The Shield Air membrane is a precisely engineered, electrospun nanofibre web, with an open network of interconnected pores. [...]

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