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water wear part 2

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Why are Wiggy’s clothing items not particularly affected by moisture? First of all the clothing is made from synthetic materials which includes the shell fabric and lining fabric almost always made of nylon yarns and polyester insulation. None of these components absorbs water. Then there is a very important reason, these materials do not inhibit the flow of vapor thus, maintaining the flow of moisture while it is a vapor very extremely efficiently. That can only be accomplished if the first layer simply does not impede the vapor flow (fishnets are the only fabric garments that allow that to happen). Then there is the very important insulation. Lamilite/Climashield when used as I use it is the most efficient insulating medium known to man.

3when I was lost in the mountains experiencing extreme cold conditions (as low as -50 F) I was never cold because the fishnets allowed all of the moisture I was producing walking through snow as deep as 3 to 4 feet and because the Lamilite/Climashield kept my body heat in the parka. Now what about the cotton shirt that I was wearing why did it stays dry? The answer is simply; because the moisture that came out of my pores as a vapor never has a chance to condense. Since the parka was trapping my body heat so efficiently the moist vapor just kept moving away from me until it reached the outside of my parka where it did condense and become frost. Had moisture condensed and become liquid inside the parka allowing the shirt to absorb the moisture that would only mean that the parka’s insulation was not adequate for the conditions I was faced with. It would also meant that my life would most certainly been in peril.

People who have been led to believe that close knit polyester first layer garments which come from a multitude of companies getting them made in Asia will “wick” the moisture you are generating when very active. The “wicking” claim is based on the fact that the fabric maybe treated with a silicone chemical which in theory will allow the moisture as a vapor to move through the spaces between the yarns. Unfortunately the greater majority of the vapor is stifled and it condenses, so you are wet. This is actually a good thing if it is summertime. The moisture cools you. Of course a loose fitting 100 percent cotton shirt will do a better job of keeping you cool. If it is winter time the moisture that has been trapped condenses and also cools you so you get a chill. However, if you are very active a portion of the moisture will as a vapor make its way to the insulation of the outer parka you are wearing where it will condense and if the garment happens to be down filled it absorbs the moisture. If the garment happens to be a quilted chopped staple polyester fiber filled garment the moisture will definitely condense inside the garment too. In either case you get cold.

As I have been observing the direction that the outdoor industry is taking, it is obvious they have finally recognized the importance of offering clothing items that are as they like to say “breathable”. There is also a very slow move away from outer garments that have ptfe films laminated to the nylons because they actually know that it doesn’t work but there is so much advertising they keep some garments available. Then again they do not know what to replace it with.

The basic problem that I see with virtually all of these companies is their need to have “fashionable” garments. They do not understand that performance quality garments are fashionable in and of themselves. Sometimes I offer as an allege the history of a car that appeared on the street of NYC where I lived in the 1950’s that people though quite ugly. The car was a Porsche, need I say more.

It is summertime at the moment, but winter merchandise will soon appear in the stores throughout the country and you will be told in advertising or sales people in stores how the newest and greatest garments will perform. Major improvements from years past! If it sounds to be good to be true it probably isn’t.

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