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Mr. Wigutow,

In August of this year I completed my Alaskan caribou hunt that I discussed in my first email back in April, 2014. During the trip, I utilized the Super Light bag that I purchased on your advice. I had the FTRSS with me but I did not need it! I used it as an extra sleeping bag since the Super Light was plenty warm; for short periods I slept with bare feet and was plenty warm. I was able to dry out most of my clothes just by either wearing them in the bag or stuffing them inside while I was in it. My buddies with cheap bags never could dry their clothes and they were miserable. I did not take your ground pad with me since we had an outfitter camp package that included (cheap USGI-type) sleeping pads.

I also wore daily your 9” socks and jacket liner. They worked very well in keeping me warm and dry. The socks were very comfortable during the 40-plus miles I walked while on the hunt. In the attached photo I was wearing the jacket inside out as 'tundra camo.' It worked well in that regard.

Anyways, thank you for the great advice and for the great products.

Pat Millenbaugh

Posing with caribou

Hi Wiggys crew,
The new site looks great!

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work.

From the Antarctic Bag & Mitts, our beautiful white Fossil Ridge Parkas & Bibs, Mukluks, even the booties & other odds & ends…   these have all become my favorite things, because they’re the equipment depend on with full confidence.  Amazing warmth, breathability and comfort, rugged durability, washability, and the quality of your company itself, standing behind your products & even accommodating custom orders; there is just no one like you guys.

You’ve made winter my favorite time of year.  Now when it’s -35, I grab a book, my gear & snowshoes, head out wherever, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in total comfort.  I’ve used your gear winter camping & adventuring up into canada, climbing up/sliding down snow, ice, rocks & dirt, been blown across Lake Superior on my face in ice squalls and after the initial shock, even enjoyed the experience of getting run over by the freight train whiteout hurricane, completely warm & protected.  Somehow, this stuff shows no wear yet!  I don’t get it, but I love it.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent equipment and your willingness to do custom work to make everything perfect for your customers.

Pete Doering

Here are a few pics of places your gear has allowed me  to go...


Just got home from a 3 night weekend in the Gore Range. The temp at night was below zero, but like always I slept warm in my Ultima Thule and in my snow hole. Thanks Jerry for helping make my winter adventures more enjoyable.


Jeff Rotondo


Even with the cab and heated grips, my thumbs were freezing up every time I went out to blow snow. We have had temps hovering around zero many mornings and snow blowing was a chore. I ordered a pair of your Super Mittens and they are fabulous. My hands….and especially my thumbs are now warm and cozy in the mittens and I don’t have to keep stopping for a warm up session. I usually blow out several neighbors driveways as well as my own and the mittens are great. Thanks again for producing a great product.  Oh, I have tried many mittens and these are the first ones that really work.


Bob Clive


As a Wildlife Camera Operator I am fortunate to travel to some wonderful locations and have a front row seat to some amazing events in the out of doors. I don't consider myself a outdoor clothing expert, it is simply a tool to get the job done and Wiggy's has always exceeded my expectations.

A few weeks ago I made a phone call to the Wiggy's factory for advice on an upcoming shoot in Alberta. I have had experience with Wiggy's gear on a project on the Aleutian Island's in Alaska and was thoroughly impressed with there sleeping bag and Barren Grounds Parka. Springtime in the Aleutians sees fluctuating temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, cold and damp. Living out of a tent with no permanent heat source for 3 weeks was made easier with the ability to warm up and dry out in my Wiggy's gear. I could put damp items in my sleeping bag at night and wake up dry as can be in the morning! If one were to wear down or wool items in this environment they would be in serious trouble after a few days because there is simply no way to dry them out.

The shoot in Alberta was a different beast altogether. Wiggy makes bold statements about the Antarctic Parka and bibs, "The Warmest Parka On The Market!" After two weeks in temperatures reaching -47 Fahrenheit I would have to agree. My task was to film wolves coming into kills. My day consisted of getting into a blind before the sun came up and getting out after the sun went down, approximately 12 hours of sitting as still as possible. You can't sit still if you are cold! Most of the time I would sit with the parka only partially zipped! Only the mornings and evenings I would be fully zipped with the hood on tight. My feet dawned Wiggy's Pac Boots which aren't rated for these temps but they do have an oversized toe area which allows room for the liners to have full loft and room to put foot warmers in, together I was able to kept my feet warm all day. By the way I am based out of Arizona so I am NOT climatized to these conditions at all.

Another great feature of the gear is the ability to wick away moisture. On a few occasions I had to snowshoe to get into position. This is always a problem in my line of work. I carry upwards of 80 pounds of gear, add 6 feet of snow and snow shoes and you are going to warm up. Then you get set up as quickly as possible and sit as still as you can be. Very dangerous in extreme cold and this is where Wiggy's really separates itself from the others. I would be warm and most importantly, dry, within minutes, the Lamilite really draws out moisture.

Great performance plus Made in the USA! Great stuff Wiggy's.

Thanks again,



View from the blind. I know this is a coyote, I couldn't get permission to show a wolf.


Hi Jerry,

I just shot another video with your sleeping bag and if you like it please use it. Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD3wA5Wrcmc

I let the bag get soaking wet in the rain then slept in it on a wet winter's night. You may not be surprised to learn that it kept me warm the instant I got in and sure enough, just like legend says, by morning I was completely dry and so was my Wiggy's sleeping bag. Now I know for myself that I can rely on your superior sleeping system in the worst of conditions.

Chad Pescod

111 Industrial Drive, Unit 21
Whitby, ON L1N 5Z9

Here is the YouTube Video from above:


Chad also had provided this YouTube video testimonial earlier:

Good morning Jerry,

I hope you had a great holiday season and were able to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Over our Christmas weekend we elected to go camping with another family. Living here on the central coast of California we don't usually check the weather that often as it's always sunny and warm but that first night was a surprise to all of us as the temperature dropped down into the low 30's. My 8 year old son and I opted to sleep outside under the stars in our Wiggy bags and were so warm and snug it was amazing.

I also wanted to include a photo of my son in his bag taken from inside of mine. We woke up with our bags covered in frost and we were the warmest of the bunch!


Thank You,
Joseph Ramirez

I think I bought my Ultima Thule back in like 1997 and it's still my go to bag in the winter time here in Colorado. Over New Year's eve I backpacked up Pikes Peak and camped inside Monty's Rock Pile just below Barr Camp. The temp at night was around 5 below zero and I slept toasty warm thanks to your bag. Thanks Jerry.



Jeff Rotondo

[Here's a picture of] your awsome waders at work. 3rd season on them and of course they were trashed by the end of last season, but a few patches got us through this season. They sure do make crossing streams with sheep meat on your back a little nicer. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Shawn Davis

Hi there. I wanted to take a minute to let you know that a couple of friends and I tried the Wiggy Waders on a recent backcountry hiking trip. There was snow on the ground and it was cold and normally we would strip down and walk across with sandals on. I can’t tell you how nice it was to slip these over our boots and pants. I have to say that it felt weird to stay warm and dry walking across that knee high creek. They are now a permanent part of our gear.

I am attaching a picture of me and one of my friends.




I wanted to say thanks for the mukluks, they’re unbelievable. I wore them much of last winter, we got the worst blizzard in 100 years and they worked wonderfully. I attached some pictures (I’m on the left) I took when camping up in the UP of MI in January, temps in the negative teens and I was fine for 3 days in these boots. Semper Fi!




Hello Wiggys,

Sent my 17yr. son to Pararescue training. This is an Air Force sponsored course for the Civil Air Patrol. The overbag was used and abused as can be seen in the picture. Two cadets are sharing the bag. It came home trashed. I washed it per the attached instructions and it has made a full recovery. My son had nothing but praise for the bag. Thank you for a great product.

Howard Krebs


Dear Wiggy –

I just returned from a four-week climbing expedition to Canada’s Northwest Territories. Several of your products helped make the trip warm, dry, and enjoyable and I wanted to share some details.

My sleeping bag system consisted of the Desert rectangular bag paired with the Ultralight mummy. I used both in base camp, for a roomy and extremely warm sleeping set-up that also allowed space inside to contain water bottles and footwear. But the real test came on our main mountaineering objective, a vertical, 2500-foot granite buttress called the Phoenix.

Weight and bulk were critical, since all supplies for our four-man team had to be hauled up the wall, so I took only the Ultralight bag. Instead of using a bivi sack, as I’d always done previously on walls—with generally unsatisfactory results—I paired the bag with a Wiggy’s Cagoule for shelter.

One evening, as we prepared to spend a night on a tiny ledge about midway up the route, a cold drizzle started, and would keep up the entire night. The perch I was on proved to be much too sloping to use: when I got into my bag I found I’d just slide off, coming tight against my harness tie-in. The cagoule, however, allowed me to rearrange the rocks on my ledge, while still remaining sheltered from the weather. I quickly managed to build a cradle-like spot that kept me from slipping off. Once construction was over, I pulled my arms out of the cagoule sleeves and slept with them inside.

The cagoule hood was much more weatherproof than the always-problematical bivi-sack closure. I could sit and doze comfortably in a knee-up sitting position, and by using a small foot sack (my climbing pack also would have worked) I could stretch out full length. When the drizzle turned to a rain/snow mix, the bag proved more than warm enough. Even where I had let the foot get directly rained on, the bag held absolutely no water other than some dampness in the shell. This will be my regular system from now on!

I also experimented with the Wiggy’s Leg Jackets, and I will be using these more in the future. Layering is key to staying comfortable in the rapidly changing conditions on a rock wall, but because of your harness and the need to stay tied in, it’s very difficult to add bottom layers during a climb. The leg jackets solved this problem, providing an amazing amount of warmth, slipping on easily without me needing to untie, and leaving my harness gear and belay loops completely unobstructed. I think I could even use these in place of a sleeping bag for bivouacs, since I always carry a warm jacket anyway and really only need lower-body insulation. I’ll let you know how that works out!

When my partners started stirring the next morning—I won’t say “woke up,” since I’m pretty sure they didn’t sleep—I could tell they had not been as cozy and comfortable as I. Fortunately, they were young and strong and climbed well anyway, and late the next day we succeeded in reaching the summit of the Phoenix. Despite my vote to make another wall bivouac on the way down, my partners, their bags still damp, overruled me, so we rappelled all through the next night, and made it down safely. Thank you, Wiggy’s, for that extra night’s sleep!

Jeff Achey
New Castle, Colorado


I bought a bag, cagoule, anorak, leg blankets from Marc in Alaska for my moose hunt. We got stranded by rain, snow and wind at our moose camp last week.

Needless to say, I love my Wiggy’s products. I will never hunt without them. I talked my hunting partner into a bag, jacket liner and cagoule. Needless to say, we were both warm, dry, and comfortable!

Ken Huckeba



Last month I finally got the opportunity to give my new bag (an Ecotat Ultra Light) a proper test. The bag performed as hoped. Thank you for making a great product!

Bruce Carter

This is my Clark hammock/tarp set-up in Utah during a week long snowstorm. It was rippin’ cold the entire time with snow falling all but two hours. At the end of my week my trip ended on a positive not!






After what has been essentially a 4 year hiatus from hunting with my daughter off to college this fall I plan to get back to it and so I've been going through all my gear and looking at where I'm deficient. I'm a public land hunter and to get to isolated unpressured patches I'm having to traverse rugged terrain features, steep ravines, rock faces, river crossings and the like often covering a mile and a half plus. I need insulated clothing that is highly packable, lightweight, extremely warm and that can be layered. How I stumbled onto Wiggy's is that their products are known for extreme conditions and I had been talking to Jerry about some footwear solutions. But I've heard about his vest and "Sweater" which is really a jacket and I mentioned to him that it's too bad that he doesn't offer the vest in Multicam as my Predator fleece wind barrier vest wasn't cutting it and I need something to throw on that last hour or 2 when the temps drop as I need that extra layer of core warmth and wind resistance. He said oh you can have that in Multicam and I said I want it and he offered it for a good price shipped and the order was placed. Well the thing weighs next to nothing provides tremendous wind resistance, is as warm as a furnace and is highly packable.

Well I had recently purchased a Cabelas Stand Hunter Extreme Coverall for the late season that I never wore and returned because it was just too heavy and not packable at all. So I said to Jerry it's too bad you don't have a hooded jacket and a pants with the same construction that I could pack in and put on when I get out there and then throw the vest over that for the last hour. We talked it over he shot me a price and I swear it was like he read my mind. I think that he's a hunter too and hunts in some harsh conditions made him attuned to what my needs are.

It is literally like being wrapped in a sleeping bag while retaining complete mobility for the task at hand. I remain amazed by how light and packable this gear is.

It is not often that my expectations are exceeded but I have to say that it is certainly the case here. The Multicam Sweater with detachable hood precisely meets my requirements of lightweight windproof packable warmth. With the addition of the vest, the combination will provide warmth for any conditions, while allowing the mobility necessary for the task at hand. The Multicam pants with full zippers will allow for easy on and off over clothing and boots. The features of all of the garments are highly thought out for maximum function. It's as if I am surrounded by a sleeping bag while maintaining complete function. Perfect fit. It's like you read my mind and delivered.
Thank You!!!

George Karalis

Would you like to send Wiggy photos of your own experiences?

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