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Clothing & Outerwear

One of the most important, but often overlooked, features of our parkas, coats and other garments is the zipper. Where applicable, we use a #10 YKK molded tooth zipper. If your zipper fails to work when you are out in the field, it is irrelevant how good the rest of your garment is. I have been using the YKK #10 tooth zipper for 20 years, and I have yet to have a product returned  due to zipper failure. We also manufacture snowsuits and parkas used throughout the state of Alaska. The only zipper I will use for these garments is the #10 because it has proved to work at -100 degrees F.

  • Hand Warmer
    Hand Warmer
    EXTERIOR FABRIC: Supplex INSULATION: L-12 Lamilite Web belt with elastic stretch & cuffs at each end. Machine washable...

  • Walk-Around Snow Suit (Convertible Sleeping Bag)
    Walk-Around Snow Suit (Convertible Sleeping Bag)
    If you want absolute protection from the cold when you venture out with the possibility of having a problem, there is nothing better! I developed this product for the US Air Force and vacuum packed it with Mukluks &...

  • Poncho Liner with Head Opening
    Poncho Liner with Head Opening
    Made just like the other poncho liners, only this one has snaps on each side for your arms to come out for fishing or shooting. It can also be used in the same manner as the Poncho Liner with Ties or Poncho Liner...

  • Poncho Liner with Zipper
    Poncho Liner with Zipper
    $100.00 $80.00
    The Poncho Liner is back in new colors! Choose A Poncho Liner with zipper feature that will allow you to use as a sleeping bag! Our Poncho Liner is made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining...

  • Poncho Liner with Ties
    Poncho Liner with Ties
    Choose our "standard" Poncho Liner with ties for a quick, easy shelter!  Our Poncho Liners are made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining is made with Nylon Taffeta (same as what is on our...

  • Alaska Range Parka Liner
    Alaska Range Parka Liner
    The Alaska Range Parka Liner: a jacket/parka all on it's own, or the liner for additional support. The Liner zips into the Alaska Range Parka shell of your choosing. There are two different insulating layers that can be...

  • Alaska Range Parka Shell
    Alaska Range Parka Shell
    Called the Alaska Range Parka for it's extensive use in The Last Frontier. The parka is available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Military digital camo which is Taslite fabric, Multicam cotton/poly fabric; Supplex in...

  • Antarctic Bib
    Antarctic Bib
    The Warmest Bib On The Market! Used In Conjunction With The Antarctic Parka, You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find Too Cold Of A Place To Be! The bib is insulated with the same L-12 Lamilite that is used in our sleeping bags...

  • Antarctic Parka
    Antarctic Parka
    If Just In & Out Of A Very Cold Climate Or Staying Out In The Cold For Days On End, We Give You The Warmest Parka On The Market!  WARMEST PARKA MADE IN THE WORLD.Making a statement that you make the warmest parka...

  • Barren Grounds Parka
    Barren Grounds Parka
    The Barren Ground ParkaNamed After The Harsh, Unforgiving yet Beutiful Barren Grounds Of Alaska, This Jacket Is Made And Will Keep You Warm Wherever Your Barren Grounds Happen To Be!  Designed for those of us that...

  • Cagoule
    Rain Gear That Covers You & Your Pack!   3 Quarter Length For Adequate Coverage!  Stop Buying New Raingear Every Year, Invest In Quality!  A full-length rain garment, the cagoule is sized to fit over...

  • Fishnet Long Underwear
    Fishnet Long Underwear
    The most important layer of clothing you wear in a cold climate is your first layer, your underwear. Fishnet long underwear made from nylon is the absolute best first layer. Wiggy fishnets are made from nylon yarn, knitted...

  • Fossil Ridge Bib
    Fossil Ridge Bib
    The Finnest Antarctic Bib Made. We Use Superior Material (NovaSuede) For the Shell With Of Course Lamilite Insulation! The Fossil Ridge Bib is exactly the same as our Antarctic bib, style. Full length two ways separating...

  • Fossil Ridge Parka
    Fossil Ridge Parka
    OutDoorsMen! If You Are Proud Of Your Gear And You Strive For The Best Equipment, You Found Your Jacket!  The exterior fabric is called Novasued, and it is 100% nylon. You will think it is suede. It is unaffected by...

  • Insulated Floatation Suit
    Insulated Floatation Suit
    Flexible, Lightweight, We Have Been Told That It Is Too Warm... We Take That As A Compliment. Here's To Safety And Comfort! Now you can avoid the disastrous effects of freezing water. Because now, for the first time ever,...

  • Insulated Head Cover
    Insulated Head Cover
    Insulate your face & neck! An adjustable face flap allows the wearer to cover their mouth & nose, or expose the face entirely. Originally developed as a hard hat liner for use by the oil field workers working on the...

  • Insulated Poncho
    Insulated Poncho
    Insulation is 6 ounce Lamilite / Climashield Snaps down each side to close it and loops so it can be used as a shelter.Created for the military for use by soldiers situated in forward observer posts.Water resistant, machine...

  • Lightweight Waders
    Lightweight Waders
    Packing Thru Wet Conditions? Our Waders Are Extremely LightWeight & Durable With Tiny Storage Space Needed!  A Must Have For Back-Country Trecking, Guiding, Fishing Or Anywhere You Need To Stay Dry!!! A Must Have...

  • Liner Jacket
    Liner Jacket
    $57.00 $45.00
    The shell and lining fabrics are the same 70 denier nylon taffeta we use for our sleeping bags. The zipper is a reversible YKK #5 molded tooth zipper.Insulation our L-3 Lamilite  These products are impervious to water,...

  • Liner Vest
    Liner Vest
    $50.00 $35.00
    The shell and lining fabrics are the same 70 denier nylon taffeta we use for our sleeping bags. The zipper is a reversible YKK #5 molded tooth zipper.  These products are impervious to water, keeps you warm even if...

  • Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Bib
    Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Bib
    Wiggy's Nomex Rig Clothing  Fire Retardant •  Reinforced Knees • Warm! The Nomex Fire Retardant Bib is an amayzingly functional garment. Really just a modified version of our Antarctic Bib, with a...

  • Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Parka
    Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Parka
    Wiggy's Nomex Work Wear...Fire Retardant Capable of Seeing You To The Coldest Environments Tested in Alaska and Canada for Dorability & Function Very, Very Warm! The Nomex Antarctic Parka was created...

  • Nomex Shirt Jacket
    Nomex Shirt Jacket
    Wiggy's Nomex Rig Clothing  Fire Retardant • Light in Bulk & Weight • Warm! The Nomex Shirt Jacket is cut in a long length to insure that when you bend over the wind will not give you a chill...

  • Supplex Sweater
    Supplex Sweater
    Now produced with Supplex Material, the sweater is tougher, more wind resistant and for some... More stylish!  The sweater has undergone an update that incorporates a supplex shell material. Other than that it is still...

  • Supplex Vest
    Supplex Vest
    The Wiggy's Vest: Now produced with Supplex Material, the vest is tougher, more wind resistant and for some... More stylish! Made from our 6oz Lamilite¨, the vest makes a great liner or outer garment.The...

  • Waterproof Poncho
    Waterproof Poncho
    Lightweight. Affordable. Durable. For Unintended Weather Or For An Emergengy Shelter! For a long while now customers have been asking us to do a lightweight poncho for emergencies or for an addition to their...

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