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Hi Wiggys crew,
The new site looks great!

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work.

From the Antarctic Bag & Mitts, our beautiful white Fossil Ridge Parkas & Bibs, Mukluks, even the booties & other odds & ends…   these have all become my favorite things, because they’re the equipment depend on with full confidence.  Amazing warmth, breathability and comfort, rugged durability, washability, and the quality of your company itself, standing behind your products & even accommodating custom orders; there is just no one like you guys.

You’ve made winter my favorite time of year.  Now when it’s -35, I grab a book, my gear & snowshoes, head out wherever, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in total comfort.  I’ve used your gear winter camping & adventuring up into canada, climbing up/sliding down snow, ice, rocks & dirt, been blown across Lake Superior on my face in ice squalls and after the initial shock, even enjoyed the experience of getting run over by the freight train whiteout hurricane, completely warm & protected.  Somehow, this stuff shows no wear yet!  I don’t get it, but I love it.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent equipment and your willingness to do custom work to make everything perfect for your customers.

Pete Doering

Here are a few pics of places your gear has allowed me  to go...


Mr. Wigutow,

In August of this year I completed my Alaskan caribou hunt that I discussed in my first email back in April, 2014. During the trip, I utilized the Super Light bag that I purchased on your advice. I had the FTRSS with me but I did not need it! I used it as an extra sleeping bag since the Super Light was plenty warm; for short periods I slept with bare feet and was plenty warm. I was able to dry out most of my clothes just by either wearing them in the bag or stuffing them inside while I was in it. My buddies with cheap bags never could dry their clothes and they were miserable. I did not take your ground pad with me since we had an outfitter camp package that included (cheap USGI-type) sleeping pads.

I also wore daily your 9” socks and jacket liner. They worked very well in keeping me warm and dry. The socks were very comfortable during the 40-plus miles I walked while on the hunt. In the attached photo I was wearing the jacket inside out as 'tundra camo.' It worked well in that regard.

Anyways, thank you for the great advice and for the great products.

Pat Millenbaugh

Posing with caribou

I think I bought my Ultima Thule back in like 1997 and it's still my go to bag in the winter time here in Colorado. Over New Year's eve I backpacked up Pikes Peak and camped inside Monty's Rock Pile just below Barr Camp. The temp at night was around 5 below zero and I slept toasty warm thanks to your bag. Thanks Jerry.



Jeff Rotondo

[Here's a picture of] your awsome waders at work. 3rd season on them and of course they were trashed by the end of last season, but a few patches got us through this season. They sure do make crossing streams with sheep meat on your back a little nicer. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Shawn Davis

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  1. To wiggy's staff

    I just recently purchased the super mittens and was really impressed by the customer service i received with my questions, as for the mittens they are exactly what i was looking for and by far superior to any i have seen in other stores, all around another great experience with wiggys thank you very kindly yet again!

  2. Many thanks!

    i ordered Ultima Thule boat foot bag. it shipped very quick and already have i camped with it and in snow storm over CO it preformed just as described. i have owned other brand sleeping bags and been happy but this bag has raised standard for me as to what sleeping bag can be and should be! many thanks to Wiggy's and their smarts i will be a return customer.

  3. Just cant say enough about Wiggys Gear!!

    Jerry -

    I ordered you Antarctic bag about week ago and just wanted to tell you thanks again for the really fast shipment! This bag is absolutely the best bag I have ever owned, and just like all your other customers I have owned the "BOX STORE" bags ,jackets, and all the other crap witch has never ever worked period, no matter how good they pitch the sale!! I will finally get a chance to get up to the hills here in Colorado and test this wonder full bag out - I cant wait! I love the e-mails regarding the industry, because it really shows your knowledge and expertise within this industry, and it also really lets you see how this is trending towards the consumer RIP-OFF! I plan on buying all of your equipment, as it will last a lifetime and I can hand it down to my nephew, or get him a bag and equipment when he goes to serve our country. People ask me all the time know about the Ducks Back Parka, and I proudly tell them where I got it! - WIGGYS!!!!!!

    Thanks again!

    _Brady Hyland

  4. wiggys Antarctic bag

    I bought the the Antarctic bag and over bag to through in the sleeper of my big truck up here in North Dakota oil field as an emergency bag well about a month ago ago my truck shut down on me and I was in about 17 degree weather trying to figure out what was going on with my truck about 4 hrs later I finally got it fired back up and I was pretty cold I climbed in just the over bag it didn't take probably 5 minutes for me to warm back up best money I ever spent I use my over bag as my main comforter now I hope not to ever need the main bag up here but from what I have seen so far I won't be worried about getting cold in this thing up here great quality and most comfortable bag I have ever slept thanks again and keep up the good work

  5. wiggys owner and buying more

    Iv bought a few things and plan on buying a few more. Wiggys is warm end of story, and very very well made. iv seen reviews on Wiggy not having good customer service, and I had to write a review because it makes me sick, people have lost what real integrity means. what is real customer service is? well in this day a age where everyone in retail has a big smile lies to you, sells you crap made from china, and all people care about is if someone hangs on their every word. then you get the crap made in china it breaks in a few years if your lucky and you dont lose your toes, and you buy more junk, this is almost criminal in my opinion. the service starts first in the object you are buying, its quality if it even works or not is the science sound. is the person cutting corners to make money, where is their heart ???? guess what I always say I dont care if the doctor is an ass or if his office is nice, all I care about is getting the best dam doctor in the country Wiggys has a nice place and he was very nice to me. he dose make the best cold weather gear in the world I spoke to Wiggy hes was nice and to the point, I respect a man that dosent pull punches and speaks the truth no matter the pressure and money that could be made from the waterproof madness. I think Wiggys has the best customer service in the industry . Im buying mitts and mukluks next oh and the fishnet underwear!

  6. My first clue

    that something was amiss was when my dog climbed into my Wiggy's Hunter Ultra-Light with Nautilus overbag bag in the middle of the night. Nature endowed her with a good coat, so I thought she might have been frightened by something outside. (Bears and mountain lions have been killing livestock in the immediate area.) Rousing myself, I noticed the air in my trailer was a good deal more crisp than normal. A glance at the temperature was 34 inside the trailer and 13 outside. Worried about frozen plumbing and resulting leaks, I went to work getting the furnace working again.

    Warm as toast inside my sleeping bag, I was unaware of the significant temperature drop. Wiggy's sleeping bags (as well as all the other gear I've purchased from Wiggy's) is remarkable. I wish I had even a fraction of the money back on all the useless junk I've owned in the past.

    P.S. I rigged up a system to light a lamp in the future if the furnace fails again, although my canine warning system clearly did work just fine.

  7. Toasty warm since 2002

    Hello there,
    some minutes ago I came back from hunting. Today we had our first snow here in Bavaria (Germany) and I had to go out and enjoy the silence.
    I was sitting in a tree-blind in my ftrss bag with my booties on (redundancy). I was so toasty warm, I fell asleep several times. After five hours of glassing, hoping for a winterfox for my girls and relaxed sleep (huntingsleep is the best) I got back to my car. The thermometer showed -5 degrees celsius, not very low, but cold enough sitting absolutely still to get a fox or boar.
    For shorter excursions I wear my lamilite socks. I prefer to wear thin wool socks inside the lamilite socks. For some reason I am getting cold if I wear nylon or poyester next to my skin. So thex wor perfectly for me.
    Two years ago I gave the socks to my wifeas a birthday present. Between the other stuff, her look was like "what the f... are those things?" Half a year later she told me " this socks saved me, without them I wouldn`t have made it over the Alps back". She is an avid Harley biker and visited the biggest meeting in Europe at Faak (nice name ;o)) on her way back she met some adverse weather.

    25 years ago in the german army I nearly froze my balls off, surely my toes were so frostbitten that I have still problems today. 2002 I learned of wiggys after I suffered from unsufficient equipment again in Bosnia. I tried that lamilite stuff and it was great. My ftrss bags are still as good as in 2002.
    I was cold in army gear, snugpack stuff, ajungilak, carinthia. Life is too short and precious to have pains from hypothermia while urinating.

    Most manufacturers are just braggards. Wiggy is the only one I trust with his stuff completely.
    I have only one complaint, the shipping costs to Germany are murderous. With reasonable costs there would be not one piece of fleece left in my house. But that complaint does not go to Wiggy, but to the powers that be.

    Best regards,

    Johann Eckmann

  8. Best sleeping bag..Period!!!

    Best Sleeping Bag. Period!!!

    Dear Jerry, I have your Nautilus Overbag Rectangle; rated for +35 F, and the Hunter Ultima Thule bag; rated for -20 and when used as a set for FTRSS it rates -60. Between these two bags, I can sleep in any condition. I also have the Alaska Range Parka Liner with the L-12 for Arctic use, warmest parks I have ever had. I also have the Liner Jacket and vest which I wear most of the time. When it gets a little bit cooler I wear the vest under the Jacket which stops the wind and will keep me warm down to about 30F. Your boot liner socks are unbelievable, to say the least, Wow what a product as my feet are never wet or damp with daily use! Sam Larson who won the last "Alone” show where they were in Mongolia and it got really cold. Sam Larson used a Wiggy's Antarctic Bag rated at -60F. Sam stated to me that he never was cold, he told me that Larry who was a runner-up used a bag from "Feather Friends at a cost of $1,100.00"! And he, (Larry), was cold a lot of the time. Larry stated that he could never really get warm at all!! Wiggy's bag does it again! What a testimonial from some who had to endure the elements for over 60 days! While I was in The Yukon, I had used my bags and Parka with conditions of -20 with sleet and snow and Wiggy's equipment always worked and kept me really warm. I had accidentally worked up a sweet while being in -10F and got into my sleeping bag and I was almost immediately warm and I was completely dry within minutes of being in the bag. Thanks, Jerry for such great products "That actually work"!!!!

    – John Edwards

  9. Great Clothing

    At 71, I finally drew a ram tag after 21 years of applying in Colorado. It would be a solo hunt, going out every day. I’ve used your sleeping bags ‘forever’, but only recently started using your clothing. Although I used multiple items, the two I relied on the most were your socks and Ducksback raincoat. I actually used the coat as a sweater underneath my camo parka. After climbing for a couple hours in the morning to get above tree line to glass at first light, I was wet and the wind was blowing. I would put on the raincoat, with my camo over it. Within minutes, I was dry and warm. Before moving, I would lay the now damp coat out in the sun and it was dry in minutes. However, I was most impressed with the socks. I knew the terrain would be rocky and much of it above tree line, so I was wearing very heavy mountaineering boots. On day 13, I was successful. It was a 24 hour day, with 18 of it hiking, running, crawling, but mostly multiple trips of carrying very heavy loads down the mountain. At the end of the day, there were no hot spots, no blisters, and my feet were dry. The rest of me may have been a wreck, but my feet were fine. Thank you for some great products.

  10. Life Support Gear

    Jerry and staff:

    I believe your products, though used primarily as recreational gear, can and should be rated as Life Support Gear.

    No other manufacturers bags, can be compressed indefinitely, without loosing loft, and in my own testing, when I'm soaking wet, the bag is saturated, crawl into it, you will be warm, given adequate ground insulation, in freezing rain/fog, without a shelter of any type. I know Jerry doesn't recommend this, but the fact that you can be sick or injured, in exposed, hypothermia inducing conditions , and if you can get into your bag, you will be warm. And the bags he makes to work with his Freedom shelter, define the survival bag. When I pack, Jerry's bag is what everything else is built around.

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