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  1. for life

    I've posted a testimonial recently for my Wiggy's Sweater.
    I consider it the most important piece of outerwear I'll ever own, the one to never be without.

    I have several Wiggy's sleeping bags.
    I have camped in my Wiggy's bags in cold weather, but not the Rocky Mountain conditions for which they're made.

    For me they are essential no matter where I am.
    They are my assurance that no matter where or under what cold-weather conditions I may need to sleep or shelter, I have there at hand the best possible means to ensure I can stay well and sleep restfully.
    There can be those times when that is critical to your life or survival.
    When those times may possibly be at hand, I already know Wiggy has it covered for me and it's right.... here.

    Wiggy's bags being so resilient to being stored tightly rolled for any period is a feature which stands alone and is integral to what makes them such absolutely essential gear for life and self-care.

    The same applies to my Wiggy's Sweater and I appreciate it in the same way. My life takes twists and turns. The more easily and with less fuss my soft gear packs and travels, the more valuable it is to me and my lifestyle.
    And the better then I can be sure that I have it with me when I need it.

    If it's life-essential gear then it has to work, no excuses.
    Thanks Wiggy's for using the best zippers on the planet.
    There's no compromise in this gear folks.
    One thing you can absolutely count on in a cold world.

  2. the Wiggys Sweater is the ultimate basic outdoor gear

    After 5 years with my first Wiggy's Sweater, I decided that it's the most important piece of outer-wear I own.

    So I recently purchased a 2nd Sweater.
    For me this lightweight easy-to-wear garment is too important to have only one on hand.

    The Ducksback outer shell is a nice improvement.
    It is a little stiff at first, but quickly softens up and feels wonderful to the touch, wonderful to have wrapped around you under all conditions.

    Wiggy's gear is the best to be found anywhere.
    Live in it, depend on it.

    Thanks Wiggy for offering these great products!

  3. Thanks for your Wiggy's News and Commentary

    I always enjoy reading your “Wiggy’s News and Commentary”, people using your equipment and giving their honest opinions and experiences with valid and relevant input from you. I truly believe experience is the best teacher.

    The 24 November, 2020 issue really had a couple of excellent points. The recommendation for the Alaska bush pilot to purchase the vacuum packed -20 Ultima Thule sleeping bag for survival situations was spot on!! 2 bags with opposite zippers (body heat saves lives) double thumbs up But the line I liked the most was “Survival is survival whether it is a plane crash or getting hurt on the trail, accidents do happen”.

    Your Sleeping Bags ARE survival equipment and not just for Alaska Bush pilots. All it takes, like you stated, is equipment breakdown, a wrong turn or rapidly changing weather conditions and anyone can be in a survival situation.

    In the United States Military I attended Cold Weather Survival School, (Fairchild Air Force Base Washington State ,middle of January no less). I remember one of my instructors telling me about the US military sleeping bags we were using, he said “You will not be comfortable or warm in these bags, but they will keep you alive”. He was right!! Don’t think I slept more than a few minutes at a time.

    Your bags are survival SLEEPING BAGS, if you are warm and comfortable, even if you get in the bag wet, you will get the sleep you need to make good decisions and survive.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise and producing Outstanding, Made in USA equipment!!

  4. Not so funny story about cold feet

    Recently went hiking on the John Muir trail with new friends and it was quite cold (28 degrees F) The couple I went with had Down sleeping bags and before they crawled in for bedtime they starting telling me the tricks to staying warm at night, "They knew nothing of my vast experience camping in cold weather" they said that everyone should pack the foot of their bag with dry clothing so that their sleeping doesn't get wet from their feet and then get cold. ????? I asked them if their feet always got wet while in their sleeping bag and they said yes. They even said that "Backpacker Magazine" even said to do this! I started telling the about Wiggy's bags and how their feet won't collect the dampness or wetness and they just didn't want to hear it.......So OK then. Early morning before light the gal woke with freezing feet and was just miserable, she was angry and told her husband that she would never go winter or cold weather camping again. I kinda stepped in and said that she could wear my "Wiggys SunWalker 2 booties so I immediately gave them to her to put on while still in her sleeping bag. Well, 5 hours later she finally woke and said that was her best night of backpacking sleep and smiled and said she couldn't wait to get her Wiggys Booties. Needless to say, my feet never got damp or wet inside my Wiggy's sleeping bag.

  5. Service Satifaction and Performance

    In June I called Wiggys to finally purchase a bag, I used one in 2001 and have always wanted one. I'm a bigger guy with upper body girth. Jerry answered the phone and after a quick conversation about the sizing he went straight to the factory floor and set the order in motion. It arrived quickly and now after two BWCA trips this year I could not be happier. It performs above my expectation and is the perfect size for me!

  6. The Perfect Boot

    I was going thru my equipment getting ready for bow season (whitetail deer in Texas) when it came to footwear. It can be hot down here in south Texas and my usual hunting boots are old G.I. jungle boots. Well , not much sole left on them so I started looking thru my stash.

    I found an old pair of Irish Setter leather boots, no lining, no insulation, no goretex, just low-tech leather boots. I mink oiled them to soften them up, put in orange superfeet insoles and put them on with your OUTSTANDING 13 inch Lamilite Socks.

    I have been wearing them ever since I put them on!!! It has been between 95-104 and my feet are Comfortable, not hot, not sweaty at all. When I take them off at night the boots are soaked with sweat, but my feet are Dry!!

    I have worn your Lamilite Socks with your Sunwalkers at -40 below zero, so I know they work in the cold, but the heat too?? I don’t understand your magic, but keep it up!!!

    Thank you for all your excellent Made in USA equipment!!! Keep up the Great work!!!

  7. Temperature Ratings

    You can take whatever Wiggy says, to the bank. I regularly stake my life on his advice, and that I'm here typing this, is testimony to his integrity. He is very conservative with his temperature ratings, with usefulness 10 to 20 degrees below the rated temperature, but that is a function of individual cold tolerance. As has been said so many times that even I get it, layer your clothing. I use his Alaska Range parka, liners as layers. Whenever I need long under ware, his fish nets and socks start the process. Then 3oz, 6oz, 12oz. mixed and matched, with cotton/canvas pants/bibs, with leg jackets it necessary. The reason I'm advocating for the liners, is there's too much variance in peoples cold tolerance to generalize comfort levels. Yous can absolutely go with the antartic parka and bibs, but that puts you into on or off. I contend, some experimenting with the layers, will soon result in your identifying the combinations that work for you. The presence of a complete set at home and in a compression stuff sack, gives you the option of layering without disturbing your "bag", and their presence in your bag, gives the opportunity to layer appropriately, when we aren't., and that condition exists more often then not. My next project is to refit the stranding bag in my car with a complete set of Wiggys layers. There already is his 0 degree bag, up graded to his -20 fall through spring, and his pad. Add an antarctic set (bag, deluxe pad and clothes, with layers beneath), and your good for anything this side of space, and I suspect the Antarctic set could be vacuum packed, to decrease cubes, and for most of us, it's a special purpose item, but when you need it, like everything else he makes, there is no alternative.

  8. Absolute Wiggys!

    Based not on prevailing conditions, not on the forecast, but having studied the historical weather record, for where you are/going, with the understanding that what has happened before, within the season, can and likely will happen again, or worse, records are made to be broken. Beware spring, fall and mountains.

    Based on the above, Clothing as totally independent shelter. (Wiggys)
    Never less then a 0 degree Wiggys bag, his pad if you can, or at least a really good pad, and shelter. There is absolutely no excuse for not carrying premade shelter, tarp/bivy, or preferably a Hilleberg Black label tent, even a one person version.

    But the point of all of this is to put forth a caveat, hypothermia can occur any time of year. Cold weather suppresses our thirst, so we need to force ourselves to drink. We spend more calories staying warm in winter, so caloric intake should surpass need. Dehydration and lack of caloric intake, makes us more susceptible to hypothermia. The best insulators (Wiggys) are so efficient, that they decrease the amount of calories the body expends on maintaining 98.6, but we need to maintain hydration and it's the food that we eat, that provides the calories that the body uses to create the heat that Lamilite contains. No hydration, no food, no heat, dead.

  9. Proud Customer

    When I married my husband in 94 he introduced me to the Wiggy's bags and I have been a fan ever since. I have had the same Wiggy's bag and using it over 20 years and it is still going strong with no rips and no zipper malfunctions it pretty much looks as good as the day I got it. Very very happy with it it's my favorite sleeping bag and it always keeps me warm. I have used it every day for the last year for my main blanket on the couch and camping. It almost seems like it gets softer the longer I have it. It is the military sage green color desert bag. Thank you Wiggy's. I am a cold wimp so if we ever moved to the snow which there is a chance I will definitely be looking into your parka LOL

  10. Covid

    I work as an RN in the Bronx, in the middle of Covid central. I go to and from work in street clothes, and keep a weeks worth of scrubs at work with a pair of sneakers that live there. I use my Wiggys sweater, 6oz. liner, vest, 3oz. liner, vest mixed and matched based on the conditions, but the point of this is that my washer has a sanitize function, laundry detergent, a little bleach, all good. Just another step in my attempt to keep this crap out of my house. So another use for Wiggys, infection control.

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