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Herman Survivor Boots

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In my last newsletter I wrote about Corky, a fish and wildlife officer stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska, who tested the Survivor boots. I received a letter from him with more information that I will share with you. He wrote: "The boots I received from you are remarkable. It is the first pair of boots that I have owned that have not required any break-in period. I have worn the boots in wet, boggy tundra, rivers, and on rough mountain slopes, including small scree and talus slopes. Several times I stood in rivers, water above my ankles and never felt any moisture. I have crossed the river and filled the boots with water. When I removed them and placed them in my tent, overnight, they were completely dry the next morning."

He also wrote about the insulated flotation suit: "I purchased the flotation suit and planned to use it as both a float suit to wear while boating on the local rivers, lakes, and oceans, and as a snowmobile suit for winter travel. I tested the flotation capabilities in a river in the Northwest arctic during June. The water temperature at the time was 44 degrees. The outside air temperature was approximately 70 degrees.

"Underneath the suit I wore thin polypropylene underwear. I found the suit kept my entire body afloat even when filled with water. There was an initial shock when the water flowed into the suit but eventually my body heat warmed the water inside the suit.

"The suit works as well if not better than the conventional flotation suits that are often found on fishing vessels as emergency flotation suits. The greatest difference between them is that your suit is much easier to put on and it can be worn as a pair of coveralls while operating or working on the deck of a boat.

"I highly recommend the suit to commercial fishermen, duck hunters, and others who routinely operate boats in cold water environments.

"I appreciate you willingness to allow me to test these products. Please feel free to pass this recommendation on to your potential customers.

- "Corky Roberts"

I am very grateful for Corky's feedback.

As an introductory special I am offering the Herman Survivor Boot at $110.00 a pair, plus shipping, instead of the regular price of $150.00. This is a one-time limited offer to the first 750 people who order. Sizes available: 3 1/2 to 16.


You may recall that over two years ago I reported that several factions in the sleeping bag area of the outdoor industry initiated a "white paper" to develop a standard method of testing sleeping bags. When I became aware of this, I asked for a copy of this "white paper" so I could familiarize myself with what was going on (since I never attend the meetings).

At the time, I suggested to one of the promoting organizations, ORCA, the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, that maybe going into the field would work better than laboratory testing. My thinking was, we use sleeping bags in the woods not in laboratories so the woods would be the best place to start. I was not a hit with them. The other organization promoting this testing was 3-M Corp., a complete failure in the field of insulation, especially in sleeping bags.

To make a long story short, the industry group, after about five years of trying, has finally come to the conclusion "that with so many variable factors responsible for temperature ratings, there would never be a consensus. "So, they are instead publishing a document titled, "How to Sleep Warm in a Sleeping Bag." What a joke. Collective thought proves once again that it simply does not, can not, nor will it ever work. As I told them, make a bag, go into the field, and find out for yourself at what temperature it performs best and then rate it.

Don't hold your breath.


The outdoor industry has lobbyists in Washington, D.C., now. They are finding out that the environmentalist movement is their enemy, but they don't understand this and are trying to work with them.

Firms that produce products used for hiking, camping, etc. like myself, want to see more people going into the woods. Why? So they will buy our products to make camping a more enjoyable experience, and we can earn a living.

However, the environmentalists think outdoor recreation should be spelled "wrecreation, or industrial recreation and trails of destruction." They fear that we are going to enjoy ourselves and take friends along who enjoy themselves, and the next thing you know we will have a movement.

The environmental movement simply thinks humans are a scourge on the planet and wants to curtail all human activity as quickly as possible. They don't understand, or choose not to understand that we humans have as much right to pursue our goal of survival as a bear does. The difference between us and the animal kingdom is our ability to reason.

For more on the subject I recommend contacting the Ayn Rand Institute, 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 406, Marina del Rey, CA. 90292

They will overwhelm you with facts.

My advice is that the outdoor manufacturers should stay clear of any alliance that ORCA engages in.


I have reported about many bogus materials in recent years; now an update.

Goretex is being replaced with equally non-functioning materials that are one quarter the price.

Mirco-encapsulated technology materials appear to be dying on the vine. I simply haven't heard anything about them for months. I do know they did nothing last winter, so if you see any products made with them this winter, go the other way.

Primaloft soon will be available blended with down. The idea is, if the down gets wet the synthetic will still remain lofty. If the down gets wet it is close to you and will draw heat from your body. I don't believe it will fare in the outdoor market any better than the other products they have presented, which have failed.

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