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Pack Boots

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In all the years I have had Wiggy’s I have not made a product just because someone thought I should. I maintained if I could improve on something that someone else makes, then and only then would I make it. Both the Muk Luks and Over boots are great items as was the Herman boot made with Lamilite. The Muk Luks and Over boots will without question keep your feet warm in very cold conditions, but they have one drawback, they cannot be used on concrete or black top pavement. That type of surface will wear them out quickly. I do make the Sunwalker’s, which are Lamilite inserts for all of the pack boots currently available on the market. They are an improvement over the felt liners, and originally made for a police officer with the Barrow, Alaska police department. They are a 1000 percent improvement over the felt liners that come with the pack boots. The felt absorbs the moisture from the foot, which is the part of the body that emits the greatest amount of moisture. Once absorbed the wet felt liner needs to be in a house with heat for as much as two days to dry. They also wear and need replacement sometimes during the season if worn often. The Sunwalker never absorbs any moisture, can be worn as a bootie around the campsite as well as in the sleeping bag. Sunwalker’s are so durable they can go from a worn out pack boot to a new pack boot.

Now for the exciting news, I am manufacturing pack boots that utilize a molded rubber sole that keeps its flexibility in temperatures as cold as –40 degrees. The upper or shaft is insulated with, you guessed it Lamilite. And the liner is of course the Sunwalker. These pack boots are an improvement over all other previously produced pack boots.
The Sunwalker’s are still available for those of you who have pack boots; cost is $49.00 per pair. They are available in sizes from 7 to 14. They have been improved, by replacing the sole with a rubberized sole, which is also on the inside, which gives excellent traction and eliminates slippage.
Now for some technical information why my pack boots are significantly more efficient than what has been produced before I started making pack boots.
It all rests on the Lamilite insulation and how it is used in the boots. First the lower part of the boot, the waterproof part is roomier than traditional pack boots. The reason for the extra room is to allow the Lamilite to expand to its maximum thickness. Remember the greater the thickness the harder it is for the heat produced by the foot to be conducted away from the foot, and conversely the more difficult for outside cold to settle into the boot, hence giving you cold feet.
The size range is from 7 to 14 for stock, and we can also make custom sizes. The cost is $160.00 per pair. You may view this product and any other new products under the "What's New" link in the online catalog.

I am happy to say that I did receive a reply from his office advising me that my letter was forwarded to the Department of Defense. I then received a letter from the commander of the Defense Logistics Agency. I was advised that the U.S. military had no dealings with the Brett Harris Company. The letter further stated that by law the U.S. military must award contracts for items such as sleeping bags to companies operating in the U.S. or its territories. Also, the fiber that is used in all U.S. supplied sleeping bags was not chopped staple. As a point in fact all of the sleeping bags supplied to the military contain continuous filament fiber.



I just wanted to tell you about a little camping trip that I just went on with a friend from the United States Army. My friend Kris and I had been planning a little vacation from the world after he returned from duty activation in Kuwait. It so happens that our trip began the day after the renewed action in Iraq. Anyway, on to my story, We went camping in the Texas Hill country where the days were in the low 80's and night time temps were in the upper 30's. My friend who had preached the blessings of the new army multiple bag sleeping system to me since before I purchased your bag and continued to question my opinion of your bag till the first morning of our trip. I awakened to the smell of coffee and left my tent to find him making coffee and frying some bacon. When I asked how he slept he advised that it was cold until he added his Gore-Tex outer lining then he slept like a baby. I immediately advised him that I had slept warm and cozy in my wiggy overbag all night. I then went into sales mode. (I love preaching the blessings of Lamilite) I asked him if he knew why he was cold in his overbag? I explained that his bag used a substandard insulation that simply allowed his body heat to escape while my wiggy was designed to create a warm blanket of warm air around me and not only did it hold in my heat, but pulled away my own body moisture leaving me dry and warm. (I already told you the story about the gallon of freezing water I slept in the camp out before this one.) I then attacked the Gore-Tex fabric that he had around him. I asked did you wake up clammy this morning when you got out of your bag? To which he acknowledged that he did. To my expectations. I just wanted you to know Mr. Wiggy. I always exclaim when I drag out your bag "There’s my Wiggy" Like I am seeing an old friend again. I trust your bag(s) with my life...and that's the most important thing that I can say to anyone about your bag.

(I didn’t realize the letter wasn’t signed, except for the e-mail address, which I deleted after copying to the newsletter, hence no signature.)

Editors comment: This is the first letter I have received that has been so specific about the condensation problem that is created when Gore-Tex material is used.

Dear Wiggy,

I am a Staff Sgt. In the US Air Force. I have had the pleasure of using your bags on several outings. The first was an elk-hunting trip in October, in the mountains of Utah. The second was in Arctic Survival Training School (ASTS) at Eielson AFB in the Arctic of northern Alaska. The hunting trip was mild and I used a friends 3 in 1 system. (Probably the Super Light FTRSS). During ASTS I was issued a –60 bag (Antarctic) with a bivi bag. During the school we had to spend 3 days and 2 nights in –20 temps. At no time did I have to question if I was going to suffer through the extreme cold conditions. I asked the instructors if they had a way to contact you. This is how I got your site info. I read your letter to my Commander-in-Chief.


SSgt. G.R. Crawford

Editors comment: I have been the primary supplier of sleeping bags to the Armed Forces of the U.S. since about 1992, been selling them since 1987, and am very proud of that accomplishment. One of the benefits is to have my products used by people from all areas of the country, some with lots of camping experience in all weather conditions and some with no camping experience until joining the military. Therefore, my bags are given the greatest exposure to the greatest variety of people. The success rate is phenomenal with respect to keeping people warm. If I were to try and use people who are intermittent campers, I couldn’t possibly get the same results. Using the military exposes my products to people who are wearing the same clothing, eating the same foods and participating in the activities on the same days. That is a significant benefit to Wiggy’s.

In conclusion being a supplier to the military is beneficial to me and the troops get the best that is available.

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