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Why President Obama Should be Proudest to be an American

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The United States of America (USA) is 229 years old. England was started in 1066, I do not know how old Germany, Italy, France, the Scandinavian country’s are and many of the other countries of Europe eastern or western but I do know they have yet to elect a man or woman their president, chancellor or premier who happens to be a negro. As a matter of fact I saw on a news report a man who is negro campaigning for a job as an elected representative in Russia I believe who is given absolutely no chance because he is negro. One person interviewed said they wanted someone who looked like a Russian.

So as the youngest of nations with the major percentage of our popular white we have elected a man who happens to be a Negro as our Commander in Chief i.e. our president. For this reason Barak Obama of all people should not only be proud of having attained the position he should be touting his accomplishment all over the world when appropriate and not ever apologize for any supposed short coming of America.

I hope he is successful as president.

In order for him to succeed in his position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the USA he will have to do what all CEO’s do when hired to turn a failing company around, study what the problems are and act accordingly to correct them. Thus far he has not done this. The basic reason is his lack of experience as a CEO. But that can be corrected very easily as all he needs to do is look to men who have started companies or who have accomplished turning failing companies into successful companies, and there are millions of them out there. How do I know this, easy, there was nothing here on this land mass now known as the USA in the early 1500’s when the Dutch and English settlers arrived here from their respective countries and they developed businesses. They were able to do this because they were free. It was these people offspring who rebelled against the tyranny to include taxation being perpetrated upon them by the king of England. The result of their rebellion; us the USA!

I hope he is successful as president.

He should study John D. Rockefeller (JDR). JDR created the oil industry and should be honored for the accomplishment. Until oil was processed into kerosene people with lots of money used the oil from sperm whales in their lanterns and poor people used candles at best. Because JDR was able to create kerosene and sell it for pennies on the dollar versus whale oil more and more people were able to light their homes each night. I am sure the impact on the whaling business was such that the need to kill sperm whales for the most part came to an end. Even the rich people saved money and bought kerosene. So JDR was an environmentalist or conservationist by his actions even though he probably never gave it a consideration in that regard. As a result of his personal effort he became a very wealthy man. He did not steal one penny from any one. He just offered a product at the lowest possible price he could and still make a profit. Doesn’t Wal-Mart do the same thing (?) and you never hear anyone say that it is run by “robber-barons”, do you? He was instrumental in creating more industries probably than any other single individual in American business history. The most obvious is the automobile industry. Think about all of the parts needed to build a car to include glass, tires, fabrics, batteries, lights, gasoline to power the cars, trucks used to haul goods, etc. I could go on for ever naming things that would never have come into being if oil did not exist outside of the automobile industry. Ultimately millions of jobs were created.

I hope he is successful as president.

How about Bill Gates and friends? They created a program to allow someone like me to sit at a computer and run it. It is called an operating system. The result has been the sale of millions of computers world wide and millions of new companies were created and millions of jobs resulted. Gates has just like JDR “earned” millions of dollars honestly. How come the term “robber baron” hasn’t been applied to Bill Gates, like JDR he hasn’t stolen one penny from anyone. He just made a product that millions of people want and as a result he has earned billions of dollars in the process.

I could go on and on with examples of how and why these people were successful. What President Obama needs to do is recognize that these people as well as millions more have seen a need and acted upon that information to satisfy the need for which other people willingly have paid them. One thing has been common to all of these successful people is they each and everyone have been free to do as they saw fit. FREEDOM will release more creativity than anything else. Once President Obama recognizes and accepts this premise he will be on the way to being a successful president. It is steering him in the face each and every day the rejection of his current ideas. First it was the tea parties and then it is the reaction to the health care proposal. Tomorrow it will be something else that represents socialism. How many more examples does he need to see before he gets it? The people of the USA simply want to stay FREE. There are thousands actually millions of people from all over the world living and working here who think it is crazy to give up any freedom since they know first hand what it is like to live without it.

To start turning the economy he must with the entire congress step back and leave industry to do what it does best, create products that people want which in turn creates jobs.
We the people of the USA won World War II not the government. FDR the then president put us into the war but without the productivity of businesses who supplied all of the armaments as well as everything else necessary to supply the soldiers we couldn’t have even entered the war in the first place. If the industries did not exist to begin with who could FDR have gone too in the first place. Make no bones about it; it was industry that facilitated the winning of WWII, not the government. Without all of the businesses that were in existence FDR would never have had the capability to enter WWII. Government does not recognize the importance of these corporations, do they? No, all they do is stifle business activity under the guise that they are making to much profit. Imagine that a company that strives to make a profit. If in fact the companies did not make a profit they would go out of business. What would all of the presidents since FDR have done if not for the businesses that were, are capable of building what the government needs to wage war in the first place. There are a multitude of countries that are openly hostile towards the USA but do not even consider waging a war against the USA because they have zero ability to supply their soldiers with the necessary equipment needed to do the job. Their uniforms are their everyday clothing.

Once President Obama accepts the importance of businesses the correct way, right now he sees businesses as cash cows and is trying to milk them any way possible, he isn’t the first president to think this way, he will be and so the country will be better off. If he wants GM and Chrysler to succeed he should immediately auction them off to the highest bidder in the private sector of our economy. All he has to do is look at Amtrak to understand that government can not operate as a privately owned business can. He should also auction off Amtrak. He should start taking back any and all funds given to the banks under the TARP program that want to give back the funds. He should get in front of the congress with all members present and have them start reviewing the laws already on the books that stifle businesses and start repealing them as quickly as possible versus dreaming up new laws. The first to be repealed should be the Anti Trust Laws. If you don’t believe me read Alan Greenspan’s article in the book CAPITALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL mostly articles by AYN RAND but Alan Greenspan has two in the book. President Obama should also take a weekend holiday with pay on me and read it as well.

If President Obama is to be successful as president he has to radically change his thinking, from the methodology he acquired from several friends who in another country would probably not be alive today because of things they said or did. If he chooses to ignore the reasons the USA has been the envy of the world, a place where even a man who happens to be a negro can as we have seen be elected President of the United States of America. He should be proud to wear his citizenship on his shoulder. To do otherwise will only mean that his presidency will be a failure.

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