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Scent-Lok Found Guilty Of False Advertising

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SportsOneSource Media serves the outdoor industry reported on the web site www.SportsOneSource.com that {ALS Enterprises producer of Scent-Lok clothing had falsely claimed its products were based on “odor eliminating technology” or were “odor eliminating clothing.” Cabela’s and Gander Mountain, both of which sell Scent Lok and their own private-label clothing, were also found guilty of deceptive advertising.}

“The suit was first filed almost three years ago by several hunters who alleged that Scent-Lok’s advertisements violated Minnesota’s Consumer Fraud Act, The Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act and the Unlawful Trade Practices Act.”

“According to Jim Shephard’s on-line “Outdoors Report,” Federal District Court Judge Richard Kyle of Minnesota stated that all advertisements that use the words “odor- eliminating technology,” “odor eliminating clothing,” “eliminates all types of odor,” “remove all odor,” “ complete scent elimination,” “ scent free,” “works on 100 percent of your scent 100 percent of the time,” “all human scent,” “odor is eradicated,” and graphics demonstrating that human odor cannot escape the carbon-embedded fabrics are all false statements as a matter of law.”

I applaud these men who are responsible for bring this law suit against companies who in my opinion deceive their customers.

Ever since 1977 I have stated that all materials that are advertised as “water-proof and breathable” are a bogus, false claim. In the past I have mentioned some of the names of these products and the companies that market them; that is no longer necessary as any person going into the outdoors knows who they are. I will also point out that regardless of how many times I have exposed the truth about these companies not a one has offered a defense of what I have said; that alone should be proof that they do not work. If in fact I was wrong they have had all these years to refute all of that which I have stated in a multitude of my newsletters all of which are available in the archives of my newsletters.

In addition I have shown that all of the fiberfills other than Climashield continuous filament fiberfill used for sleeping bags do not work in any manner. And all of the temperature ratings that I see published for most every sleeping bag sold are grossly erroneous. I constantly read on the various camping web sites statements from people who own these bags that the bag rated for plus 20 degrees should be rated for plus 35 degrees.

Now we have some retailers stating they will not carry in there store any sleeping bag that does not comply with a ridiculous temperature rating system established for the European market. Again I have exposed how ridiculous the test method is as is the copper man tests we use in the USA.

Maybe someday a few brave souls will step up to the plate so to speak and do the same as the men in Minnesota and take these manufactures to task in a court of law asking they prove that their products perform as advertise. I for one would not have any problem being a witness.

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