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Global Warming Is A Joke!

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Global warming is nothing more than governments trying to convince people that they will be taxed if they don’t conserve on their own. Governments are trying to fool the people and it is not working. Why (?) because the people are observing that global warming is not happening.

Bloomberg news on their website of August 3, 2010 had an article “Argentina has colder winter than Antarctica, spurring record imports”. The record imports refer to the importation of electricity from Brazil and Paraguay. The winter is the coldest in 40 years. Temperatures in some parts of Argentina fell below those of Antarctica on July 15. According to Gerardo Rabinovich, a director at the General Mosconi Energy Institute in Buenos Aires said; “when this started in 2004 (cold spells), it lasted for about a week, then it was two weeks (the following year), and now it is more than a month”. In essence the length of time each succeeding winter since 2004 that the cold spell has lasted is longer than the previous winter. This coincides with the winter weather that we have experienced here in Grand Junction, CO. for the same time frame. If you check the records for the bulk of the USA for the past 5 years you will find the same cooling trend. As a matter of fact the same will hold true for the entire northern hemisphere.

The Whittier Daily News had article in the August 9th addition “Temperatures continue well below average in Southern Ca.” the opening sentence is “It hasn’t been the coolest summer on record, but it’s been close, forecasters say.” Even here in Grand Junction the banana belt of Colorado where the sweetest peaches in the country are grown, they are hanging on trees not ripening. It appears that late warm weather and early cool evenings are the cause of the peaches not ripening as they should. Three examples of a trend that is occurring world wide. In addition this summer has been a very cool summer in Alaska too.

Do you remember last year not one hurricane hit the coast of the USA? If you don’t remember none did. This year thus far not one hurricane has hit the coast of the USA, and I doubt that any will. Why you may ask, because the hurricane needs warm water to feed upon. The waters around the coast line of the southern USA extending for several hundred miles out to sea are not as warm as in past years so the hurricane travels across the Atlantic farther south than in past years and Central America and Mexico become the primary recipients of the hurricane, not coastal USA. Why you may ask is the ocean water off of the coast of the USA cooler than in the past, because the air flowing from the arctic, North Pole is colder for a longer distance as it flows south. The colder air pushes so to speak the warm air from the equator back so it does not heat the water as in past years. Due to the fact that the past winter lasted longer than is normally expected the flow of colder air forced the warm equator air back. For this reason the USA did not experience early warm weather as in past years.

Moisture is carried north east from the Pacific Ocean towards the North Pole. At some point the moisture falls from the sky as snow. The snow has been falling farther and farther south each year’s for the past 5 years. Air moving from the North Pole south is traveling over the snow for a greater distance so it stays colder for a longer distance and period of time. As an example this past winter actually late winter large snow falls occurred over Texas. In years past that would have been rain. How about the record setting cold weather that went as far south as south Florida. In the spring of the year the sun rises from below the equator and in doing so warms the earth’s surface north of the equator. However, when the sun is high enough it shines on the snow and its rays of radiant heat are reflected back into space. In years past the earth’s surface that was exposed would absorb the heat which in turn would warm the air. The warmed air would then help melt the snow, helping to expose more of the surface of the earth which would now absorb the sun’s rays and warm. The air does not absorb the sun’s rays and heat, it is the dark surface of the ground (earth) that does absorb the sun’s rays and as it heats it radiates heat that heats the air. A clear example is the heated air over a flame. Notice that the heated air over the flame is moving rapidly upwards. The exact same action happens when the ground warms up and the heated air on the surface then moves upwards. Cold air moves in to take its place and it also heats and moves upwards. This process causes thermals, which is what glider pilots look for. These thermals occur over black top parking lots. The warmer the earths surface the faster the process. Of course the process in recent years has been slowed due to snowfall farther south covering the earths surface and colder air keeping the heated air from the equator from getting to the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere as early as in past years.

My personal assessment of the situation of climate change is that it is changing to a cooler period. At this point I can only defer you to the book “THE COOLING by Lowell Ponte.” It was published in 1976 and it contains all of the information that I have presented in these articles plus so much more. It is available at Amazon.com. When you read the book you will be amazed of its accuracy about the climate as it has been for the past at least 30 years. Just like people who are now reading Any Rand’s novel ATLAS SHRUGGED. This book written between 1947 and 1957 when it was published shows what happens to a nation with improper leadership. You will read what has happened to our society for the past 50 years that you have actually lived to experience.

I for one would like to see one of the members of the house of representatives or the senate READ the book. Afterwards that person could call Al Gore to answer questions as to how he came to the conclusion about global warming. Of course that will never happen, just me day dreaming.

Last year our sales of Antarctic parkas was greater than any previous year and I expect this year to be better than last year, as sales are now earlier that ever. Yes, I hope to hear from many of you.



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