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3 cheers for wpb

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I keep hearing about how great Gore products are, recommending head to toe, how it's a gift from God. I don't know, but I could never find the conditions in which it worked better then coated nylon. Maybe I didn't spend enough?

Clothing as your first and perhaps only line of shelter. How we get there really doesn't matter, we find ourselves in conditions or circumstances, that are life threatening, with what we find on our backs and in our pockets. Maybe we need to put more thought into our clothing selections, or at least what we keep available. Very difficult to layer appropriately in a 3 piece, but nothing precludes a ruck with more appropriate options. My options all have Wiggys name on them.

I'm a nurse at a trauma center in the Bronx, N.Y. and our ER treats environmental hypothermia all year round, the vast majority aren't homeless. Their just normal folk that got stuck out in it, without the proper resources.

Regards, Jim


Many thanks for your very accurate observation. It should be noted that EVERYONE who has ever bought a garment whether it is made with goretex, sympatex, event, or any garment made with another brand of material described as waterproof and breathable has discovered that these products are no different than all of the coated fabrics that have preceded them. They did not work way back and nothing has changed for any of these materials.

Yesterday’s newsletter/commentary had as a part of it an extensive in-depth article which for whatever reason did not travel through the airways with what I wrote. When I hit publish the article did go to my web site in the “newsletter/commentary” section so I naturally thought it would go to all subscribers. Apparently that was not the case.

So if you go to www.wiggys.com and click on newsletters/commentary the two page article will be there. So much for cut and paste on occasion.

Now for the wpb materials. Is it possible that ALL of the companies that market garments made with these materials DO NOT RECEIVE COMMENTS FROM BUYERS OF THEIR PRODUCTS SAYING THEY DON’T WORK? I find it hard to believe they do not get negative comments. As a point of fact I do believe they all of the manufacturers of the different products have gotten complaints from consumers and they probably have taken these complaints to suppliers like gore and it has all been swept under the rug.

It is as if it is a conspiracy to just keep defrauding the consumers.

Note that in all these years that I have been exposing this fraud not one company has taken me to task about what I have said and I will continue to publish every email I receive from people as I have been doing who have stepped forward to tell of their unfortunate experiences with so called waterproof breathable garments. Probably because they know and have known for a very long time the material regardless of the source does not work.

I am still waiting to read stories from people who have had just the opposite experiences especially guys with boots.

So thumbs up for goretex. 

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