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Monday September 4, 2023, was the start of Wiggy’s 36th year in business.

As I noted several times, I have been in the textile business since 1961 and working in the outdoor industry since 1965. I have seen many companies who thought they were making sleeping bags come and go. They all made no sleep sleeping bags.

Today there are a number of companies marketing their version of no sleep sleeping bags. since they therefore do not make sleeping bags, they too will disappear.

Wiggy’s therefore is the oldest and long running manufacturer of sleeping bags in the world.

I want to thank all of the Wiggy’s customers for making that possible.



And now for a surprise e mail.  A nice birthday note, thaNK YOU.


I just wanted to let you know how I’ve enjoyed your Jacket Liner. Honestly, when I first put it on I didn’t feel much warmth and wondered if I had wasted my money. I decided to try it out for a month to more accurately give a review.

I only had experience with your bags, which I use, but not any of your clothing.

So winter of 22-23 I used the Liner in the mid 30s to low 20s and after a month went back to my C.H. hoodie that I had used for the previous 3 winters. Was that a mistake!

That decision only lasted that day and I’m glad it was a mild winter day. It took forever to feel warm in that hoodie and I felt clammy from the get go. Unfortunately I had left my Wiggy’s at home so I had to suffer the rest of the day.

Initially I didn’t notice any difference but after only one day of going back... never again!

The Jacket Liner finished out that winter and I’m looking forward to using it this winter.

I’ve since purchased your Shirt Jacket and Parka and look forward to putting these through their paces as well. I know they’ll perform as advertised.

Thank you, to you and your team, for making these great products.


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