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USA made bags that claim performance to -60...


I could only find 1. ---FF probably makes one of these model bags a year if lucky but I do not believe for one moment they actually work at that temperature.

Hey, maybe it works for a night or 2 in really cold weather. But if I'm going to be out in really cold weather, I'd rather have a bag like yours that can fall in the creek and still keep me warm when i crawl in - I can breathe inside it too and it won't hold that moisture from my breath.


This one is rated to -40 and has a 10" loft which is what the Wiggys Antarctic bag is advertised as. --- The same goes for these bags that are started in Asia and finished in the USA as far as I know.

However, both these bags are super expensive and with down, I wouldn't trust them in a survival situation. ---Without looking into their web sites I guess the costs are between $700.00 and $1000.00.



When a person or group decides to venture out in a climatic condition where the temperature is expected to be -40 degrees to – 60 degrees F it is most likely to be for more than one night. Therefore, the sleeping bag MUST be capable of not only keeping you warm one night but many nights. Wiggy’s Antarctic bags are used in Antarctica extensively and in significantly larger numbers all over the state of Alaska. These include the civilian as well as military personnel.

Yesterday a couple stopped in the shop and told me they have been using Wiggy’s bags for years, he worked he told me in Antarctica for several years and was always using the Antarctic bag when he had to go into the field. They now work with search and rescue in Breckenridge, CO. They use the hypothermia bag and his wife was from Scotland and told me she worked Search and Rescue there in the highlands and used the hypothermia bag there. She was very surprised to see the same hypo-bag here. The day they were here we were shipping 7 hypothermia bags to a distributor in the UK, coincidence. As always Kok and I were very please to listen to them.

The fellow told me he observed frost build up on the surface of the Antarctic bag and knew it was the moisture from his body because he was sleeping with very little on so his perspiration was easily able to move away from him and of course his body heat was able to drive the moisture out of the bag. this is something that no one has every seen take place with any down bag since down has been used in sleeping bags. What has been seen in down bags is the retention of moisture and when you are in freezing temperatures the moisture that has accumulated in the down freezes.

When guys have spoken of using a down bag for a month in any temperature and they do not retain moisture I think I should be wearing chest waders and have a shovel. This happens in any dry environment and obviously it is worse, much worse if they are in any area of the country that is humid, such as the south eastern part of the country and the north western part of the country. I should also include the northern part of the country from Minnesota across to Maryland and then all the way up to Maine. In other words down bags are useless in the United States as well as the rest of the world.

If you want to sleep and to sleep warm and dry you have but one choice when it comes to sleeping bags, it is a Wiggy’s bag. It doesn’t matter the temperature conditions or the climatic conditions Wiggy’s has the proper bag for them.

By the way you now know why there are no -60 degree down bags in existence.

Greg thank you for bring up the subject.

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