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amazing what some readers find and send to me

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the huntguard company


Stay warm and dry guaranteed! Exclusively designed to be the warmest, most versatile hunting jacket available. Tested and certified, with the matching bibs, by Kansas State University to -94˚ degrees Fahrenheit! Then remove the Reflextec™ liner and you have an outstanding 100% water-resistant, breathable jacket. Endless features include 4-way stretch micro suede shell, lots of pockets, built-in heavy-duty padding, removable hood with rain visor, double cuffs with thumb holes, and our Big Game Camo® 360.

Reflextec Heat-Retention Technology

Not only will Reflextec™ Extreme Weather Protection keep you warm when you're out in those sub-zero temps, but in head-to-head tests, it leaves the rest of the competition out in the cold. So when you see that HuntGuard® symbol, you know you aren't settling for second best.”

I have never heard of this company until yesterday when one of my readers emailed me an ad he saw. His comment was “another one” meaning another company offering a bogus form of insulation. I went to their web site to find out more about them.

The first thing I read that tells me they are liars about the ability of their product to work is the “minus 94 degree F” temperature rating. Kansas State University does not give test results in Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures but only in “clo” readings. There is as far as I know never been a “clo” reading that would equate to 25 degrees F let along a temperature of -94 degrees F.

I have about 6 or 7 reports done by KSU, one for me and the rest for the former Celanese Corporation when they were marketing their Polar Guard. ALL results are in “clo” readings.

The web site says the insulation is 100 percent polyester which I know is chopped staple fiber because the lining is quilted. They also have a polyurethane coating on the shell fabric which means 100 percent of body produced moisture is trapped in the garment.

I could not find an explanation of what reflextec is at all.

One more company that in my opinion has no knowledge of insulation but is willing to not just embellish their product but to lie about it! This seems to be indicative of what is going on in the outdoor industry with respect to cold weather clothing regardless of the activity it is supposed to be used for.

What I found interesting when I read the testimonials as well as viewing one of the videos was the temperatures these guys were experiencing; plus 20 to 50 degrees F. what happened to the use of these garments at minus 20 to minus 50 F? After all these garments are rated for minus 94 degrees F!

What this company is displaying as many others do is that they are just stupid. They do no research into the materials they will need to make the type of garments they want to sell. Therefore they have no knowledge and even though they may have made some samples they never personally tested them to learn if they will perform as they would like. This as I have previously pointed out is rampant in the outdoor industry.

This company is a member of the charlatan club populated with companies that have no conscience and will say literally anything they think will convince someone to buy their product. Also, they cannot be shamed into stopping from making all of the outlandish claims they make, in the case of huntguard their minus 94 degree F claim is dangerous if someone believes it and choses to go out when the temperature is -10 degrees F. That person had better be near their car or a heated building because they will be in a world of hurt.

Buying the huntguard product is like adding insult to injury. They charge high prices for their garments which are the insult and the injury is when the person who buys the jackets discovers they do not perform as advertised, but then again there are a slew of companies serving the outdoor market that do the same thing. The biggest offender in my opinion is of course gore since they have convinced so many to put their film in so many different products that in total have no chance to work as advertised.

Larry L, thank you for the introduction to another company that people should learn to stay away from!

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