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another miracle product

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Shorts, t-shirt, flip flops climbing Longs Peak....just fine, wear this on your wrist!


I also wonder how well this product links with a new $1600 Wi-Fi graphene goretex aerogel USB enabled heated parka in the wilderness when beyond cell range.

Anyways, thought this might give you an ironic chuckle.

Cheers Jerry! Thank you for making great gear at a reasonable price with zero hype, and maximum REAL science, no pseudoscience allowed.

Your products, your opinions and your company are greatly appreciated.

Dan Fink

Professor of Solar Energy Technology, Ecotech Institute

IREC Certified Instructor™ for:

~ PV Installation Professional

~ Small Wind Installer

Executive Director, Buckville Energy

NABCEP Registered Continuing Education Providers™

NABCEP PV Associate

Thank you Dan

Now for the miracle product! Go to the web site and see for yourself.

If you really want to be comfortable in your heated office the embrlabs product is the product to buy; only $249.00 today and tomorrow it goes to $299.00.

So many of my readers have been sending to me these nonsensical products to read about constantly that they come across on the internet. I am continually amazed at the number of charlatans, snake oil sales men, or just plain thieves that want to help people keep warm surfacing these days.

People who work at these companies I am thinking are not staying warm and they have friends who are not staying warm so they believe they have the answer to the problem of how to assure people that they have the answer or an answer to solving the problem. As we can see or read they number one do not have the answer and number two they demonstrate that they do not have any knowledge in the field of how to keep warm themselves let alone others.

Everyone wants in on insulation even magazines. I have written about articles published in the “specialty fabrics review” a magazine published by the “industrial fabrics association”. I always thought that the writers for these publications should question what they are being told about a fabrics ability to perform but that is not nor has it been the case for forty years that I know of. Today I received the December 2018 issue and I saw the same article that I published and commented on from sportstextiles online magazine about the “graphene coated jacket. First of all they probably never read what I wrote nor would they have even cared. All they know is this is a new (even though it does not work) product for them to write about. They do not care if it works or not it just gives them something to publish.

Further into the publication read an article titled “rewarding innovation”, and the award goes to gore because they laminated their film to an unidentified fabric but they call the combination “pyrad” the end result is a” waterproof”, windproof, and believe it or not “breathable” goretex membrane. This is combined with an enhanced protection material I guess that give protection from flashfire incidents. Again the material is unnamed. However and I quote; ”it offers a unique blend of flame resistance, thermal insulation (when I read this I thought to myself what is used with the fabric that insulates, then I realized they were talking about the fabric itself offering the insulation, surely they must be joking), and thermal stability.” Joking they are not as evidenced by the “thermal stability” reference; this shows that they have no knowledge of what they are talking about. I say it shows how stupid they are. If you were to call gore and ask them about the comment “thermal stability” as in an explanation what they would tell would prove beyond question how stupid they are. But in the brains of those that give the awards (their brains I believe are the size of a grain of sand on the beach) what gore has done is miraculous and deserves recognition. It is not a joke!

But as you can see gore is making every effort and it has been for a while now to incorporate in their description of their bogus product that it also offers insulation. Again this is not a joke, this is false advertising and the “industrial fabrics association” is a willing co-conspirator to the hoax.

Every company serving the outdoor market place has a “new” form of insulation and a new way of presenting it, even though they really and truly I believe know it does not work, but if enough people buy into it these charlatans will make a few bucks.

When you live in a free country as we still do for the most part you are free to waste your money as easily as you are to spend it wisely.

I just thought about the boot industry and wondered if any of the boot companies will tell gore to stick their stuff where the sun doesn’t shine so they the boot companies can get back to making all leather boots that I believe will take over the market in a short period of time.

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