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are you quaified to sell insulation

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PrimaLoft Inc. on Thursday named industry veteran Jim Frazier as new senior vice president, global marketing.

As a 50 plus years veteran in the insulation business I thought I knew of most people, but in the case of Jim Frazier I have never heard of him. Making an effort to get background information about him surfaced nothing in the field of insulation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jim to the PrimaLoft team,” said PrimaLoft President and CEO Mike Joyce. “Jim is well-versed in product design, product development, market positioning and go-to-market strategy. His experience is an ideal fit for the direction we are taking our company and our focus on strategic growth in multiple segments within our industry.”

I wonder if mike joyce can clarify what he means when he says jim is well versed in product design and product development of an insulating medium. Primaloft uses chopped staple fiberfill for their insulating medium and in some cases they also incorporate down. Therefore how or what is jim doing that is different from what has been done since about 1959? So much for his knowledge to make new chopped staple polyester fiberfill insulation.

Frazier is a seasoned veteran of the outdoor apparel, soft goods, and hard goods space. Most recently, he served as vice president of product for United Sports Brands, a collection of several brands including Nathan Sports, Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters and XO Athletic. Previous to USB, Frazier was director of product development at JDK Design, providing product design services for brands such as Burton Snowboards, Patagonia, Nike and many more.

When you look at the various products that the afore mentioned companies sell none incorporates any new polyester fiberfill insulations.

“I’m looking forward to working with the talented team at PrimaLoft to further establish the brand as the experts in advanced material technology and the leader in setting sustainability forward within the industry,” said Frazier.

Jim shows in the last paragraph how ignorant he is of what the primaloft company does. Primaloft company is NOT an expert in the field of insulation never has been and never will be. Their material technology is steeped in 1959 chopped staple fiberfill. Since jim has zero knowledge of the fiberfill industry he has no knowledge of what he is talking about.

As for sustainability, how can a product that does not last very long become sustainable?

Frazier will oversee global business development, product positioning and brand building across multiple industry segments.

Maybe mike joyce can explain how an individual with no knowledge of a product can oversee global business development; etc. etc. etc. Fiberfill for insulating purposes can for the most part only be used in outerwear garments. Does that represent “multiple industry segments”?

At this time there are a few men and women who actually work in the insulation industry which is in my opinion relegated to the synthetic fiber part of the industry. All of them happen to work at Climashield which is as far as I am concerned the ONLY insulating material in the world acceptable for use in sleeping bags and outerwear garments; and yes comforters as well.

Maybe a year from now jim will have learned why he is not in the insulation business.

Great review!

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I wish he has sighed his name

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