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SUPERIOR & AWESOME: Hunter Super Light (W Hood), Rectangular Sleeping Bag

To my knowledge (and my opinion), Wiggy's makes the best sleeping bags on planet Earth.

I have been a customer of Wiggy's since 1993 (27 years so far) and will be for life. I am proud to say that I was a very small part of the early days -meaning I was a Marine in the field who paid for my Wiggy (back in 1993), out-of-pocket. We would place large orders from Jerry and felt like we had discovered the best outdoor gear we had in our arsenal. A Wiggy bag.

We were fortunate enough to serve with experienced Cold Weather Marines whom had taken away lessons learned from extreme cold weather operations in Greenland, Norway etc. They were on a mission to find the best sleeping bag they could. Enter Jerry Wigutow.

Through the collaboration and innovation of Wiggy, these Marines shared and introduced us to a sleeping bag that solved all our issues. Not only did it solve the gap that we had with other bags, it became our most prestigious cargo we would carry in the field. It was the one piece of equipment that with reasonable, low maintenance care, would not fail. We forgone our standard issue sleeping bags and purchased Wiggy bags out-of-pocket. Not only do I still have that Super Light FTRSS bag, I have never stopped using it. Never. While the hard core trips to the woods have given way to lounging in the living room or taking one of the bags with me on domestic or international flight - that Super Light FTRSS bag(s) gets used by my family daily. The bag is as good as it was on day #1. Seriously.

I bought the HUNTER SUPER LIGHT (w hood) this week and am questioning why I have had not bought this bag years ago. This bag is simply awesome. This bag is a better fit for me as I have gotten stocker over the decades. A great feature with this bag is that you can "mat" the two Hunter model sleeping bags together, which makes it into a spacious sleeping bag for two. Perfect for me and my wife and in an emergency, situation is THE bag to use to improve core temperature recovery.

Finally I would like to say that I have become educated over the years on sleeping bags. All of it from Jerry's blog's, video etc. - but I always have done my own research, other sources, bags etc. There is nothing out there that I am aware that is better than a Wiggy Bag. The knowledge and wisdom that you read and hear from Jerry Wigutow, you are hearing from the pioneer himself. Wiggy's - hands down the best and guaranteed for life. On top of that, the customer service of Wiggy's is the best. "The Public Be Damned."

Buy that Wiggy. What are you waiting for? It will be the best sleeping bag you ever buy. Ever.

– John Mulkern

As I have written in the past, I created the two bag system for the UNITED STATES MARINE CORP and after the earliest days they walked from me, but a number of Marines didn’t as is evidenced by John’s comments.

The Marine’s have since not had a sleeping bag of any consequence that has worked for them as an organization. There have been numerous Marines who had done as John and his friends and that is buy sleeping bags from Wiggy’s using their own money.

I feel bad for those who have had the need to spend their own money but at least they have a bag that works for them. I feel bad for those who are relegated to having to use a “no sleep sleeping bag” that has been issued to them.

I have learned over the years that it is a waste of time to court the military. In the course of a year you can communicate with two or three people and each of them has read about this product from one company or another so they have their own view of what should be bought they do this without any knowledge of the materials needed to make a sleeping bag or if it is even made in the USA.

As far as I am concerned if a military unit wants a Wiggy bag they can buy it via my web site. If they go to any gsa contract holder they will be told I can get the same bag for you for a better price. The end result for me is I never see the business and of course the grunts get the “S” end of the stick because once again they are issued bags that do not perform.

It does not worry me because Wiggy sales are very significant this year. Some have been to the military as well. But the consumer market is very strong. This morning a couple showed up from Moab. They purchased 6 bags as the guy told me he is still using one from 20 years ago. He also told me his friend wrote to me and I published his testimonial. My response was you cannot by the word of mouth advertising and I always publish letters such as his friend.

Sometimes I think to myself that my sleeping bags have not changed in the 33 years of operation, they have worked for 33 years so it would have been great if the level of sales I am receiving now had started 10 years ago, just a pipe dream.

I am not complaining I have very much enjoyed the communication that I have had with the many hundreds of people who were customers or became customers and now I continue to enjoy talking with people I have never met in person but on the phone.

So it is the many civilians who are customers that are more important to me than the military except the members of the military who want a sleeping bag that works.

John thank you very much. 

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