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Ski boot brand to expand use of Celliant to 26 styles


Italian ski boot manufacturer Tecnica will now include Celliant infrared technology from Hologenix into the lining of 26 of the styles in its range.

[ Ski boot manufacturers for years have been trying to make a ski boot that will keep your feet warm. Tecnica in my opinion has been sold a bill of goods or is colluding with Celliant in offering a ski boot with the promise of keeping your feet warm.]

Celliant uses a blend of infrared-generating bioceramic minerals that can be embedded into fibres, yarns and fabrics. Studies have shown that these minerals can help increase circulation, improve temperature regulation and promote a stronger athletic performance, better sleep and faster recovery from exertion and injury.

[Infrared; the part of the invisible spectrum that is contiguous to the red end of the visible spectrum and that comprises electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths from 800 nanometers to 1 millimeter.

I have read about this Celliant product for a number of years and I still have no knowledge as to how it actually works to generate heat. To the best of my knowledge, they are introducing the bioceramic minerals into the liquid chemical such as the chemicals used to make polyester so when the polyester fiber is extruded the bioceramic minerals are in the fiber. How this inanimate substance can now generate an increase in temperature is beyond my comprehension.

Is Tecnica going to put a temperature regulating apparatus on the boot to regulate the temperature in the boot?

When you are skiing the physical activity will surely cause you blood to flow faster through your body, no help is needed. Will the addition of this lining in your ski boot make you a better skier, no! After a full day of skiing and an active night life afterwards should make you sleep better. A good nights sleep will certainly give you more energy for the day. And hopefully you did not injure yourself.]

The two companies have been working together for several years. Boot styles into which Tecnica will now incorporate the technology include the Mach 1, Mach Sport and Cochise product lines.

[Why has it taken these two companies “several years” to incorporate the bioceramic minerals into the boots via a lining. Probably it took several years to figure how to market the boots. If they skied with these boots, they learned they were not any better than what already existed.]

“We are honoured to partner with Tecnica,” said Seth Casden, chief executive of Hologenix. “Our infrared technology by its very nature enhances human performance, so its application in ski boots is ideal.”

[ I guess seth is the silver tongue devil here. I know this because he claims his technology “enhances human performance”.]

I skied for 40 years and had warm feet while I was skiing and cold feet when I rode the ski lift. Many people have used my Lamilite sock when skiing and have told me they finally had warm feet. Why is this so, because the moisture from their feet was getting a way from them versus when they worn wool socks. The wool kept the moisture next to the skin surface so one had cold feet. Purchasing boots from Tecnica with celliant in the lining will not help you but will help Tecnica make a few extra bucks.  

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