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camping with friends

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As in previous email I sent about going back out for another 10 days doing primitive camp I just returned.

Warm temps for 2 days then near freezing for 5 days the Ultimate sleeping bag gave me the greatest comfort and warmth.

Once again, several men brought their wool blankets and the constant complaining about them never getting a warm sleep echoed off the trees.

The real test came on one night when the skies dumped torrential rain and I was dry and warm with an oil cloth tarp for water repellent effect. Those with wool covering looked like soaked rags and literally were chilled to the bone as temperatures dropped like a rock.

My bag did get some moisture at the foot area but nothing to complain about as it dried fast and no cold feet.

I am so thankful for purchasing your bag I can't imagine outdoor ventures not investing in such a successful piece of gear.

My next purchase hopefully will be a Ducksback sweater for riding around on my ATV in the spring and fall.

Thanks again,


I told Mickey to tell his friends what they should be buying for their next outing. He said they are hardheaded and aren’t observing what is working for him. You can lead the horse to water; you know the rest.


From: Wiggys <wiggys@Wiggys.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:26 PM
To: MCSC_IG <MCSC_IG@usmc.mil>
Subject: [Non-DoD Source] case number22142

Mr. Kottmyer,

It seems to me that this case of minor importance has taken so long to not have a final statement.

Can I expect some answer any time in the near future?

Jerry Wigutow


Wiggy's Inc.

Phone: 866-411-6465

Email: wiggys@wiggys.com

To: Wiggys <wiggys@Wiggys.com>
Subject: RE: case number22142

Good Morning Sir,

I apologize for the delay; your complaint is being worked and along with others this office has for action. We are wrapping things up to provide you with a closer letter. I want to assure you that your issue has received the same attention as other cases. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Jackson Kottmyer

Command Inspector General

Marine Corps Systems Command

“same attention” does that mean very little at best?

Jerry Wigutow


Wiggy's Inc.

Phone: 866-411-6465

Email: wiggys@wiggys.com

Do you think he saw the sarcasm in my reply?

I can only assume that the order for the Muk Luks given to outdoor research was just that given to them without question.

Recently I wrote about DLA Troop Support Construction &Equipment located in Philadelphia putting out a bid for steam pipefitters mittens that the Navy gave a national stock number to #4220-01-502-1036. Seems that a company bid a price below cost that does not meet the specifications and is not “non-combustible” as mine is. In the early 2000’s I worked with Navy Natick to make these mittens, hence the reason they the Navy gave them an NSN. Apparently to the contracting officer Richard Balezzi this is meaningless. So, he awarded the contract to the low bidder based on price; period. At this point I just received very interesting information.” DLA published this RFQ on Tuesday Feb 4, 2020 for the following; MITTEN, STEAM SUIT SECTION B CRITICAL APPLICATION ITEM PRIORITY RATING: DX-A3 QUANTITY VARIENCE +0%-0%. 0GMN5 (WIGGY’S CAGE CODE) WIGGY’S INC. SOR-12 (CODE GIVEN BY THE NAVY FOR MY PRODUCT) 5/05/14 (WHEN THEY WERE BUYING THEM OR MAYBE BEFORE).

They then list on the sheet sent to the bidders the number of prior purchasers and the companies they purchased them from to include the quantities. Purchase number one was 07/21/2005. The last purchase was 06/02/2014.

This company wolfsupply had to have received a copy of what was sent to me and therefore would have known the product being asked for was the Wiggy’s Inc product. on the form there is also a designation QSLM/QSLD-N FOLLOWED BY Critical: Y. I do not know what this represents but the fact that there are two designations calling for the product to be in the critical category must mean something. When you are handling steam pipes you do not have to be a genius to know the mittens you are wearing are a critical protection. But as I have stated in the past there are companies that have GSA contracts that will do anything, they can to make a sale and it is all ways at the expense of the grunt. And don’t be shocked to learn that the government buyer does not care.

The government agency requesting these mittens has ordered them a total of 12 previous times totaling 610 pair. They never had a problem with one pair since 07/21/2005. So now they give an order to some jackleg piece of trash whose product may very well cause a problem for 100 grunts of the sea in submarines.

Do you wonder why I chose to think about just walking from the military as a supplier. Even though I have bent over backwards to develop with them the BEST products of their type things of this nature take place. Whatever project I have ever worked on with the military they find ways to screw me around.

When it comes to sleeping bags, the military has NEVER conjured up a bag that actually works for the desired temperature, but they pupu Wiggy’s bags. When it comes to clothing the same holds true, but they would never listen to me as to the best way to dress a grunt. Boots a disaster because they use goretex in them, need I go further. Should I go on with what they have walked away from that actually performs? I will not. What I do know is I sleep very well at night knowing when a soldier comes to me for advise on what to wear I tell him and when the soldier returns to the states from any deployment he calls and tells me of his experience and so many of them then buy Wiggy’s products for their families.

GSA contractors sleep well knowing they got an order at the lowest price regardless if the product works or not.

An interesting tidbit of information; I was on an English company’s web site that sells outerwear and did not see one garment with goretex or any other socalled wpb material. I could be wrong. Anyway, I thought that was great. you guess the company.

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