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choice to learn or not

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For years I have tried to impart knowledge about insulation Lamilite to the military [Natick Laboratories primarily and my sleeping bags] all to no avail.

Natick’s problem is that we the taxpayers who pay for Natick’s existence do not hire people who have any knowledge of insulation nor do these individuals have any interest in learning about insulations.

Of course, the purpose of the insulation is primarily for sleeping bags to include outerwear, handwear and footwear.

For use in all of these products you want an insulating material that not only traps the heat that is produced by the human but also is not affected by moisture and if possible, can allow moisture out of the product without letting the heat produced by the body out.

Of the four items spoken of the single most important to know about is the sleeping bag. Why, because when you get into a sleeping bag you are in a relaxed state when you are generating heat at its minimum. What you are producing has to be contained within the sleeping bag as best as possible while allowing the moisture that is also coming out of the body to escape, if not it becomes your enemy.

This leads me to explain about Lamilite, Climashield or continuous filament polyester fiberfill. All three names if you will be one and the same product. The way the Lamilite works is quite extra ordinary. This is where these people at Natick as well as those who call me about my sleeping bags regardless of if they are military or consumers with questions. What they do not know is why the Lamilite performs as well as it does. Other companies use Climashield, but they do not use it as I use it. The difference is they are quilting it and they are not using it in the weights that I use.

I use it as I have for 54 years without change, laminated. I also use it in weight’s that are far heavier than the rest of the companies who use it. My lightest weight is the L-6 then the heavy weights L-12 and L-15.

People who own Wiggy’s bags have noticed that they stay warm when using their sleeping bags at the temperatures they have been rated for. They also in many cases have found out that when they are wet of if the sleeping bag is wet when they have gotten into their bag, they stay warm, sleep and in the morning when they awaken, they are dry, and the bag is dry. Many of these people have asked me why this has happened. Until now I have determined the reason for this action taking place.

It has to do with the thickness of the Lamilite insulation. When you get into the Wiggy Lamilite insulated sleeping bag the heat from your body rises which is normal. As the heat rises it is joined by the moist vapor that also comes out of your body. At this point the density of the Lamilite in the weights that I use stifle the heat that is coming out of your body. I will continue but first.

This action does not take place with any other material used for insulation in sleeping bags in the world, which is the main reason I refer to then as no sleep sleeping bags. The companies that produce bags with chopped staple fiberfill or down do not realize the heat from the human in their bags moves via conduction away from the occupant quickly. The chopped staple fiberfill is clumped together so the heat moves from fibers to fibers that are touching each other, that movement of the heat is called conduction. The moisture moves into the fiber as a moist vapor and condenses, being trapped in the fiberfill. As for down insulated bags the heat moves into the down where conduction takes place as it does with chopped staple fiberfill, the down clusters are also touching each other. When the moist vapor moves into the down it not only stifles its movement but also absorbs it. In both cases if you are in a subfreezing condition the moisture will freeze and it will do as moisture always does, it will absorb what ever heat is present. If you happen to be wet which is always present, due to the moisture accumulation that happens when you are active all day it will drain away your heat. What ever of this moisture you are capable of driving out of your clothing, which is probably zero, the end result is being cold now understanding why you have a no sleep sleeping bag if you have a chopped staple or down filled no sleep sleeping bag.

Now for the explanation about the wonders of Lamilite. Lamilite is made from silicon coated fiber. Nothing sticks to silicon. When the heat from your body rises it is stifled by the density of the continuous filament fibers that are not packed together as the chopped staple fibers are by quilting. The fibers float away from each other as you move in the bag. This means conduction is significantly reduced if not eliminated. However, moist vapor moves away because it is warm, but it moves through the silicon coated fiber very easily and quickly with the help of your body heat keeping the moist vapor in a vapor state. It is for this reason that moisture which is wet, or frost appears on the surface of your Wiggy’s bag, as the heat from your body stays trapped in your Wiggy’s bag. It is for this reason the moisture from your wet clothing will be driven out of your Wiggy’s bag as has been experienced thousands of times. The temperature can be in arctic conditions and in a Wiggy’s Antarctic bag you will never find ice build up in the Lamilite insulation.

I have tried on many occasions tried to educate the Natick individuals tasked with finding cold weather sleeping bags. These individuals and there have been many in the past 50 years had no time to get an education learning why my methodology using continuous filament fiberfill was the optimum method and would end up with the most efficient sleeping bags that could be made. They refuse to view their own report done in 1978 at Natick by the fiber technologist employed at the time who assessed my Super Light and Ultima Thule. They were the only sleeping bags ever assessed that had an increase in insulation after laundering. They laundered the bags three times and couldn’t damage them. They were just loftier after laundering than before laundering. The wonders of Lamilite.

When a gsa company representative calls for a bag that person has zero interest in getting any knowledge about Wiggy’s bags to offer to a military unit, so I do not even try. With respect to the military the choice not to get any knowledge is universal. I am glad that the consumer market is populated with people who want to get information to make an educated decision about which sleeping bag to buy.

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