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christmas presents

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Before I tell you what it is I have to give you some historical background.

In 1968 when the factory I represented started to make the continuous filament fibers then known as Polar Guard I started to laminate it, the original Lamilite. I spent 5 years trying to convince the outerwear and sleeping bag manufacturers at the time located in the USA to use the Polar Guard in this manner. No such luck so in July of 1974 I set sail from NYC to the Bahamas. I returned to the states and started a business initially making sleeping bags and then outerwear, booties and mittens in Spring Hope, N.C. called Olam Outdoor Sports. I lasted with the company for 1 ½ years, I had a partner. During that time I became friends with a fellow located in Columbia, S.C. so I moved there in July of 1977 and started a business laminating fabric, quilting fabric, and eventually sewing bedspreads for hotels. In 1985 about Christmas time this fellow asked if I could/would make a sleeping bag for him the way I did at Olam. To which I said yes. He was a very active backpacker, rock and mountain climber, had led Outward Bound courses and even been to Antarctica. Pretty accomplished at this way of life. At one time he also represented Sierra Designs so he knew that side of the business. I made two bags for him, but I never gave him one. However, it is because of him that I got into the business of making sleeping bags again.

As time went by I grew as a mail order company and prior to relocating from Columbia to Grand Junction we were talking and he told me that I had a problem. I asked what it was and he said that my bags were just too good. I asked why that was a problem? His response was people would only buy one bag that would last too long versus the other companies such as Sierra Designs whose bags deteriorate so the consumer would have to replace it often. My response to him was; if they are as good as I believe my customers would ultimately became my best salesman. I further said consider the number of people in the country maybe 300 million. And if only one million out of 300 million bought my least expensive bag at that time which sold for $110.00 I would have $110,000,000.00 in sales, not bad.

Now to the present, unfortunately for me I have yet to sell one million bags, but I am working on it.However, for the past two or three months I have received phone calls and e mails from dozens of people who are ongoing customers letting me know how many Wiggy’s bags they own as well as the clothing items that I make. They further tell me that they tell everybody who asks about sleeping bags to only get a Wiggy’s.

One fellow I was speaking with last week asked if I knew Paul Shurke of Winter Green Dog Mushing Expeditions located in northern Minnesota. I said yes and for the 20 years he has used my Antarctic bags for his clients. He told me 20 years ago he was there for a 4 day expedition and the night before everybody is given the rules so to speak and a rundown about what they will be doing. They also said that they had this North Face down bags for everybody. He said that was alright he was going to use his Wiggy’s bag. They said no, so he said if he could not he was going home. They relented. For 4 days the night time temperature was a brisk -48 degrees F. he was the only person who slept because he was warm. Paul then started to replace his North Face bags with Wiggy’s bags. The upshot is that many of Paul’s clients have come to me for sleeping bags as well as other products. I thanked him for being the catalyst to get Paul to start buying them.

As you can now understand why I believe that this year I have received the greatest of Christmas presents, certainly selling my products but more so because so many of you have continued to be supportive of Wiggy’s by being customers and telling people about the products. I cannot put a value on word of mouth advertising; it is “SIMPLY THE BEST”.

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!




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