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cold feet

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This is a subject I have spoken of in the past but a recent call from a customer has activated my interest in writing about the subject again.

This fellow has cold feet due to diabetes and some residual from being treated with chemo for cancer. This fellow wears my Lamilite socks, the sun walkers and just ordered the over boots. The cancer is gone but not the cold feet. He as well as all diabetics have poor circulation of their blood into their feet. My customer no longer has cold feet.

As I have previously explained the feet produce more moisture [sweat] than any other part of the human body. Moisture is the greatest absorber of heat on earth, so it stands to reason why the moisture emitted from our feet will draw heat from our feet and if we have poor circulation our feet get cold very quickly.

I have spoken with hundreds of hunters since I started hunting in the early 1990’s about having cold feet. I would always tell them, mind you these are healthy men, that their problem was their goretex thinsulate lined boots not allowing their moisture out of the boots as well as their expensive wool socks. I would tell them they needed the Lamilite socks, and of course, over boots or mukluks.

There is one common denominator here; MOISTURE TRAPPED IN YOUR FOOTWEAR. It does not matter if you suffer with diabetes, some form of foot neuropathy not necessary from diabetes or if you are healthy, under the right conditions your feet will get cold if they are subject to the moisture retention from your own feet.

During the course of the years, I have owned Wiggy’s I have done as much research as is available on the subject of human anatomy and specifically blood flow through the human body. Muscle is what heats the blood and there is very little muscle in the feet, so, they need all of the help they can get. When the feet start getting cold the body starts shutting down the blood flow to the feet so the situation gets worse. My studies have shown that the feet are the first part of the body to lose heat and therefore get cold.

With this knowledge I called a doctor here in Grand Junction who specializes in caring for diabetic patients for the purpose of making him aware of the benefit of his patients wearing my Lamilite socks. I left a message to which I never received a reply. I guess because I do not have a medical degree I was not to responded too. So be it. I believe with certainty the bulk of the medical doctors in our country are unaware of the need for people to wear clothing such as fishnet underwear as well as Lamilite socks to stay warm. The whole reason is to allow body moisture to get away from the skin surface. And accomplishing this with respect to the feet paramount.

People with diabetes are apt to buy thick wool socks not realizing the wool is an excellent absorber of moisture and once the moisture is in the wool you have not one entity absorbing your heat but two. The moisture as well as the wool, the end result is cold feet.

As for hunters, I tell them the Lamilite socks will help even though they are wearing the goretex thinsulate boots but they should also wear the over boots. Of course, I think these boot customers should write to the company whose boots they own telling them to end using those two products in their boots. The boot companies will never take such an action because they are most likely sitting on millions of dollars of inventory. Never forget the single greatest lie ever perpetrated on the textile industry is that a combination of two materials; nylon and Teflon film glued together will form a single material that is both waterproof and breathable [they mean vapor permeable] called goretex.

As for diabetics I can only imagine they run in the millions and I sincerely believe if they wear Lamilite insulated socks or other footwear products we make they will end having cold feet. Hunters a word to the wise is sufficient.

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