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competition, none, read why

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The other day three guys stopped in to see what all Wiggy’s sold. I assumed they were not from Grand Junction, but I was wrong all lived here for from 10 to 25 years. There first time visiting the store.

Anyway, one of them asked who my competition was/ my answer was I have none. Then I told him why.

I asked if he was aware of the rivalry in the 1980’s between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. He said yes. I then told him that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were as evenly matched as any two professional’s basketball players could be. They were unpredictable on the court with their passing game. Yes, they could also score. But they made the rest of their respective teammates play better. Generally, the home team was always favored to win but when these two teams played it did not matter whether it was Boston or L.A. you did not know who was going to win.

That was competition. As a side note I believe Bill Russell was the best of the best to play professional basketball. Under him on the same line is Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I further believe these two men should have received the MVP of the NBA each for about 8 years since they, sort of sharing it, because they saved the NBA.

When it comes to competition in the field of sleeping bag’s I do not have any. I haven’t had any since I made my first bag. in the 32 years of Wiggy’s being a manufacturer and the 4 or 5 years that Olam existed the sleeping bags have always been made the same way. So, for 36 years of manufacturing nothing has changed. Same nylon, same zipper, and most importantly the same insulation. Every other company that make “no sleep sleeping bags” has tried making new bags with the newest of materials called insulation and they keep failing even the companies that use down have tried to make the down better. The result for these companies is that they keep changing the insulation from season to season.

Does any company have a sleeping bag that can be laundered, not really and they do not want you to launder them, why because the insulations break apart easily.

Does any company have a sleeping bag that can be soaked and keep you warm and eventually dry out from you body heat as has been demonstrated numerous times? See the video by clicking on the Ultima Thule sleeping bag on the web site.

Does any company that makes the “no sleep sleeping bags” want you to store their product in its stuff sack, they give you a pillow case as a storage sack, why because they know their insulation or what the call insulation will collapse under the slightest of pressure.

Does any company use the number 10 YKK molded tooth zipper no, but they did at one time and stopped because it was too heavy? I weighed the coil zipper they use versus the one I use; the weight difference is less than one ounce.

Does any other company have a temperature rating that is closer the 25 degrees different than what their bags are rated for? I am being generous when I say 25 degrees different, mostly I believe they are 40 degrees off.

Wiggy’s bags are conservatively rated so people never get cold in them, regardless the temperature they experience if they have a Wiggy’s bag rated for that temperature.

Does any company have made for them “no sleep sleeping bags in China that are capable of lasting 32 years? Like Wiggy’s bags do.

So, you see, when I state that I have no competition it is because no other company has a product that is in any way shape or form that is equal to mine. The reason is simple not one of the companies out there who make or have made for the their “no sleep sleeping bags” can become competitive if all they do is accept and use Lamilite/Climashield which is available to them to buy and if they do they will also get my counseling as to how best to use it and what weights to use for the temperature rating they want to accomplish. Then I will have competition. But so long as they are using chopped staple fiberfill they will fail.

Until that happens, I will be the only sleeping bag manufacturer in the world and as such that makes me the largest sleeping bag manufacturer in the world.

My opinion of these three fellows who walked in having never been here before but have lived in Grand Junction as they say for 10 to 25 years is that they will probably not be here again. Over the years several guys have come in and asked lots of questions and I always got the feeling they were doing research. Not one of them has ever returned to buy anything.

If you happen to read my article, Todd Towles take note of the facts surrounding why Wiggy’s bags are the best there are and will be until some other company copies me. And, note that the insulation is a product that has been in service since 1968. And note everything that has come into existence was obsolete before it was ever sold by continuous filament fiberfill.

I like to think that one day the world will use no other insulating material other than continuous filament fiberfill because it is so good. And for all those who work at reusing garments that will be a thing of the past because the garments insulated with the continuous filament fiber, Lamilite/Climashield will last so long we in the outerwear business will leave the smallest footprint that can be made.

However, the military of the US and the rest of the world of militaries will probably never stop trying to get an insulation that is better than continuous filament fiberfill no matter the amount of information you present to them demonstrating how good the continuous filament fiberfill is. Unfortunately, they will continually fail at this task but if they don’t try, they will be out of a job.

While Wiggy’s doesn’t sell a sleeping bag to everyone sooner or later those who buy the “no sleep sleeping bags” will come around.

  1. Best Comforters EVER

    I have used this product to make 5 comforters now. They are the best thing we have ever done for our sleep. They are quick to sew-- sewing a couple of panels together if a larger size is desired or just hemming the edges. They wash without the fill shifting and bunching up. I did buy a comforter made by Wiggy's, but the fabric was too stiff to be comfortable. We use it for a daybed slipcover now.

    – Patti Coombs

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