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The following three I felt were worth publishing.

I have been following you for a few years now and you have opened my eyes to the incredible amount of disinformation, otherwise known as public relations/ marketing surrounding the outdoor clothing and camping industry.

As we say in my neck of the woods - Mazal Tov (Hebrew) to you, Kok, Pum and all those that support you.

Congratulations on celebrating 33 years.


Gilbert Tordjman


re: your e-mail of your 33rd anniversary.

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for making such wonderful products for so many years.

I’m sure you’ve saved countless lives, and certainly made thousands more comfortable in the outdoors.

That is a much greater accomplishment than most men can claim, and I would count on your gear in any outdoor situation.

I wish you all the health and happiness you desire.

Take care sir!

Stay sharp!
Jeff Loffer
Cutlery Shoppe

Congratulations, Jerry, Kok and Pom,

That is a terrific milestone.

You are a great team and with your colleagues make terrific USA-made products that perform superbly.

Here’s to the next 33 years, hopefully WITH you, Jerry, for all of them!

Jeff Rubin

Madison, CT

Congrats Jerry,

You’re a reliable standard.

Kim Sax

Canada (Frozen North)

In today’s time I cannot see any new companies staying as long as Wiggy’s. It would take 10 pages for me to list the ups and downs that I had to struggle through. I have met many men of my age group who had the same experiences, who stuck with it and also succeeded, however i have not met the many who also had their ups and downs. they count in the millions!

As an employer and this holds true for countless companies it is hard to find employees and when you finally get someone who has potential they leave after 6 months if you are lucky to have them that long; why, because they are not earning enough money to buy an bmw, corvette or escalade. I was 60 when I could afford to have the credit that would allow me to lease an escalade. However, I switched to F-150’S and they are better than suv’s; my opinion. But the youth of America wants everything now!!! Now is never going to happen for the following reason.

Starting a new company prior to the pandemic was a nightmare and since the pandemic started it is certainly worse.

People in the USA like to buy things. With retail stores closing purchasing has shifted to the internet. I believe most internet sold products are so, so good at best.

If you are an established company with a reputation you will do okay, I am seeing all of the big guys like VF Corporation owner of north face, timberland, jansport and a few others all starting up web sites to sell online. People come to me all the time asking to sell my products on their, soon to be opened online retail operation, I never engage them.

The subject pains me because I see that the lifetime of rugged entrepreneurs is for the time being over. Only time will tell.

I could not believe the following!!!! The article that comes from sporttextiles online magazine.

Partners bring more waterproof-breathable options to North America

There are no waterproof-breathable options because water-proof breathable material or combination of materials does not exist. It has been 50 years since gore offered such a product and for 50 years their product did not work nor has any of the copycats, but these geniuses ignore all of the facts and push on.


Italian firm Altexa and Connecticut-based GHS Holdings have together announced the launch in North America of HDry technology for waterproofing outdoor products through direct, 3D lamination of waterproof, breathable membranes.

Altexa’s founder and chief executive, Matteo Morlacchi, has been involved in developing technology of this kind since 2006 when he first created OutDry technology, selling it to Columbia Sportswear in 2010. Mr Morlacchi moved with OutDry to Columbia and worked for the brand for a number of years before launching HDry.

Columbia sportswear would buy anything that they believed would help sell their products.

GHS Holdings, a manufacturer and distributor of performance gloves, will spearhead HDry North America. The partners have said the technology’s entrance into the North American market will mean “more options for brands looking for a partner in the creation of high-performance, waterproof technology”. They said HDry will work in gloves, footwear and backpacks.

They are oblivious to the fact that ALL goretex lined footwear has successfully TRAPPED moisture from the feet of the wearers in the boots, and they have cold feet. I know it can be put in gloves, big deal. Moisture from hands will stay in the gloves just like it does in boots. I no nothing about backpacks but I do know they are made with materials that are coated waterproof.

It works by applying a waterproof breathable membrane directly to the inner side of the outermost layer of the material used to make the product. It uses a patented 3D lamination process that is seamless and tapeless. Altexa argues that direct lamination of the membrane eliminates drawbacks associated with other “free-hanging” glove and shoe inserts on the market and offers “a higher performance solution that cannot be matched by traditional waterproof systems”.

I do not care what method of lamination they employ to get the film on the fabric the gore company was putting their goretex directly on the fabric as well for the past 50 years. I think the Columbia fabric was also laminated to the film. In ALL cases the fabric with the film is the outermost layer. As far as I know ALL footwear and hand-wear made with these materials is not free hanging, but I suppose I could be wrong.


Where are they going to find manufacturers in the USA today? They should read the same publication they have been written up in and see that gore recently laid of or furloughed 600 more people. If times were good, they would not have a chance against gore regardless of the fact their product never has worked. Times are not good so they have no chance of success. A good case of “more money than brains”.

After I wrote the article I found the following two testimonials.


Hi Jerry,

Wiggy’s Ground Pad performs as advertised.

The first outdoor test was during the day, at about 20° F. Apparently, I was more comfortable than I realized. Before I knew it, I’d fallen asleep and stayed that way for two hours. An unplanned afternoon nap!

Two weeks of tent camping followed - some nights at 15° below zero - tent pitched directly on the snowpack. Comfortable, and no cold spots.

I like the way it unrolls flat. And, it grips the bag; no more sliding around. It rolls up easily, takes less packed space than two closed-cell foam pads, and is more comfortable. The straps are handy; roll up a parka and secure with the straps for a pillow that won’t slip away during the night.

Great product.

Thank you,


In June I called Wiggys to finally purchase a bag, I used one in 2001 and have always wanted one. I'm a bigger guy with upper body girth. Jerry answered the phone and after a quick conversation about the sizing he went straight to the factory floor and set the order in motion. It arrived quickly and now after two BWCA trips this year I could not be happier. It performs above my expectation and is the perfect size for me!

– Chadd Webster

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