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do you really want to subject youself to cancer

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Yesterday I wrote about chemicals that are applied to fabrics that we humans wear most days of our lives. They I believe all are probably the catalyst to activate cancer.

I have been told by doctors we all have cancer in our bodies and it is I believe in a latent state.

Latent; Pathology: (Of an infectious agent or disease) remaining in an inactive or hidden phase; dormant.

The question therefore is how long will cancer remain in the latent state? If you are in the 50 year old part of today’s population you have been subjected to chemicals from birth. Since chemicals do get into our body in very small quantities they may not get out through the normal process which is through our lymphatic system. If the processing is ineffective I believe the chemicals are stored in the fat in our body.

For those unfamiliar with our lymphatic system, it is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.

I had edema and the doctor I went to could not tell me how to void the water in my right leg. I had two sonograms done; one on just my right leg checking for blood clots, none existed and quality of blood flow which was normal. As time went by he ordered a second sonogram on both legs still no blood clots and one edema leg and one non edema leg and blood flow was the same in each, normal. He then recommended compression socks, I spent maybe $100.00 for them and it did nothing.

I then started learning about the lymphatic system and found that blockages in the groin area of my right side were blocked so they could not bring the water back up my leg unless I was lying flat, as in sleeping. I then learned about a “three day lymphatic cleanse” on the healthy and natural world web site. I learned about a special tea and a vegetable broth. I also learned that exercise to the point of sweating which helps to remove toxins then a sauna (I have had one for years but hadn’t been using it, I now use it daily) also bring out more toxins with the sweat.

My right leg is back to normal and I have lost 20 pounds as well.

If you do not keep your lymphatic system healthy you are opening your body to the ravages that will be caused by the plethora of chemicals you are subjected too.

As for the compression socks, that is a big mistake because they constrict the flow of blood and lymph in your legs.

I believe the accumulation of toxins which is what you are subjected to when you buy and use tents such as rei sells and knowingly sells them will show up 10/20 years later and will you remember that you used a tent that was laden with toxic chemicals as those sold by rei, ll bean, dicks, or bass pro to name just a very few.

As I see it when you go to any of these retailers mentioned you are dealing with unethical, immoral, and unscrupulous people who are simply put only interested in getting your money.


When I sell my products the customer is getting a greater value from me than I am getting from the customer.

As an example I sell you an Ultima Thule sleeping bag and the cost is $250.00. You give me the money and I give you the bag. Who has received the better of the deal i.e. the greater value? You may say Wiggy’s because Wiggy’s has received a margin of profit over and above the cost of manufacture to include materials and labor but that is not accurate an assessment. You see while I have the money it is put into the company bank account and then it is spent. So I do not have the money for very long. But you have a sleeping bag that wills if you have taken care of it will last you 25/30 years. If it is 25 years then the cost to you is $10.00 per year. So who has received the better value? You can answer that for yourself.

Of course you will not have any of the extras that come with the “no sleep sleeping bags” that are available at reach and every retail store that sells camping equipment which are the chemicals. Never forget all I use are pure finished fabrics.


When fabric is dyed and finished it goes over drying rollers that are heated to about 300 degrees. So the fabric is weakened. Now if it is put through a water repellent bath where the fabric is saturated with the chemical it then goes over drying rollers heated to 300 degrees a second time further weakening the fabric.

If the fabric is going to have a goretex membrane attached to it, it will have an adhesive applied to it which will now receive the membrane and again the fabric now goes over the drying rollers at about 300 degrees drying the adhesive. Again further weakening the fabric. Sometimes gore puts a fabric over the membrane with the same adhesive which again necessitates the fabric travelling over the drying rollers at 300 degrees. More weakening takes place. But I am not finished the fabric now is subjected to receiving a water repellent treatment which requires one more pass over the drying roller at 300 degrees. The water repellency treatment cannot be done until after the laminations are done.

The end result is a weakened fabric but when you have three layers I guess it makes up for the damage done by the heat.

Is it any wonder that these materials get costly since they are being handled so many times before that are shipped to the cutting factories.


Remember that the air is thinner at altitude so the effect of the vapors coming off of the tent fabric gets worse for you!

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