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The following article is taken from Specialty Fabrics Review web site.

DFND REST powered by CELLIANT shown in IR Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirt and IR Sleepwear Long John.

DFND, makers of compression gear and apparel designed for the military, firefighters, first responders and athletes has partnered with Hologenix®, creators of CELLIANT® a performance textile that converts body heat into infrared (IR) energy. The collaboration has led to a line of unisex sleepwear called DFND REST.

The products focus on increasing recovery and enhancing the performance of the human body. CELLIANT’s IR technology features bioceramics that allow textiles to capture and convert body heat into infrared energy. As a result, DFND says the sleepwear enhances tissue oxygen levels, enhancing sleep, rest and recovery.

“With sleep and rest being so critical to the core components of performance and recovery, DFND REST will have an impact on the lives of soldiers and athletes alike,” said DFND President Steve Burnett.

DFND REST includes three unisex sleepwear designs: IR Short Sleeve V-Neck Shirt; IR Long Sleeve V-Neck Shirt and IR Sleepwear Long John, as well as an IR Recover RX Hood; IR Recover RX Jogger.


There is no special link between heat and infrared radiation, except for the fact that most bodies radiate most of their heat in the infrared spectrum because they don't have enough energy (heat) to radiate at a higher frequency.


Several years ago, I had extensive discussion with some in management and sales of the Celliant product. what I learned is that Celliant is some form of material taken from a rock of some sort which is crusted into a powder form which is then mixed into the liquid chemical for making polyester fiber.

Once the polyester chemical is extruded into fiber form the Celliant powder is completely encased in the fiber. At this point whatever the powder is supposed to do, it cannot do it because it is encapsulated. The reason it is blended with the polyester is because there is no other way to use it.

What we know and is knowledge I have written about for years and you can read in my article “Insulation and How to Stay Warm.” The following is the information taken from the full article.


Radiant heat loss is for all intents not a factor of any consequence. Radiant heat which the human body produces just like the sun is always absorbed by the first solid object that it hits, just like the objects that the sun’s rays hit. If you are active and the temperature is 8o degrees F your core temperature is 98.6 degrees. As your core temperature increases due to your activity your internal body temperature increases and automatically sends the excess heat to your skin surface. Along with the heat coming off of your skin surface—which is radiant heat— there is moist vapor coming out of your pores, which is also warm. This vapor will condense, coating the surface of your skin, which absorbs the heat on the skin’s surface and cools your body; this is because the moisture is absorbing that heat. The heat coming off of your skin’s surface is radiant heat, which is being released into the air. Now if you are dressed and the air temperature is 40º F your body is still giving off radiant heat, only now it is being absorbed by the fabric, i.e., the object covering your body. It does not travel any further away from you. If you are dressed for temperatures as low as -40º F again you are giving off radiant heat but the loss getting outside the layers of clothing is again non-existent, therefore radiant heat loss is not to be considered.

The “Celliant a performance textile” is not a textile unless you stretch it by saying it is part of the polyester fiber which them is made into a fabric. How this Celliant product now “converts body heat into infrared [IR] energy” is never explained. “Enhancing tissue oxygen levels” boarders on being ludicrous. What is equally ludicrous is the following statement, “DFND REST will have an impact on the lives of soldier sand athletes alike, said DFND president steve burnett.”

As I understand it this product is being shown to the government as a possible purchase for the soldiers. Some government representatives will buy into it, I am sure. This sleepwear will also be available to the general public.

Several wrote me in response to last nights article saying they will never learn and it goes on.

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