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enjoying experiences

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My girlfriend (Sharon) ordered me one of your super light 0* rectangle bags with hood on Monday. Can't wait to get it. I had an old used and abused super light that I bought secondhand years ago and it still outperformed all the new high-end bags my friends had by a long shot. Great bag! I'm looking at getting a pad from you too and I'd like to know if your standard pad would be enough ground insulation down to say +10* F? Thanks for your time and please keep doing what you're doing, your bags and I'm sure your other products as well, are the answer to comfort outdoors amid the absolute crap the other companies are turning out. Thanks again, Bob

In these times of concern, stress and who knows what that is affecting people because of the virus I am very happy to receive a testimonial of this nature. As for Bob’s question about my ground pads I wrote back that the original pad I have used as low as -30 F, so he will be comfortable at the +10 degrees F with no problems. That will not be the case when some one using any other brand of any of the infamous no sleep sleeping bags.

Normally during the March April time frame in previous years, the rate of sleeping bags sales slows because people are planning what their funds would be like for taxes, which is understandable. This year sleeping bag sales as well as other items has been very active which initially was a surprise to me.

However, I believe traveling via air is problematic so car transportation will most likely be the way people get away this summer. One friend suggested the sleeping bag buyers may use them on their beds, I hope they also use them on a ground pad in a tent.

In years past I would receive calls from dad’s who were taking their son’s to Philmont Camp in New Mexico but not so far this year. That being the case these dads should just take their son’s out into the wilderness area’s closest to them so their son’s if not familiar with camping get the exposure.

I traveled the New England states for years when I was selling insulations to skiwear manufacturers located in those states so I know how unpopulated those states are. There are numerous locations that one can camp. The same goes for numerous states.

Each day when I walk through the factory, I wear my mask like all of the people working in the factory, but once out the back door I take it off and enjoy the summer sunshine and the breeze. I do the several times a day to get the exercise and of course I have Cookie with me, she otherwise sleeps on her dog bed next to my desk.

When I am outside I have the pleasure of seeing the Book Cliff mountains to my north, the Colorado National Monument to the west and the Grand Mesa to the east, all with elevations from 8000 to 11000 feet and if you were to go into any of them they would be barren of people. I miss it but I am happy to have been in these remote areas. I miss sailing but am happy to say I have done it too.

One thing that cannot be taken from us is our joyful experiences, so think about what you can do considering the times we are living through and I am sure your sons will never forget these experiences as well.                     

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