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father knows best

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Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding products. A few weeks ago, my son and I went camping in north central Wyoming. We woke up to 6" of snow and temperatures in the low 20's with wind gusts up to forty mph. My son was critical of my leg jackets and told me I should have spent the same amount of money on a full body snow suit made of Gore-Tex. However, he spent most of the time in the vehicle trying to stay warm while I was comfortable treading around in the snow! I had on the fishnet base layer, the liner vest, and the liner jacket. At one point I began to perspire, but amazingly, I never got cold, and there was no moisture buildup in my clothing. I also have the FTRSS sleeping bags, and I was toasty all night long. You’re clothing and sleeping bags outperform any other manufacturer in the industry. I would say that you are the leader of the outdoor clothing industry. Nobody else comes close.


Rob Merlo

Rob thank you for sharing your story of being with your son.

It is when I get stories of this nature that a smile comes to my face. What your son failed to realize and hence understand is that he was wearing wet clothing as a direct result of the goretex material NOT BREATHING or letting the moisture while still a vapor out of the full body snowsuit.

The son’s moisture was trapped within the full body snowsuit absorbing his body heat. Rob does not say it but I believe his son never did get warm until he took off the full body snowsuit in a warn environment like his house so the moisture in his clothing if he kept it on could dry. Certainly, if he took it off, he would have been warmer faster.

Rob stayed warm because he was wearing clothing layers that allowed his body’s perspiration to evacuate his clothing so it stayed dry and he stayed warm.

As the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder people will engage in activities that will cause them to perspire. The question I have is will they be wearing clothing that will allow their perspiration while a vapor to escape through their clothing. generally speaking, I think not. So many will be wearing clothing made from materials such as goretex and there are many. Will these people know or understand why they are cold, doubtful? They will not make the connection of their moisture being trapped in their clothing causing them to have a chill.

This is a fact of life, we all sweat and that moisture in a cold environment becomes our enemy. Having an insulation in your clothing that is oblivious to moisture can save your life or at best keep you comfortable.

While I was writing this article the following email testimonial arrived.


Note wife and I have placed an order, one of many, to augment winter gear and replace a few items we have worn hard.

Have lots of your gear and most of it gets used exceptionally hard. Just had your Ducksback poncho on I purchased years ago. I was out shoveling culverts open and clearing ditches with a downpour the entire time. Ditches in places where my John Deere couldn’t go. So, it was my back, come-along, shovel, and pitchfork clearing out drainage clogs.

You have the best gear on planet Earth! No one tops your products! Wish I had gear like this while in the military.

Thank you, Sir, for producing products that are rare in quality & performance. To top it off, it is MADE IN THE USA!


It is my intention to continue to keep making Wiggy products on planet Earth.

Sales of the Antarctic parka are robust. I am not surprised because numerous customers wrote or called asking if they could get one. I have a nice inventory of Ducksback still available so those who want one are in luck. I also have an inventory of Nomex so those who want FR parkas can get them. $450.00 without the reflective tape and $500.00 with it. Colors available are black and navy blue.

Call to order.

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