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GSA Follow-up

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Dealing With the Government

Wiggy's GSA Follow-up Letter

The above letter was the response from the letter I sent to President Trump explaining that I filed a complaint with the GSA about them allowing the Snugpak brand of these “no sleep sleeping bags” being sold to our troops via GSA contract holders and that ProForce was NOT A MANUFACTURER of anything but an importer of these Snugpak products. I stated unequivocally that the “no sleep sleeping bags” were erroneously temperature rated and were in many cases made with materials that are combustible—meaning they support combustion when ignited.

This letter is the result of my attempting to bring this gross waste of our tax dollars—first to the GSA directly, and since they did nothing, then to their current boss—and you can see it is still meaningless.

However, what I am noting—and not for the first time—is the ineptitude of these civil servants. They are directing me hither and yon and further saying that they have no record of me filing a report on this matter.

Suggesting that I apply for a GSA contract is something I would never do. I had one once and found out that you have to sell them at the lowest price and every quarter give then a ¼ percent kick back of all sales made in each previous quarter.

I concede to each and every company that makes “no sleep sleeping bags” and will not ever bid against you from now on. I will be satisfied selling each and every grunt my bags as they become disenchanted with what trash is being issued to them.

It is very obvious that the civil servants chose to do nothing about complaints. Soldiers out in the field do not complain except to each other when equipment does not perform. i remember hearing many times the training sgt's tell guys who complained your "mother" isn't here to take care of you. So the soldier just sucks it up. 

If the GSA acted on the complaints submitted to them maybe we wouldn't be wasting as much money as we are. Maybe we wouldn't have soldiers having problems in the field as we do.

Maybe the if the GSA cracked down on the many charlatans who serve the small units with their bogus products we would see better products made available to our troops.

As far as I am concerned i chose to go my own way and that is to just ignore the solicitations that are coming out. i do not believe the bogus solicitation that the Marine Corpse gave outdoor research will or would have been resolved favorably to me so they are history too. 

And lastly I view this letter as gibberish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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