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Yesterday I attempted to summit Horn Peak, near Westcliffe CO, didn’t make it because of the wind. However, my Ducksback Sweater, Fishnet Long Underwear, and Balaclava kept me warm, even with the significant windchill above 13,000 ft.

I really love your lightweight balaclava, I have your heavyweight one too, but didn’t quite need that yesterday. It really keeps my head warm and makes my hikes much more enjoyable. I must have too small a head, because it slips down over my eyebrows. So, I made a modification with some paracord today when I got back home, please see my attached photos. It fits perfectly now! Thought you might like to see it.

BTW, I started using oregano oil daily, since reading your e-mails about it. Guess what? No colds, flus, COVID, etc. I swear by it now, even have gotten used to the burning!


-Art Menichiello
Albuquerque NM

Art thank you for your letter via e mail.

I believe the wearing of the fish nets did make all worn over them work better. Good modification on the hat. I will speak with Kok about possibly adding it to the hats after the winter season, to busy to work on it now. I am especially glad to know you are using the oregano oil.

I now often hear from customers that they too are using the oregano oil with good results of no colds.

Not only do I strongly recommend taking the oregano oil but wearing a mask when ever out in the public. I heard this morning on the news that a study was done on air travel. One airline is rigid about wearing a mask the entire flight. Two people who boarded had the virus and after a long flight when the passengers left the plane the two with the virus were still the only two on the plane. That is a testament to how well wearing a mask can work.


I recently wrote about the underwear industry now manufacturing breathable underwear so I question what have they been manufacturing for the past 100 years or longer; non-breathable underwear?

Just yesterday I saw a commercial for work out tights. They had a young shapely woman putting them on and the person talking about them to my astonishment said the were “breathable”!!! as she pulled them up her legs you could see the knitted material stretch so the spaces between the yard opened up slightly. Are these workouts stretch pants different from what the company has otherwise produced [ I didn’t listen to the company name]. I suspect these workout pants are a product they have always made.

You see on television commercials for bed sheets that are “breathable” today as if what these bed sheet manufacturers have suddenly done different since the inception of these companies. The answer is no, unequivocally.

I believe had it not been for the B/S emanating from the W.L. GORE CONPANY about their product being erroneously called a “waterproof and breathable” material for the past 50 years the use of the term “breathable” would rarely be heard if ever with reference to textile materials.

Maybe one day soon a diaper manufacturer will come out with a breathable diaper. If one does there are some who will by them.

I am appalled at the lack of knowledge on display in the textile industry. If I say “don’t you mean vapor permeable” they look at me with a dull look. Why because they don’t exactly know what I am saying. Their response is “well isn’t it the same thing” , and of course the answer is no. If I say aren’t you breathing? They say yes and if I show them a fabric that is not laminated to anything and I say, “is this material breathing” they say, “well no”. And I say that is correct because it does not have lungs like you and me. we BREATH and fabrics do not. I then show them a piece of fabric that has been laminated to goretex film and ask, “ does this fabric now breath since it has been laminated to the goretex film?” they hesitate and ultimately say, “well no”, and I now ask the million dollar question, “why not?” They ponder the question knowing full well goretex has been on the market for 50 years advertising their product to be breathable, I am not interested in the b/s about waterproof, but just an answer to its breathability. They may begin to cite things in an attempt to justify the breathability and I stop them. I then tell them what the apparently do not know. Material is inanimate not alive and has no lungs so it cannot breathe.

I just read in textile world magazine about a company that now has a fabric for use in making mace masks that breathes, will b/s ever end.

The person I am conversing with is a sales manager so it is his job to “make and increase sales” and that means if products are made with goretex laminated fabrics are being sold by other companies then “by god we will do the same”!

Occasionally I will get a guy in his 50’s in the store here and he will ask if I have any goretex products. I say no because it does not work. He as it happens owns some goretex rain jackets. I ask if his sweat gets out and he says no, so regardless of what I say he is not going along with reality. Doesn’t buy anything and never returns.

I used to think of people in the industry as being ignorant of the facts, now I think of them as being illiterate because they cannot read the facts. The gore family should be proud of bobby’s accomplishment to get the word "breathable" out there.


Fabric from Under Armour “replenishes lost moisture”


Under Armour has developed a fabric said to moisturise dehydrated skin. The technology is launching in a selection of tops and bottoms.

The UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse line is embedded with moisturising microspheres that “activate on contact, releasing extracts onto the skin through friction to help replenish lost moisture and keep it there longer” without any “stickiness or sliminess”.

According to the brand’s tests, a wearer’s moisturisation increased 26% after three consecutive 7-hour day

And these garments are probably breathable to boot.

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