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In mid-summer I received a call from a civilian I believe working at the army base in Red Stone Arsenal inquiring about my Antarctic sleeping bag noting the national stock number (NSN). A quantity of 15000 not mentioning where they were going. The following day I received a call from a woman in the navy with the same enquiry. She knew the guy from the army base who maybe gave her the information.

She told me she was with a department of the navy that secured product for foreign militaries. She told me this was for the Indian army. That day or the next I received an email from a guy in the employ of a company ADS located in Virginia Beach and then a call about 1500 bags for the Indian army, but it was going through the Marine Corps. Are you still with me, good because it gets a little more involved! I then get a call from a civilian in the employ of the Marines at Quantico about these bags. But it doesn’t stop there.

Over the next few weeks, I get calls from GSA contractors about these bags, quantity 15000. In all cases they are asking for the Wiggy’s Antarctic bag and siting the NSN.

During this total time frame, I receive first emails and then phone calls from the Indian embassy in Washington, D.C. I establish a very friendly relationship with them. They specifically wanted my Antarctic bag they tell me, so I feel very good about the situation.

Time goes by and nothing happens. I send a sample of the Lamilite/Climashield that I use in the bags which is sent to New Delhi. Now things get interesting. The report from New Delhi states that the American military at the US embassy wants to know how Wiggy’s can make a 60 below 0 bag for a couple of hundred dollars when they have maybe a sample from Kelty for $600.00. I tell the Indian contact that it is impossible.

I further told him the following; Kelty is a brand name owned by Exxel company and Kelty does not own a sewing machine. Exxel makes Walmart $12.00 kids go to the friend’s house sleep over bags. The entirety of the Exxel company hasn’t any knowledge of insulation or manufacturing knowledge to make sleeping bags.

Why was the Indian military shown the Kelty brand because Kelty and ADS work hand in hand! ADS works very closely with the army department that provides product to foreign militaries.

I did send the Indian military one of my Antarctic bags. Now they could test my bag against any other so called sleeping bag in the world.

Time has gone by since my last communication with the Indian army, so I decided to send the following email to them and you can see the response.

On Nov 11, 2020, at 11:11 AM, Wiggys <wiggys@wiggys.com> wrote:

Time goes by so fast.

Since that is the case has a decision been made to at some point buy a sleeping bag for the troops or has a buy been made of “NO SLEEP SLEEPING BAGS” for the troops?

I await your answer.


Jerry Wigutow


Wiggy's Inc.

Phone: 866-411-6465

Email: wiggys@wiggys.com

November 13, 2020

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for the email.

I checked up from my headquarters on the progress of trials. As the US government did not recommend Wiggy sleeping bags, extensive trials are under progress and the sleeping bag has to be tested in extreme winter condition, which would be up to actual winter season.

Will keep you posted, on updates.


When I read this email, I was in a state of mild disbelief.

I have written extensively about the no nothing people employed at the army testing laboratory in Natick, MA. But I did not know how devious it has gotten.

Literally every person involved in this Indian deal is a person with a “rectal brain”. The same holds true for all people involved in dealing with insulated products that are worn or attempted to be slept in. They all have the same malady “rectal brain”. For those who don’t understand the reference it means their brains are located in their rectums.

The Wiggy’s Antarctic bags are used as the cold weather training bag in Greeley Alaska and have been for at the least 25 years. A few years ago, the navy needed -60 degree bags when they were working on the ice where the submarines break through the ice. If memory serves correctly, they purchased about two hundred. I cannot tell you how many more have been sold to the military. Even this ADS company has bought them to supply to the military since they are so friendly with Kelty why didn’t they go to them? Because Kelty through Exxel does not know how to make one.

How about EVERY Air Force bomber [B1,B2 B52] all have survival kits made by Wiggy’s in their ejection seats! Almost every fighter [F15, F22, F35] have survival kits manufactured by Wiggy’s in their ejection seats! I cannot tell you how many helicopters carry vacuum packed ULTIMA THULES.

The Kodiak Coast Guard carries the Wiggy’s hypothermia bags on board their choppers. The hypothermia bag has a US NSN as well as two Canadian NSN’S.

Wiggy’s has sold thousands of SUPER LIGHT FTRSS systems to the military since its inception in 1993, the Natick employees tried copying it and over the course of 10 years I believe tried making modifications until they stopped making them because they failed to keep anyone warm below 40 degrees.

I could offer many more examples of how well my bags work by citing the thousands of civilians who own them. All one needs to do is read the several hundred newsletters I have posted with the comments of users.

I was told that I should ask who said to the Indian military the “US GOVERNMENT DID NOT RECOMMEND WIGGY SLEEPING BAGS”? This person is not a rectal brain, this person has no brain. That statement includes all he is in cahoots with to make such an outrageous statement.

I have been working with insulations starting in 1961 and have seen every product that some genius has put on the market that does not work. I have seen continuous filament fiberfill that makes literally every other form of insulating material obsolete. The audacity for this person or persons to represent a position of the U.S. GOVERNMENT stating that the U.S. GOVERNMENT DOES NOT RECOMMEND MY PRODUCT is a reflection on me as if I do not know how to make a sleeping bag good for any temperature is an insult to my intelligence. Until the Wiggy’s line of sleeping bags there have NEVER been any sleeping bags with accurate temperature ratings. I did not realize that a U.S. GOVERNMENT employee had the authority to tell anyone especially a foreign government not to buy a product from a company that they wanted.

What if I told the Air Force, they couldn’t get survival kits from Wiggy’s where could they go; CHINA? What if the Indian military learned that Exxel under the Kelty label went to CHINA? Exxel does get product made in CHINA.

What if I told all of the GSA contract holders to take Wiggy’s off of their contracts where would they get sleeping bags?

Today I am fed up with having to deal directly or indirectly with government employees who are constantly insulting my intelligence when it comes to insulation. Let them go all over the world looking for a group because they will not find any individual with my knowledge. When they find the group, they still would not have my knowledge.

I am very happy providing my products to the non-military consumer market, the military can do as the consumers do, ORDER ON LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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