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ingesting oil of oregano

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I was asked if I took oregano oil internally often and I said daily. I was further asked if I gave my body a rest and I said no. So I did the research about it and what follows is what I found very quickly. The way I believe in Lamilite as an insulation I believe in oil of oregano.

How do I take oregano oil internally?

For many of us, staying in great health is a priority. Everyone knows that a good diet and exercise is a great method for keeping your body in peak condition. Getting sick or developing a chronic condition is a fact of life, however, that can be avoided by taking advantage of the outstanding health benefits of oregano oil and ingesting oil of oregano is a go-to option.

Oregano oil is an all natural oil with numerous health benefits but the nature of the oil ha always made users to have a second thought on taking the oil internally. Oregano oil if taking internally can be very effective in fighting bacterias and viruses right in our bloodstreams.

Even so, oregano oil has been used by traditional healers for thousands of years which is one of the reasons many today sort oregano for many of the health issues plaguing our society even to this day.

A lot of people leap instantly to traditional medicine in an effort to fix even the most minor issues. While it’s true that the medical field has developed a lot of medications and procedures to benefit your health, these treatments are often expensive and come with a lot of side effects.

Herbal supplements and oils can make a big difference in the way you feel and the way you function. This post will focus on the benefits of ingesting oregano oil, and how it can apply to your lifestyle.

Let’s get started!

Oregano Oil: An Overview and Background

It’s important to understand every substance that you put into your body, so before we spend time discussing the benefits of ingesting oregano oil, let’s talk a bit about what it actually is. Oregano, the common name for the Origanum vulgare species, is a hard and bushy herb that is a member of the mint family. Oregano oil is extracted from the raw herb and is used in therapeutic uses as a supplement. Although you can find the herb all over, the majority of oregano oil is extracted from Origanum vulgare native to the Mediterranean region.

In the following section, we’ll discuss the composition of oregano oil and how those chemicals function and affect your body. We have mentioned the composition of oregano oil in some of our articles but we will still go ahead and mention them on here for the purpose of this article.

How does oil of oregano work?

Let’s list off the ingredients in oregano oil and their purpose and function.

Primary Ingredients


Carvacrol is an ingredient with research-backed results in treating a variety of bacterial infections. These infections include but are not limited to: E. coli, salmonella, and staph infections.


In addition to treating bacterial infections, ingesting oregano oil makes use of the natural fungicide Thymol. This substance helps boost your immune system, protect against toxins, and encourages your body to heal quickly and correctly.

Secondary Ingredients

The preceding substances are the main active ingredients in oregano, but there are also a lot of secondary inclusions that contribute to the supplement’s benefits.

Rosmarinic Acid

Rosmarinic Acid is an antioxidant that has shown powerful capabilities in preventing free radical damage.

Free radicals are harmful substances produced both by issues inside your body as well as exposure to outside factors like pollution, cigarettes, and alcohol. It has also been used to treat allergic asthma and is thought to assist in reducing your risk for cancer.


Beta-caryophyllin works by reducing inflammation. It’s also shown promise in treating arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis!


Secondary ingredients with varying usefulness’s and applications include Vitamin C, E, and A, iron, manganese, niacin, boron, zinc, calcium, copper, and potassium.

When you can ingest oil of oregano and benefits

Now that you know exactly what you’ll be putting in your body and how those substances work, let’s get into the real purpose of this article: why you should consider ingesting oregano oil. If you check in some of our articles a wide range of infections has been mentioned and how oregano oil can help you. It is also of prime importance to understand how to use oregano oil properly and how much can you take internally. For the purpose of this article, we will mention just a few and for those which requires you to ingest the oregano oil for a better health.

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are a condition widely associated with women, and most everyone has experienced a yeast infection at one point or another.

Yeast infections are caused by the organism Candida Albicans, and are generally associated with vaginal itching, burning, and discharge. Most women immediately head to the doctor when they have a yeast infection, as the drug Diflucan is generally prescribed to get rid of the effects,

Believe it or not, there are some yeast infections that have become resistant to Diflucan. What are we supposed to do in that situation?

Oregano oil has shown great effectiveness in treating even infections that don’t respond to medication. Next time you have a yeast infection, consider picking up some oregano oil and save both money and time!

Urinary Tract Infections

This application is another benefit mainly targeted at ladies. The vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by exposing the urinary tract to E. Coli. There are multiple avenues in which this can occur, such as poor personal hygiene, sexual intercourse, and even some antibiotics!

Women with UTIs usually report pain in the abdomen, bladder, or pelvis as well as pain during intercourse and urination.

As we discussed above, oregano oil contains Carvacrol, a natural substance that treats E. Coli.

Treating the E. Coli leads to getting rid of your urinary tract infection in a safe and natural way.

Parasitic Infections

In addition to treating yeast and urinary tract infections, oregano oil has shown promise in treating parasitic infections. As the name suggests, these infections are caused by foreign parasites that transfer the infection to your body.

Parasitic infections often include symptoms like abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. These infections are often treated with antibiotics like Tinidazol, but just as with yeast infections, there are parasitic diseases that are resistant to drugs.

Oregano oil has shown great promise in treating even antibiotic-resistant parasitic infections.

Respiratory Infections

We mentioned above that ingesting oregano oil can help with allergic asthma, but that’s far from its only benefit when it comes to keeping your lungs happy and healthy.

Oregano oil has proven effects when treating strains of both pneumonia and staph infections. While these infections are often relatively serious, try the oil as a first-line treatment and seek medical treatment if your symptoms don’t improve.


An infection of Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureas, more commonly known as MRSA, is not something you want to try to treat with a home remedy. If you’re experiencing symptoms like swollen, painful red bumps with pus, you should always go to the doctor.

That said, a team of researchers made up of both Indian and British scientists have found that the antibacterial properties gained from ingesting oregano oil can help kill the MRSA super bug. Who would have thought?

Advice on Ingesting and Using Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil is considered a “hot” oil which means it can cause certain skin irritation when usedundiluted or taken in high concentrations or dosage. It is advised not to use the full strength of oregano oil. Never to apply Oregano oil on broken skins and or open wounds. Oil of oregano is intended for short-term use only, and in diluted small doses for oral usage. Oregano oil can either be ingested or applied topically which greatly depends on the condition you are using it for.

For therapeutic use of the oregano oil, infants, children, pregnant or nursing women should avoid the use of Oregano essential oils and consult a qualified medical expert at first.

People that are allergic to basil, lavender, marjoram, mint, or sage are also commonly allergic to oregano and its essential oil.

Using oregano essential oil for medicinal purposes, you should understand that essential oil quality matters. Always try to check whether the supplier of the essential oil you wish to use employs organic growing methods, and knows how to properly distill oils. Buy your oils from a trusted source with reviews from other buyers. If oregano plant is improperly grown or distilled, they can have toxic chemical residues which could be harmful.

Carrier Oils are mostly used to dilute oregano oil which is highly recommended to ease spreading or an easy massage to the affected area. Common carrier oils may include sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or a plain Ole Salve. You can start as low as a 1% mixture depending on how much it helps you and you can move right up to a 10% mixture and only move up to a 10% mixture if required and for best results.

Using carrier oils to dilute Oregano Oil is a great idea. You can start off with small doses and increase dosage if need be or required and only up to about 10% if necessary and with observation. You can always use a teaspoon, tablespoon or one fluid ounce. You can as well find oregano capsules which are also highly effective.

Oregano Oil: A Natural Supplement With Real Effects

Unlike a lot of supplements that have flooded the market, oregano oil isn’t snake oil. There are real, demonstrable effects backed by academic research that provide great benefits to “ingesters”. Next time you find yourself faced with an infection, really consider whether you need the attention of a doctor. You may find that a supplement with the healing powers of oregano oil can solve your problem without medical intervention.

I hope all of this information is beneficial. After all if people aren’t healthy they will not go camping and them I’ll have to find another occupation. Also, it says that I am the author but I am not!

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