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I own an arctic sleeping bag which has kept me warm and happy at -30 degrees…. I also enjoy the comforter you make which has made a big difference when the power goes out in the winter….Your arctic jacket has kept me warm and comfortable in temperatures reaching -30 degrees outside. All the sleeping bags that are in mid-range are excellent and I have several of those.

E. P WAINSCOTT A happy customer


I’ve ordered two sleeping bags from your company and I have to say the quality of your product is outstanding and best of all they’re proudly made in the USA.

Thank your employees for job well done.

Best Regards,

David Stalter

David is one of many who have supported Wiggy’s because we are made in the USA, and the list grows longer each day.


Senor Jerry, I’m the dude from San Diego that found one of your sleeping bags buried in a bucket. Thank you again for swapping it for a new one.

Update: I’ve returned to the desert twice since we spoke (and found 7 more buckets! one full of bullets!) and slept in the new Wiggy’s bag both times. The nights were bitter cold and through them I slept like a full-bellied baby. Almost even snored right through a pack of coyotes howling like rabid banshees directly outside the truck.

So, my review? It's an unqualified 5 stars on all fronts.

The desert bucket saga is done. I doubt I’ll be going back since the property I was searching has since been put on the market.

But so many people remain interested in the story that I’m making a YouTube video. About finding the buckets. And since I found a Wiggy’s sleeping bag in one that'll be in the video. I want here and now to ask your permission (call it a blessing, if you will) to include a few brief snippets of our communication, since it’s the only way to explain how I wind up in a new Wiggy’s bag later on in the video.

I’d also like to ask permission to include a few very brief clips from the YouTube videos you’ve posted to your own Wiggy’s website. I watched them all before I called you that first time and had a good time doing so. Even in clip form they’re a good introduction to who you are and what you make.

My video is no big deal. But I still don’t want to step on any toes. My only aim is to share with anyone who may watch your generosity of spirt toward me and the blatantly superior product you bring to bear.

Thank you,

Ryan W

I have given Ryan permission to use what ever he wants from the Wiggy website. I also told him when he publishes his video, I will link it to my web site.

Sorry to know his digging area is no longer available to him, who knows what he would find?


All continues to go well at Wiggy’s with respect to sleeping bag sales. They take precedence over all other products at this time and for how long that will last, I do not know. I do know and appreciate that so many are ordering because our sleeping bags are made in the USA and they are mad with materials that are chemically free. We are also now able to ship for delivery in less than 10 days, but I am not going to remove that from the web site at this time.

Tanks to all of you for your support.

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