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Just returned from a research trip way down south where the avg daily temp is still neg. 30. I took along my new ducks back artic parka, mittens, and head gear. I experienced a lot of physical hard work and was worried about sweating in my gear and freezing. I was properly layered with other Wiggy’s gear and never experienced discomfort. More importantly, the artic parka vented well and I was dry as a bone at the end of the day. I have never found a glove where my fingertips didn’t freeze until now. The artic mittens were superb as well as my head covering. No disappointments ever when using your gear. That's why I have been a fan and supporter since 1995! Thanks to Jerry for getting my gear to me on time as promised!
You can NOT go wrong with this company. Outstanding products and great value. Thanks again Jerry and God bless,
Mark R.

– mark roach

I assume Mark was in Antarctica. Mark learned that the Lamilite insulation does a remarkable good job of allowing the moisture to escape to the out- side of the garment.

To make a long story short, I am on a cross-country bicycle ride to raise money for a cancer charity after having survived prostate cancer myself. In Washington state I was riding to colonial creek campground getting rained on all day! I was actually riding in a river of water on the road. Every article of clothing that I had got wet during the ride. I got to the campground and it was 36°! It was still raining. I got wetter and colder as I set up my tent. I was shivering so much by the time I got the tent up that I couldn’t light my backpacking stove to have a nice warm drink to help me warm up. So, with nothing left to do, I got into my Wiggy’s sleeping bag, the over bag, by the way, only rated to 35f, with all my wet things on. Within a half hour I was plenty warm and by the time I woke up in the morning most of my clothes were dry and of course sleeping bag was bone dry! Wiggy, I think your gear saved my life.

– Robert Ferrari

Robert found out how really the Lamilite is when it gets wet. And yes, I do believe the Lamilite gear did save his life. This is not the first time someone has written to me about an experience of a similar nature.

There is a testimonial from a few years back that came from a hunter in Alaska. He was stuck on the ground not being able to fly out because of the weather. Since he was sheep hunting, he took his light weight down bag. when he got back to his plane and not being able to fly, he got into the down bag and in a short time was freezing. He remembered that he had his Wiggy’s over bag and put the down bag in it. Within ½ an hour he was warm, warm enough to go to sleep. Remarkably when he woke, he found the down bag mostly dry.

There experience people have while using Wiggy products when it comes to water in any state is universal, it is always good. There are two factors; one the use of the Climashield fiberfill which as we know is the finest insulating material in the world. Actually, in my opinion it is the only insulating material in the world. And two; the way we at Wiggys use it, non-quilted so t is always uniform and as such allows the moisture our bodies generate to easily escape through the now Climashield/Lamilite.

It’s interesting to me that I have spent my career in the outdoor industry working with synthetic fiberfill insulations and my customers have proven me correct in all aspects of what I have claimed about fiberfill's specifically the continuous filament fiberfill product and all of the old time knuckleheads

And all those knuckleheads who have followed them through the years still don’t get it.

I decided to look up the meaning of knucklehead and the following is what I found; a stupid, bumbling, inept person. And that my friends describes a multitude of people working in the outdoor industry today!

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