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lamilite socks

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Trapper's Best Friend—Lamilite Socks

I wear muck boots all day and they don't breath.
Even when wearing 100% merino socks I end up getting soggy wet socks and cold toes.
Bought a pair of these to try and I will never go back to anything else.
They are warm even with perspiration, dry very quickly and also seems to keep my boots drying faster (some days I wake up to damp boots from not having enough time to dry them overnight) because they seem to absorb most of the moisture.
They also don't smell too bad even after multiple days without changing.
Been wearing for about year, washing ever 2 weeks and they are not showing significant wear / damage.
I will be buying another few pairs.
it's too bad they don't have 1/2 sizes but I am grateful at least they go down to a size 3. I am between 3-4. The three were too tight so I had to cut some threads to fit. Will try size four for the next order.
If you work in the field or outdoors in norther Canada or Alaska... you will want to have these.


Sleeping Warm in Switzerland under a Wiggy’s comforter

In one of the coldest and wet Swiss winters we were quite cold under a Merinos wool blanket plus Ikea duvet.
Based on our excellent experience with our Wiggy's sleeping bags (Ultima Thule + Ftrss, regularly used from the Alps to Africa to the French Riviera etc. on bunks, trucks, hammocks, old beat-up farm beds, fishing trawlers) we ordered their Comforter.
And yes, we now sleep warm and comfortable and the bed feels warm in under a minute. An excellent product.

Critics will be delighted to hear that Wiggy's Comforter is bulky, in line with their sleeping bags, and heavy-ish, so it doesn't shift when u roll in bed - (and why drive a Pick-up truck otherwise?) and that a like-new one-owner king size+ Merino’s wool 'Alviero Martini' designer blanket is up for sale.

White Hunter

The most interesting comment for me is Maddog’s observation that his muck boots are drying faster than before wearing the Lamilite socks.

I made contact with the two companies that make muck boots wanting to sell them Lamilite to line their boots. They were not even interested in seeing a sample of the Lamilite. I did not expect to get an interest from them. So, all people who use wear muck boots are potential Lamilite socks buyers.

Just like the hunting boot manufacturers who have chosen not to line their boots with Lamilite their customers are Lamilite socks buyers.

Lamilite socks sales are very substantial these days because people who have had cold feet no longer have cold feet because they have purchased Lamilite socks.

I wonder if any of the large producers of wool socks have purchased any so someday, they might add Lamilite socks to their line of products. I suspect not because it would cut into their knitted sock production, and we can’t have that, now can we.

Just like the sleeping bag makers and jacket makers not wanting to use Lamilite from me or Climashield even though they all know it is the superior insulation to all others, so their attitude is damn the customers. So, what do they use, chopped staple fiber which is a has been form of insulation since the continuous filament came into the marketplace, originally called Polar Guard, and now called Climashield and that was 1968!

There is a prevalent attitude in the “outdoor industry” that is not favorable towards the ultimate consumers of their products. All of these companies have one thing in common, trying to increase their bottom line. If it means putting product into stores that matter of factly do not perform for the purpose intended they do not care. why, don’t they care?

The reason they do not care is simple, first of all these companies do not have knowledgeable people on staff. These companies may have customer service personnel who answer the phones but have a script to respond to callers. Getting more information simply is not available. Why do these companies need customer service personnel because the products are placed in retail stores and the stores do not have knowledgeable personnel on the sales floor who can answer your questions? These floor service people give you the company’s customer service number.

I said products placed in retail stores, not necessarily sold to the stores. From what I am told the retail stores provides a kiosk for the manufacturer who gets paid as merchandise is sold. This explains why some manufacturing companies show wall street constant increase in sales because they show on their books sales to retailers regardless. What happens to the merchandise that doesn’t sell? Is it returned or closed out someplace?

The reality that the consumer is facing when they purchase or want to purchase a technical garment or other type of product such as a sleeping bag, you are out of luck. As an actual manufacturer versus using a contract sewing operation in Asia, I get calls from customers or potential customers with questions. I ask when they mention another company if they called them? They tell me they got a runaround.

This is how things have gotten since so much of industry has been consolidated into multinational corporations. They do not care about quality or all that is associated with it, just the bottom line.

I have observed over the past 20 years a constant decrease in the overall quality of products made for sale in the USA and the rest of the world. In the USA we do have consumers who have noted the lose of quality but the rest of the world is getting these things for the first time so they have no prior knowledge. Maybe that is where the unsold merchandise goes. So, these large corporations are satisfied with what they deliver to USA stores.

Maybe the way things are these days as a direct cause of the pandemic people will open small businesses to produce products in the USA.

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