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lamilite socks and head cover and more

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Unlike regular socks they always feel dry on the inside. The water leaving your skin by sweating and vapor diffusion is rapidly pulled away by the Lamilite.
They arrive from the factory nearly odor-free, smelling only of clean nylon fabric. I can’t explain why they don’t become funky with use. I wore them for three months of weekend hikes, without washing, and they still didn’t stink. The only change was some loss of loft.
After washing the original loft is restored.
I wondered how durable they would be, but after a year they still look new.
This is a fantastic product.

– Pete Clark

Wiggy Awesome!

I am a longtime, hardcore, dedicated Wiggy faithful. And so, when I my was faced with a situation of having to send a team of workers asked to install equipment (for weeks) on an industrial roof in the cold, harsh, winter storm month of January in Buffalo, NY - gearing them up with the best damn insulated clothing on this planet was easy. In fact, it was just a few clicks away! Wiggy!!!!!

This insulated head cover is fantastic. It is absolutely warm and provides a wind breaking element to it. It has an adjustable flap that covers the face, which is very practical. This has turned out to be the perfect clothing for my team and to anyone who is operating in harsh cold environments.

This product is another example to me why I need to buy more Wiggy products beyond the sleeping bags.

– John Mulkern

I've posted a testimonial recently for my Wiggy's Sweater.
I consider it the most important piece of outerwear I'll ever own, the one to never be without.

I have several Wiggy's sleeping bags.
I have camped in my Wiggy's bags in cold weather, but not the Rocky Mountain conditions for which they're made.

For me they are essential no matter where I am.
They are my assurance that no matter where or under what cold-weather conditions I may need to sleep or shelter, I have there at hand the best possible means to ensure I can stay well and sleep restfully.
There can be those times when that is critical to your life or survival.
When those times may possibly be at hand, I already know Wiggy has it covered for me and it's right.... here.

Wiggy's bags being so resilient to being stored tightly rolled for any period is a feature which stands alone and is integral to what makes them such absolutely essential gear for life and self-care.

The same applies to my Wiggy's Sweater and I appreciate it in the same way. My life takes twists and turns. The more easily and with less fuss my soft gear packs and travels, the more valuable it is to me and my lifestyle.
And the better then I can be sure that I have it with me when I need it.

If it's life-essential gear then it has to work, no excuses.
Thanks Wiggy's for using the best zippers on the planet.
There's no compromise in this gear folks.
One thing you can absolutely count on in a cold world.

– Unknown [my research suggests it may have been Dan, I really like when writers at the least sign their first name, but thank you anyway]


Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air. Water vapor, the gaseous state of water, is generally invisible to the human eye. Humidity indicates the likelihood for precipitation, dew, or fog to be present.

How does humidity affect temperature?

Humidity makes the temperatures feel hotter than it actually is because it affects how well sweat can evaporate from your skin. If the air outside or inside is at 100 percent humidity, sweat won’t evaporate from your skin. This makes you feel warmer.

How does fog form?

Fog is a meteorological phenomenon caused by a supersaturation of the air, so that it can no longer hold water vapor. The water vapor precipitates out into small droplets of condensation, or fog. The processes are similar to those which make clouds, although fog forms close to the ground, rather than higher up in the atmosphere.

I bring up the subject of humidity to further explain why a product like goretex and all of the copycats do not work as they all advertise them to work.

Humid air in the atmosphere moves very slowly. If you are in a fog condition you know that the air is moving very slowly because the fog is visible. In order for a film laminated to a fabric to allow a vapor to pass through it the vapor must be moving. The speed of the vapor is unknown to me but the speed of the vapor coming out of the human body is insufficient to cause the vapor to pass through it.

When you wear clothing you actually create a climate around your body. The garments constrain the vapor coming out of your body and based on the humidity factor the movement of this vapor will slow or condense with in the climate that your clothing has created around you.

If the outside temperature and the humidity factor are high the vapor movement is slow and if the outside temperature is low regardless of the humidity factor the vapor within your climate surrounding you the vapor will quickly change to a liquid state and you will feel a chill,

The end result is clear, the outer garment made from material laminated to a film such as goretex will never allow the vapor from the human body to pass through to the outside of the garment, if it ever gets that far.

Bill and his son Bobby claimed to be scientists, in the case of their work with goretex they used junk science. They demonstrated to me and the rest of the industry that they could sell their product by advertising it as the next best thing to come along since sliced white bread. They brought the product to market when people were easily swayed with a miracle material.

They spoke of a material as if they had a material, but they never did to begin with. They had a flimsy film that they were laminating to material they purchased from nylon converters. Today they buy these materials from the source not the converters anymore and they laminate their film to their material so I guess they are now selling material that has the film on it. Keep in mind they must do this since they cannot sell the film to a manufacturer on its own.

The industry went hook, line and sinker into promoting their products that were made of goretex laminated fabrics. With the help of gore, they promoted the goretex lined product to the consumers. The consumers believed that it worked since every company serving the outdoor marketplace said so.

Consumers bought into it as well, until they realized their sweat was not getting out of the garment they were wearing, it did not breath as claimed or it was not vapor permeable. Then they realized their waterproof garment wasn’t waterproof any longer than the garments they had been buying with the “durable water repellent treatment” were. But to my amazement goretex garments were growing in popularity. The one garment that has also sold very well are boots lined with goretex, literally every man I have ever spoke with who has goretex lined boots complains that their feet stay wet in the boots and in cold weather their feet get cold.

All of this said scientific evidence shows that a material that is vapor permeable as woven nylon is will lose its vapor permeability when laminated to a PTFE film [goretex as well as all copycats]. The film as a separate entity is also vapor permeable. But when you introduce an adhesive to hold the materials together at least 90 percent of the vapor permeability that each material on its own has of the vapor permeability is lost because the holes in each material are clogged with the adhesive. Gore did not stop there; they then laminated a tricot fabric to the exposed side of the film and we now have another layer of adhesive which in my opinion effectively reduced the vapor permeability to zero.

I believe that Bill and Bobby Gore knew that they had a bogus product from the get-go but chose to pursue marketing it anyway because they realized that the consumers wanted such a product even if it did not work. Their vision was a sucker is born every day, just like P.T. Barnum.

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