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lamilite socks, muk luks and over boots

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I do have a testimonial for you. I went for a hike a month or so ago, and it was around -18°f, with deep snow. I wore nothing on my feet but mesh trail runners, snowshoes and your Lamilite socks. My feet stayed toasty and dry all day. I will never go back to traditional socks for winter.


Campbell Reed

I am hearing more and more of trail runners wearing the Lamilite socks which is a market I never gave thought too. So thank you Campbell for your testimonial.


I started manufacturing the Muk Luks in the early 1990’s for Joe Redington who was the father of the Iditarod Dog Race and he sold many of them to the dog mushers. They have become a staple for dog mushers worldwide. Then they became known to people who were on expeditions to the South Pole, general people who go into cold weather environments and eventually people who ice fish.

During the waring in Bosnia the Army’s 10th SFG ordered 500 pair and those who were issued them were the only soldiers in Bosnia that first winter with warm feet. This current winter the military ordered 300 pair which is proving to them that they keep soldiers feet warm. I also received a call from the Navy cold weather operations for several pair after they spoke with Army soldiers while in Alaska.

Sales of the Muk Luks have increased this winter with civilian consumers possibly because of how cold it has been and I like to think the reputation of how well they work. They have been used as low as -70 F, they were the reason I did not lose my feet or life when I was lost in the mountains. My experience was as low as -50 F.

The over boots were a development for the Marine Corps in the late 1990’s and a Captain ordered 14 pair to go with 14 pair of the leather boots I was selling at the time. It was a product that I hadn’t thought about until his request. While I haven’t sold any more to the Marines as an organization however I have sold many Marines as individuals.

During the second Gulf War I sold many to contractors who were working in large helicopters because they are not heated I am told and at 5000 feet in the air they got cold feet. The over boots kept them warm.

More recently I have received orders for over boots from the Air Force for men deploying to Alaska. They are now ordering more.

The consumer market for the over boots is also growing faster than the Muk Luks since the over boots will do the job at 30 below F and from personal experience I can attest to that temperature.

People want warm feet and unfortunately as I have written NONE of the boots that have goretex and Thinsulate keep feet warm. Incorporating the over boots over any boot will keep your feet warm.

I should point out that when you wear either the Muk Luks or over boots they should be worn over boots. Some customers thought they could wear them over booties or Sunwalkers. You must have the support of the boots otherwise you will not only have cold feet but you will damage the Muk Luks or over boots.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the rest of your body to stay warm if your feet are warm. If your feet are cold it changes the way you walk. It also slows you so creating heat during the walking time is reduced as well as how far you walk. Eventually if you are unable to warm your feet walking can become impossible and that is not a good situation to face.

The beauty of the Lamilite insulation as I found out when I walked through streams although some water did get into my Muk Luks it never froze and I never knew it was there until I took them off in the cook’s tent. My feet were never cold.

Try doing what I did for three days with any pack boot you can find. While pack boots may be water proof the wonderful felt liners regardless of the materials they are made from; wool or synthetic WILL absorb the moisture from your feet and then it will cool to the ambient air temperature and the result of that will be cold feet. Once that happens all of what I have mentioned above will take place. However, if you did replace the felt inserts with Lamilite socks on your feet and Sunwalker inserts you will have warm feet.

Of course when you wear the Muk Luks and over boots you should also be wearing the Lamilite socks in your boots first.

I do not know how many of you know of Will Steger who gained fame in1986 when he and 5 others dog mushed to the North Pole. Several years’ later gore financed Will to dog mush across Antarctica. When he returned from the trip he came to the Outdoor Retailer trade show when I was still exhibiting and came by my exhibit. He told me if it had not been for my Muk Luks he would have possibly lost his feet and would not have made it. To this day I have no knowledge of where or how he got them but it was nice to know that they were a reason that he succeeded in his expedition.

The reality is that of all the footwear available on the market today there is nothing as efficient as my over boots and Muk Luks.  

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