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looking for an aswer

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The following e mail conversation took place between me and two representatives of L.L. Bean.

I asked the following question of both companies.

Do you have VERIFYABLE proof that waterproof and breathable materials actually work as described by companies like w.l. gore or sympatex or event?

The following answer was received from L.L. Bean.

From: prodsupport@llbean.com [mailto:prodsupport@llbean.com]
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 1:01 PM
To: wiggys1@wiggys.com
Subject: Re: L.L. Bean Customer Service [#6511226]

Good afternoon Jerry,

Our waterproof and breathability testing is done by the fabric mills. Below are the ratings.

For our TEK 02 Element Jacket waterproof rating is (mm/24hrs) is 10,000 / breatheability (g/m2/24hrs) is 30,000
TEK 02 Storm Jacket is the same as the Element with 10,000 / 30,000
Trail Model Rain Jacket is 10,000 / 10,000

It was my pleasure to provide the waterproof and breathability ratings and if you have further questions don't hesitate to contact us. Have a nice weekend.


L.L.Bean Product Specialist

--Original Message--
From: wiggys1@wiggys.com
Date: 03/15/2019 12:40 PM
To: customerservice@llbean.com
Subject: L.L. Bean Customer Service

Name: jerry
Order Related: no
Order Number:
Zip Code: 81505

Having read the answer I wrote back the following question.

I am not concerned about laboratory testing but rather human use.

Have you seen anyone wearing one of these garments sweating and the moisture getting out of the garment on a clear not rainy day?

The following response came not from Jill but James.

Hello Jerry,

Yes, I have seen people using our waterproof, breathable shells and insulated jackets. I regularly use a TEK 2 insulated Carrabassett Ski Jacket (item number 297801) throughout the winter. It does a fine job of transferring the vapor I produce outside the jacket. This would be all season long, on cold clear days, rainy and snowy ones and even in spring went it can get warm.

My wife has a TEK 02 3L Storm Jacket (item number 500380) and uses this for a shell that she layers over various insulating layers. She finds it has great breathability for use during non-raining weather conditions. Our TEK 02 shells are our most breathable.

Thanks for your interest in our waterproof and breathable shells.


L.L.Bean Product Specialist

The following response from me to James follows. The attached article is from Thursday. The only question I have for James is who you are going to show it to and are you going to read the volume of articles available.


I direct you to read the attached article.

I find it interesting that you and your wife defy the laws of physics.

I also suggest that you go to the Wiggy's web site www.wiggys.com and read the volume of articles debunking the wpb myth.



Is it possible that they will still ignore reality? Will James start looking at the Wiggy’s web site or will he sign up for the newsletters? I hope both. If he signs up for the newsletters today he will receive this article today and find that he is famous.

Does he really believe what he wrote to me? I hope not, ignoring reality is never healthy.

Maybe I will get a response from rei, doubtful!!!

It is only my opinion but I do think companies that sell products that are supposed to have certain characteristics or capabilities should check out, test, etc. to make sure that the products actually perform as stated. If not how can you tell a prospective buyer of the product with confidence that it will perform as stated by the literature of the manufacturer. Many manufacturers over the years have embellished the performance capability of the products they sell. Enough said. I will report any further communications. 

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