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more bogus stuff

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Appalachian Gear Company, an outdoor lifestyle brand specializing in all-natural performance-based clothing and equipment, is proud to expand its lineup in 2020 with a 100% alpaca fiber sleeping bag liner. The All-Paca™ Sleeping Bag Liner is a lightweight, versatile, and eco-friendly addition to any outdoor adventurer’s sleep system.

When you are in a Wiggy bag your body is touching the nylon fabric that is the lining of the bag. the nylon fabric warms very quickly to the heat from your skin surface. Once equal to that temperature the nylon stops absorbing or conducting heat a way from you. your perspiration also moves through the spaces between the yarns so you do not ever feel clammy in a Wiggy bag. This liner IS not friendly to you if used in a Wiggy bag.

Featuring a newly developed, proprietary All-Paca micro fleece, Appalachian Gear Company’s new All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner is made in the USA from 100% Alpaca fiber.

fleece is fleece whether it is made from micro-fibers or miniscule larger fibers. All fleece fabrics function exactly the same, the brushed side of the fabric traps moisture and as such in a sleeping bag that moisture will absorb your heat via conduction and you will get cold. This product will further reduce the insulation making the “no sleep sleeping bag” much worse than it already is.

The all-paca name is supposed to make you think of alpaca the wool from the animal. They claim it is 100 percent alpaca why call it all-paca. But if it were it would still not be any better as a liner.

This lightweight liner can be used in cold weather to add approximately 15-18° of warmth to your sleep system or function as a standalone sleeping bag in warmer weather.

The claim that it will add 15-18 degrees is as blatant a lie as I have ever heard. I also do not believe this product will ever be useful as a warm weather sleeping bags.

Like all All-Paca products, the bag liner insulates when wet, offers a superior warmth to weight ratio, and has zero added synthetics.

Of course, once the material gets wet it stays wet and it does not add warmth but reduces it.

Under no conditions do I want my Wiggy bag customers to use this product or any other brand of liner available. They are all detrimental to the performance of Wiggy sleeping bags.


Schoeller partners AlphaTauri for heatable range

Textiles specialist Schoeller has partnered Telekom and Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri for a heatable collection featuring jackets and gilets.

What is a heatable jacket? Is it a jacket that you heat up on a stove or some other form of heating method?

With Schoeller’s E-Soft-Shell heating technology, the heat function is integrated into the fabric and the inbuilt sensors can measure the microclimate temperature inside the jacket.

I see, the heat function is integrated into the fabric used to make the jackets. Imagine they need inbuilt sensors to measure the micro- climate within the jacket. If you happen to be wearing the jacket the microclimate is most likely 90 degrees F. But they believe you need a sensor to tell you that. What a joke!

The jacket is being further developed with additional features that can be controlled by an app.

Do you have a picture of the jacket on your smart phone and what is the jacket now supposed to do, to follow later.

Siegfried Winkelbeiner, CEO of Schoeller, said: “We are proud to have made a significant contribution to the functionality of the collection with our ESoft-Shell heating technology and our innovative textiles and technologies. For Schoeller, smart textiles are a strategic focus for an exciting textile future. For us the cooperation was a great learning experience and our first opportunity to provide the heating technology for a commercial product.”

Smart textiles do not exist. They have no future. They will never replace cotton, wool, nylon, silk or so many other materials used today. The heating technology is the most ridiculous technology ever thought of for clothing. it hasn’t worked in the past, does not work now, nor will it ever work in the future. Siegfried you are stone cold.

Ahmet Mercan, head of global consumer products at Red Bull, said: “The Heatable Capsule Collection is an example of how true value can be created for the customer thanks to the respective expertise and a shared-mind set: only when players are willing to question the status quo, can something new and innovative be created.”

Ahmet in the outdoor industry no body questions the status quo, that is why goretex still unfortunately exists. Red bull is searching for a handle to sell a line of jackets that will do something no other jacket does, work with heat. However, others have tried over the years and all have failed and these garments will too!!!!!!

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