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Wiggy's Baby Bunting Sleeping BagDear Jerry,

I've purchased multiple bags and pieces of equipment from you from over the years. I believe you to make some of the best sleeping equipment out there that is man-made. I love your bags, my girlfriend loves your bags, our child loves your bags. My daughter lovers you bags so much it is her preferred "blanket" to have tummy time and toy time on the floor with. This is true with your FTRSS overbag and super light. Attachments will show her with the over bag in her crib.

Thank you, sir, for the opportunity to spend more time with my family comfortably both inside and outside. Your gear has been wonderful and durable beyond all belief.



Thank you for telling me of the uses you have put your Wiggy’s bags too.

Hey Jerry.

I've got to give you Kudos yet again. Our union went on strike over our latest contract with my current employer. October 13th, just in time for the temperatures to start plummeting at night. My assigned duty is a midnight to 0600 shift, and it has been cold recently. Danged cold, and wet. I never hesitated in my choice of apparel when I got ready for my shift. I broke out the fishnet top and bottoms, the 2nd layer mesh shirt, my DUCKSBACK Alaska Range Parka with the L-3 liner, my DUCKSBACK leg jackets, Lamilite socks and boots. Cotton outerwear over that per your advice. I've been putting in 6 hour shifts on the line with the wind howling, temps plummeting and some rain mixed in. I'm good to go, not once was I cold, wet, or uncomfortable. That is danged impressive for a 61 year old fat guy. :)

Thanks again for making the best kit out their Jerry. I can't thank you enough. My winter quality of life has gone up at least five folds since I invested in your kit.

Be well,


P.S. I still don't think I'll ever need that L-6 liner. But it's there and it's a comfort knowing that.

Vincent Nylin
US Navy(RET)

Vincent it is always a pleasure receiving emails of this type from you. The in depth explanation of what you chose to wear referencing the elements that you are exposed to is good information for the readers.

Then there is the following testimonial:

Cranky OB...***chuckles***

November is once again upon us here in the Midwest US.
The change in the temps, the rain/snow/ whatever Mother Nature decides to drop on us this week. The chill in the air is real, and naturally, for those of us that live and work mostly out of doors, thoughts are about digging out all that winter wear. I have been using Wiggy's for longer than I care to remember (or mention). Last year, around this time, I had ordered sleeping bags for some of my grandchildren as they are of the age now where they can appreciate some things a little more. One of the bags was for a girl, so naturally purple bag right. Well about a week after I placed the order, my phone rings while I am at work, I never thought to check the caller id , I just snatched it from the holster and hit the answer button with my nose (gloves, outdoors worker)
It was Jerry himself, calling ME to apologize for not having the color that I had ordered. I was beyond stunned. Why even apologize for not having a specific color? The color of the bags is irrelevant to me but Jerry himself felt it was important enough to call me, just a regular normal guy and apologize for not having the color I had ordered.
I will NEVER forget the way he spoke with me over the phone that day, nor will I ever recommend to anyone anything other than Wiggy's.
Yeah, that "cranky OB" does know how to make an impression!

– Doug Murry

Actually, I have taken the time or had one of the assistants call to let a customer know the color was no longer available. Doug is the only one to write about it.

I believe had I sent another color it would be out of line. I also think we have such easy communication that a telephone call is easy and fast.

Life is too short to not take the time to properly communicate in our country. However, I find if you don’t send emails all the time or text message your out of sync. So, I an out of sync.

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