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more information sent to GSA for investigation

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Worked great! Liner Jacket

Working the cold oilfields, putting this on under my FR jacket gave me a big help in endurance and lasting more hours. I only got rid of it after cold season was over because it was too soaked with oil to look at any more. Just ordered a replacement, the Alaska Range Parka Liner.
One negative: the neck on this liner was kind of low cut, it would be much better if it had a neck collar, I had to compensate with a long balaclava to keep my neck warm. The rest of me was toasty though. Did the job, and then some!

– David

The Liner Jacket has a large collar opening so it will accommodate a couple of layers under it.

Temp rating was right on the money

I bought the super light rated to zero degrees. First night I used it while car camping between oilfield locations, temperatures dropped to 03 degrees and I was comfortable. At about -8 degrees I could feel some very slight cold spots, not enough to keep me awake, but that was already exceeding the temperature rating. I kept telling myself I should have bought the overbag to go with it, but it turns out it didn’t get any colder than that and I had a good night’s sleep. The bag hit its target, and exceeded it by a few degrees more. Right on the money! I'm still using it for a second year now, and still thinking about adding the overbag to beef it up a little more, but extremely happy with its performance thus far. Very good quality and you will realize that the very first time you use it.

– David

It is always good to hear that my sleeping bags in particular perform below my rating.

The following letter I received from the attorney for Ranger Joe's located in Columbus GA. next to Fort Benning. The bag I questioned was the snugpak antarctic bag. I know it has no chance of working in Antarctica except in a heated building. Please note page two proceeds page one of the letter.

What I found interesting is the fact that the representatives of the snugpak company chose not to respond, but then of course how could they since their “no sleep sleeping bags” do not perform at any of the temperatures they assign to them.

What I have also included is the report done by a Canadian company hired by my representative in Chile to show how well the Lamilite insulation performed with respect to “clo” testing. Note that the Super Light (0 degrees) by itself tested to 7.75 clo which is higher than every bag ever tested at Kansas States Labs years ago with colder temperature rated bags. This appears under the letter.

I do not know what sort of liner they put in the bag but it obviously helped increase the clo rating. The Chilian military bought 1000 bags as a result of their test.

I have given all of this information plus additional information showing where they use polyester materials that are unfortunately flammable used in the manufacture of their “no sleep sleeping bags”.

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