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The following editorial is reprinted from “sports-insight” online publication 10/10/2018

“Hi-Tec -Eurotrek Lite Waterproof Men’s Walking Boots

The Eurotrek Lite Waterproof walking boots for men are ideal for light hiking. These men’s waterproof leather walking boots have a Dri-Tec waterproof and breathable membrane to keep feet dry in wet conditions or when walking through long wet grass. The removable molded insole and compression molded midsole with shank provides underfoot cushioning comfort. A durable Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) rubber outsole provides grip on varied terrain.”

The footwear product described above is a perfect example of why I do not believe the footwear industry will not easily if ever move away from using films like goretex or the film called dri-tec which maybe a ptfe film just like goretex or a monolithic film which is made from polyurethane. Regardless neither does what these as well as other companies advertise them to do.

Considering the overwhelming amount of knowledge we have now gathered about these bogus products it is apparent that either no person in the employ of hi-tec or any other footwear company has ever used the product they are selling. Or it is possible they chose to ignore the basic un-controversial fact that the film does not work as advertised. Regardless they still chose the offer to the buying public a product that they knowingly sell based upon false advertising claims.

One of my readers’ who is also a customer wrote about wearing boots in slushy conditions so water got into the boots. I offered the following explanation; when you are working your body is giving out water (sweat) and it is coming out of all of the pores of the body, and more comes out of the pores of the feet than any other part of the body. If you are wearing thick wool socks they will have in a short time absorbed all of the water that has and continues to come out of your feet. So the water from the slush may see a small amount of water get into the boots but only so much can get in if it cannot displace what is already in them. And since you are doing lots of work you are producing lots of water. So where does the water come from your feet, not the slush.

Looking at these hi-tec boots you can see the sole is molded to the upper. If the sole wears out and the upper is in good condition you cannot re-sole them, so you throw them away. I did look on the internet for the cost, on eBay they are $110.00 per pair. So for that price you can have wet feet and if in cold conditions cold feet as well.

In general it is my opinion based upon facts that I have discovered and exposed any person who chooses to buy any product that contains goretex or any like materials will be wasting their money. The question that I have is why people who have had the experience of knowing, having learned that this concept has never worked continues to buy products that are made with these components? Such is life!

Now what of the retailers? In my opinion they are equally responsible or have a responsibility to their customers not to offer products that do not perform to the advertised promises (?) made by the companies supplying them with products. Having been told by an employee of the mail order company Orvis that he has experienced the same water retention problem wearing Orvis brand boots as well as other brands tells me that as an employee of a retail store he is not alone. The reality is that in the retail side of the outdoor business it is widely known that the goretex and like materials do not work. Retailers do not therefore take any responsibility for selling bogus products, which is par for the course. Nobody wants to take responsibility any more for what they do or sell. Sad but in my opinion true.


Thanks for the update. I've got a few things to order before the end of the year. I didn't realize too thick of a wall would hold moisture.

On a comical (at least to me) note, my girlfriend has been bugging me for years about buying a new bed so a couple weeks ago I told her I had and asked her if she wanted to see it. She didn't believe me for a minute and told me she knew what I'd done, that I'd bought two Wiggys dog beds and sewn them together. I sleep under one of your comforters in the summer and when it gets cold, your sleeping bag in the winter. They're pretty hard to beat. So, in closing I'd like to say, your customers, without ever having met you, feel a lot of loyalty and love for you and your products and when you get beat up they feel like they've been beat up also. Your emails connect Wiggys to them in a way that few if any other companies can match. I know all too well it's easier to put a potential competitor out business than it is to compete against him and I'm kicking myself for being asleep at the wheel and not stockpiling your boots. { Mike must have been talking to my mothers spirit.}

PS. Re my previous comment about Redwing, it's another US company that has, in my opinion, become staffed by idiots, and they're destroying that which was built by those who came before them. With so little effort they could line their boots with Lamilite and reinvigorate their product, offering something really special to the consumer who would respond in kind. Instead, Corporate spends its time coming up with ways to damage their own stores morale and customer base. I don't see a bright future ahead for them, but then, that's human nature.

Take care of yourself. You're all we've got.  


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