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We received a significant number of orders for these masks, more that I expected, but I am grateful for the orders.

There are two things I want you to be aware of; number one; these masks are not returnable and number two; we want you to wash them thoroughly before using. While we have taken the most care as we can with our work environment, I also believe it is in the best interest of our customers to exercise more caution than ever before.


While taking my daily hike of 3 miles at my gun club, I was walking with a colleague who was touting his Barbour jacket he recently picked for only $449.00 at Orvis. I was wearing my Ducksback pullover as temperature was hovering just below freezing here in Ohio. The night before, our town experienced a recent EF-1 tornado touchdown which dissected our hunting club and our walking path, leading up to uneven and loosened gravel tails.

At the same time, both my walking partner and I slipped on the gravel and fell. We recovered our dignity and enjoyed a laugh but to my partner’s dismay, his brand-new Barbour jacket ripped at the elbow…exactly in the same spot where I landed, but my Wiggy’s parka did not rip at all. It did pick up some dirt and mud but once home, I immediately put it in the washer on the speed cycle with warm water a bit of laundry soap. The 15-minute speed cycle was followed by an 8-minute tumble in the dryer (5 minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the inside after I turned it inside out). When I removed my parka, it was completely dry and was ready to go smelling and looking fresh. As usual, the loft was restored and perfect plus the material looked as new.

As a note, an older blog found online when I looked up the history of the Ducksback material, one post asked about its longevity to repel water. One brain surgeon who posted said "he scraped it with his hand, and it lost its water repellency characteristics"…that is utter horse feathers. My Wiggy’s parka is one of the best garments I ever purchased and like your sleeping bags, is extremely comfortable to use or wear.

The Ducksback Parka is my favorite garment and I’m off on my daily walk…hoping not to fall this time by the way, both you and cookie are looking fit. Keep up the good work.

All the Best,

Jeff Johnson

Medina, Ohio

Jeff as many of you may know likes to send me his testimonials of how well he finds my products to work and I appreciate how he documents what he does with them.


Oil of oregano may prove to be a valuable ally against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

A recent in vitro study indicates that the essential oil of this medicinal herb can destroy human coronavirus, thought to be the pathogen responsible for SARS, and completely stop its replication within 20 minutes of exposure.

The study was conducted by Dr. M. Khalid Ijaz, of Microbiotest, an independent microbiological testing lab in Sterling, VA. Dr. Ijaz incubated human coronavirus in MRC-5 cell lines with Oreganol P73, an olive-oil preparation of wild oregano, and with Oregacillin, a combination of wild oregano, wild sage, wild cumin and wild cinnamon oils. Both products are made by Physician's Strength/North American Herb and Spice, a company that specializes in medicinal essential oils from the Mediterranean.

The oregano oil alone reduced viral titers from over 5 million particles per ml at baseline, to 167 particles per ml within 15 minutes. At 20 minutes, the titers were down to 150 particles per ml. The Oregacillin combination reduced titers from over 5 million, to 133 particles per ml in 15 minutes. Within 20 minutes, they were reduced to non-detectable levels. The investigators noted that both preparations were able to halt viral replication within the host cells.

The in vitro findings need to be confirmed in human clinical trials, but they are compelling in that they show that oil of oregano, alone and in combination with other essential oils, have unequivocal virucidal and virustatic effects. Both Oreganol P73 and Oregacillin are available from Physician's Strength (800-243-5242).

I drink about a table spoon a day of this company’s OREGANOL P73.

I know the medical world needs proof beyond what ever before they will accept an herb will be beneficial but what they blatantly refuse to accept an herb will if it fails will not be harmful to the individual.

I have read the positive effects that its main ingredient “carvacrol” has on the virus. It also can help cancer patients. I recommend that you do the research on the internet and you will be amazed at what you will learn.

I think once the virus is in the lungs the oregano oil will not help, but if it helps to kill off the virus if it gets into you throat then it never gets into your lungs. Actually, if you take the oregano oil daily and you are exposed to the virus chances are you will never know it. I have two one-ounce bottles on my desk. Periodically I squirt some in my mouth.

My question is why not tell people to use it because there is nothing else available to the masses from the drug companies. I look at it this way, this is my life and I will do whatever I can to stay alive and that is all there is to it!!!

Never forget you have a brain and your brain is your only means of survival not your physical strength.

For my on the meaning of the last sentence I recommend reading the works of AYN RAND.

PS: Kok bought me two Italian oregano plants, when they are really growing, I'll be munching on them.  

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