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more on the delta problem

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I’ve thought about sending you a link to a movie titled ‘Dark Waters,’ the story of the issues related to Teflon and PFAS chemicals produced by DuPont. Your e-mail today reminded me about Dark Waters so I thought I’d send you a link: https://youtu.be/Tkkuil-U6qQ There is mention in an early portion of this You Tube video about waterproof clothing that has Teflon coating. I’m not aware of any of those products, but you might be.

Please watch the first 5 or 10 minutes and see if it interests you. If not, certainly close the screen. My guess is that you’ll find it fascinating.

All the best in 2020. I’m so glad you’re going forward with Ducksback fabric.

-Jim O.

I found it fascinating and have since learned it is a trailer for the movie.

When you view the video you learn that Teflon is made with chemicals that are cancer causing and remember that goretex film is made from Teflon. I wonder how many people over the past 50 years that goretex has been used for clothing items have developed chemical sensitivities or rashes when wearing goretex laminated garments. The exposure is not as it is when working in a plant with the chemicals but over time it may in my opinion ultimately have an effect.

I have spoken with the attorney interviewed in the Delta video. I have offered to share with him all that I have learned and put him in touch with my friend Doug who is in my opinion the most knowledgeable person when it comes to chemicals used in textiles on the planet and how they function with each other. He knows more about the polyester fiber used to make yarns that are then woven or knitted than you can imagine. He told me yesterday all of the people who are buying these close knitted pants do not realize that the chemicals in the fabrics leach out and since skin has lots of holes in it that is where the chemicals go. I suggest you not wonder where skin rashes come from if you wear these types of garments.

The attorney told me since this video aired and was discussed on the major news networks, he has received over 2000 calls. Mostly airline employees. We also discussed the many industries like uniforms used by hotel employees or policeman, the list goes on and on. And where are the bulk of these uniforms made, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and several other Asian countries. In every nation mentioned they do not have in place rules, i.e. LAWS that the textile mills have to follow as we have here in the U.S.A. where something of this nature cannot happen.

I told him in I have extensive knowledge of people acquiring chemical sensitivities as I observed when I was married. My wife had none but she worked at a facility that refurbished small airplanes. She was redoing the seats in the same facility where the planes paint was stripped and then the planes were repainted. After about a year she started having breathing problems and went to a doctor who told her the chemicals were the cause. She ultimately quit. However, she became chemically sensitive to many more chemicals.

All of these airline employees will have the same thing happen to them. Once chemically sensitive you are always chemically sensitive.

This situation will/should open pandoras box about the way materials are processed in Asia primarily China that are for all intents and purposes not very good for your health. As time goes by the facts about how the materials are made from extrusion of the fiber, to the blending of the fiber, the dying of the fiber and why the way these processes are done which is not in accordance with what a company in the U.S.A. has to comply with (EPA regulations) then you will find out why so much of the polyester or polyester blend materials represent a health hazard.

I was told that Land’s End was supposed to make these garments in the U.S.A. but they were made in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Germany. When they came to customs they were never checked. These garments did not have any labels on them which is against the law. Aside from people getting sick laws were not observed. The situation gets worse as we move along.

If we the American people are going to be subjected to clothing that may have cancer causing chemicals applied to them during the manufacturing process the tariffs are certainly not high enough. More and more companies should step to the plate and start manufacturing in the U.S.A. so the consumer will be confident that from start to finish the garments they buy are made with fabrics that meet EPA standards. If I can do it so can anyone else.

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