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more proof

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I was watching how the universe works and the subject was Pluto. The surface of Pluto is 450 degrees below zero. However science says there is heat emanating from the core which is liquid water. Simply put science says the water is producing latent heat.

To demonstrate how this is possible they show a scientist place a glass of water in a bucket of ice. The scientist then placed a thermometer in the water and when the water registered 30 degrees and froze then the temperature rose to 38 degrees.

I then researched “latent heat” and learned that latent heat converts liquid to vapor.

“What is the latent heat of vaporization of water?

Latent heat of evaporation can also be called as latent heat of vaporization. It is the heat required to convert liquid into gas without changing its temperature. For water, latent heat of vaporization is the heat required to change water to vapor at 373 K temperature, whose value is 40.8 kJ/mol.

The “latent heat of evaporation” is required to change a liquid into a vapor. “Latent” by definition, means; hidden, not seen or apparent, dormant. When a liquid evaporates it uses the heat of the liquid, to change state into a vapor. That is why when a breeze passes over our sweaty arm or face we suddenly feel cooler. That is because the heat of our skin transformed the sweat into water vapor taking heat away from our body.”

We now know the method by which our sweat which is water becomes a vapor without adding more heat to the water.

Now suppose you are wearing a jacket which is prohibiting this action from taking place all of the water that your body has created via sweating will remain as a liquid and never become a vapor.

When you wear any of the rain garments made with goretex or like material all sweat will accumulate inside of the garment and when the material touches your skin surface since the fabric temperature is lower than your skin surface temperature you will cool but the water will not have become a vapor and gone out of the garment. If the ambient air temperature is high say 90 degrees you will feel clammy. There is no reason to think that these materials will perform any different than a coated fabric which has become popular these days.

I firmly believe the vaporizing of sweat can take place if there is spacing between the fabrics. As I observed recently by adding a thin layer of the Lamilite as I do in my Ducksback zippered jacket and the sweat now has the opportunity to vaporize and then can get out of the garment.

It is becoming blatantly clear that ALL of the materials spoken of as waterproof and breathable had no more chance of being waterproof and breathable than urethane or vinyl coatings have. For 40 years it has been nothing more than an advertising campaign to fool the general public.

What is sad is when you call a company like rei or ll bean and ask about goretex or their own brand of wpb the person you are speaking with will tell you how well it works because that is the company direction. Go into any mom and pop size retailer selling these jackets and they too will stick with the party line so to speak. As I found out months ago from an employee of orvis he knew that his goretex boots were terrible but he still would tell callers how good their new boot made for them by danner with goretex is. So from my perspective employees of all the companies that sell wpb garments are made into liars. Of course all of the sales people for the companies that product wpb fabrics are also made into liars. If these people do not want to lie they will have to get jobs elsewhere.

In a way whether they know it or not the sales of wpb materials and garments could be considered collusion of all participants. I believe that all of the participants know what they are selling does not work but they still do it.

Did you know that Simms the company that manufactures fly fishing waders told me that most of their waders are made from goretex laminated fabric and the woman I spoke with told me she uses them and aside from being waterproof she has experienced her perspiration getting out of the waders. I never told her who I was but I did tell her she is the only person on the planet who has experienced what she told me. I obviously do not know if she does fish but I do know she in her position of customer service a part of the collusion as is the Simms Company that is prevalent in the outdoor industry today.

The simms people do not understand that the cold water you are standing in will never under any circumstances allow the sweat if you do sweat to vaporize and get out of the waders. Water pressure against the fabric would keep whatever is in the waders in the waders. I do not believe they are too stupid to comprehend this action.

The collusion I am referring to is not to the best of my knowledge all of these people getting together and working as one group but rather companies just getting on board the gravy train carrying wpb’s. It is an unspoken acknowledgement of a non-performing material that makes them money, so why stop it. Will the gravy train stop, only on one condition enough people learn that they are not getting what they have been told they are getting.

So be it!!!!  

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