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more testimonials

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To say it warms my heart when I get these testimonials is an understatement.

Wiggys vs the other guys

I keep a MARPAT super light in the car at all times in case of a snow emergency (I'm from western NY).
This thing is warm as can be, to the point of sweating and having to open the bag up at 40 F.

The North Face Cat's Meow is rated to 20 F (so 40 F comfort level) and costs 180 compared to the 120 for the MARPAT super light. At that price point you’ve 100% burned your money for no reason buying a cat's meow.
Just buy the Wiggy's bag and be done and warm!

– sean w

I doubt that the north face cat’s meow will keep one warm at 40 degrees F. Years ago n.f. used only continuous filament fiberfill; polar guard then Climashield. For the past 5 years or so they have only used the Chinese cheapest chopped staple fiberfill for all of their synthetic bags. Their temperature ratings are a joke.

Best bag ever!

I have wanted a Wiggy bag for years. When a friend mentioned these bags being on sale, I decided to pull the trigger. How I wish I had ordered sooner! This is hands down the most comfortable, best made sleeping bag I have ever had. It could be the last sleeping bag I will ever need to buy. But it probably won't be, because I'm thinking I should order a lighter bag for summer. :)

If you are on the fence about ordering one, don't waste another minute. Get your bag coming to you and get out and sleep in the woods. :)

– Unknown

Great bag at a great price

I purchased two Ultra-Light bags for my wife and I to use while tent camping out west. They have been fantastic. We have used them down to 19 degrees F in Bryce Canyon in a cheap summer tent. My wife had on a base layer and I was wearing regular underwear. Neither one of us was cold at all. I'm confident that you could use the Ultra-Light down to 10 degrees with no discomfort, or even zero with a good base layer and a four season tent. I recommend getting a color on sale. We picked MARPAT camo, and my wife thought it was pretty neat looking. Same quality material as all the stuff from Wiggy's, and at a great savings - what's not to like. If you want a durable piece of gear at a fair price that is made in America then look no further.

– Clay Hufford

I do under rate the temperature ratings so I am not ever surprised to hear from customers having used my bags successfully at temperatures lower than what I rate them for.Better safe than sorry.


One thing I realized when I spoke with their sales manager yesterday was his or the companies lack of concern as to whether or not a waterproof breathable material actually did work. He mentioned the new material from north face called future light in a manner that it also worked. I told him it did not work any better than goretex which didn’t work in the first place but that fell on deaf ears. He did tell me they at one time did use event which is identical to goretex and they stopped using it not because it didn’t work but because it does not have the same name recognition as goretex. He did tell me that gore has made advancements where I do not know so I told him the one advancement they have not made is having a waterproof breathable material. Therefore any so called advancement are meaningless. I did tell him man has not made a waterproof breathable material at this time and will never make one, again the information fell on deaf ears.

What this company and many others count on are consumers buying into non performing products such as what grundens is offering. The real tragedy here is that EVERY SINGLE company offering garments made with goretex and the like KNOW YES THEY ALL KNOW that the stuff does not work.

Since the inception of gortex being introduced to the market place there has been an ongoing discussion in the industry as well as consumers as to whether it works as advertised or not. The discussion has been going on for 40 plus years now and there has never been definitive proof demonstrating that it does work. However there are mountains of proof that it doesn’t work. So I ask why the ongoing discussion? If a product works it works if it doesn’t it doesn’t and gortex and the like do not work. That should be the end of the discussion and the companies that sell garments made with goretex and the like should stop making these products and own up to the real fact that these materials do not work and the garments that are made from these materials do not work.

I believe the only way this situation can be finalized is if someone goes to an attorney who starts a class action law suit and advertises on television saying call us if you have been sold a waterproof breathable product made with goretex laminate and found that you still got wet and couldn’t return it for a full refund from the store you bought it. Since it cannot be proven to work the attorneys involved would win every law suit.

When you consider the number of people who have bought gortex products not only rainwear but footwear specifically boots gore and the product producers might have to shell out millions. Could be a hell of a pay day for attorneys! If people start calling attorneys they could be over whelmed.

That would be a wonderful happening.

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